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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx3Mwty7BCaIUDBVdGJ6azJJX28/view Here is the download link. Arthas mod page isnt broken but maybe there is a problem to access KR site... Anyway, try this.
  2. Those pages are useless now because mod files you're looking for are broken so you cant get anything even if you could see the pages. (Not sure. Some mods are still alive but requires "requesting") But at least. You can download Arthas directly. http://grayfoxsgame.tistory.com/144 (Arthas with KR voice, in High Hrothgar) Hope you have fun.
  3. I came since your youtube comment on Clone Real's channel. Ty soooooo much!!
  4. 1.0 version uses your original skeleton, there is not a custom one. No need TES5edit, its easy to change. just copy your skeleton(ex : skeleton from xpmse) nif file and paste to "\Skyrim\Data\Meshes\Miku" you can find your skeleton file in "\Skyrim\Data\Meshes\actors\character" and your second problem...i changed skeleton too and couldnt find any solution for followers. But Chibi Miku uses another custom skeleton, Can we get something for followers if we replace other 2 followers' skeletons...?
  5. I can say Turkeytail Race has some problems. The heads were well-made anime style but body was based on real human(UNP, CBBE). You know, anime characters have thier own body ratios, shapes (like long legs, slim arms, small shoulders, big head). Especially people pointed the neck and shoulders because those are imcompatible with anime head since they are weird and too big. I fixed the mismatching with my custom changes for character shape. But that means this mod is a pie in the sky for who are not good at using sliders in racemenu for shaping body. It could be fixed easily by sharing well-made character preset. But Turkeytail didnt. In short, this mod is forgotten by neglected disharmony of body and head. Anime race has a potential power so I was really sad to no one remembers. You are a hero. I cant support technical problem but im willing to help anything if you need. Thank you for your hard work.
  6. I was a fool didnt know about ASO. I guess this mod is well-matched with your anime character mod. Thank you for your work. Your mods are what i dreamed, nice XD I hope you will be happy soon with your project cos i really want to have fun with these as soon as possible gl!
  7. Dat looks soooo nice. Must be realeased someday! Pls keep up this work. I beg you XD
  8. Okay. the eye number is 172 (1.2ver). Put in "Skyrim\Data\textures\Miku" folder then number 172 eye texture is going to be replaced to this texture and i had the same problem when i set anisotropic filtering too low(I solved the problem by setting AF higher than 8x), I hope that you can fix eyes_MikuAp.dds
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