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  1. Well, it has been a while! But I'd like to anounce that my head model is now available at the nexus here. I mostly shared it because... Why not? I'd also like to point out the fact that I can't talk about this website on the mod page, therefore I couldn't properly thank those who helped me. So I'll do it right now! Thank you for your helping make this mod possible and also thank you for making me more aware of what blender can do! Special thanks to you, movomo, who bared with me through a long time! About what you said there, yes I agree with you, orcs do have something special on the inside! This thread can be closed now! I guess.
  2. Thank you so so much movomo for all your help and patience dealing with a newbie like me! I'm really grateful! About the question you asked: Yes it is because I'm working on the wideneck version of it (found in the "resource" folder of the bodybuilder files), it is not included in the setbody mod because it would create major neckseams on the characters. It also features a wider wrist, I personally like this version better! Thank you.
  3. Well, sorry for the trouble... Here you go. headorc13.rar
  4. Yeah, I tried that... It didn't work, I also messed around with the body's weight paint and it made it worse...
  5. When I was about to publish the mod, I decided to try the bow animations and guess what... More problems! For some reason weight painting doesn't seem to fix this issue properly, or maybe I'm not painting the right vertex groups... Any ideas? Sorry for the double post.
  6. Oh! I see, I will try it later! But what does it do exactly? Nevermind! Thank you so so so so much! It works perfectly! Thank you!
  7. Ok so it looks like I messed up, this may take some time to fix... I merged vertices some time ago that I wasn't supposed to...
  8. Thank you, Poontank for your kind words. I agree 100% with what you posted there! You are not being pathetically sentimental Update: It turns out there were random vertex groups in the mesh that shouldn't be there and they were incorrectly weight painted! I just found out that I've been weight painting things the wrong way. Looking better! Now I know what's wrong! I have to weight paint it better though, it has some clipping issues sometimes! I do think this bodytype fits the orcs better. I like how it looks on them.
  9. Sure! Here you have it! On the first layer is the head I'm working on, on the second there is the body and the head that fits and works with it. I don't know if you know this or not, but on the wide bodybuilder body there is a tiny "neck band" between the body and the head. I copied the normals from there and the position from the real body neckline, otherwise, it wouldn't work. headorcwide.rar
  10. I did try to copy it multiple times. For some reason if I copy the normals to the head, it appears completely distorted in game. I also tried to replicate the weight paint of the existing human head for the bodytype I'm working. It didn't work. The default head appears correctly in game... Maybe it's a bone issue?
  11. Oh! There it is! How stupid of me! Thank you! Update: Yet another issue comes! I don't really know how to explain so here's a picture: I really have no idea what's causing this, I tried messing around with weight painting... No results. Any ideas?
  12. Thank you, Poontank! By the way, is there any way to make the face symmetrical, since I cannot edit half of the face and then use the mirror modifier?
  13. I, somehow, managed to make it work! Thank you!
  14. I was actually going to modify the neck area so it fits the "wideneck" version of the bodybuilder body. Thank you
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