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  1. The posts above mention 2.0.1/2.0.o.1 as being the latest version, but the difference was just a tiny bugfix. in any case, the link Marie Rose provided on gavitex.com still seems to be working
  2. This is a real shitshow from beginning to end. Everyone absolutely has the right to make their own mods/modding tools/anything else and not release it to the public. It's when they decide to rub it in the face of others for no particular reason that the line is crossed. And to make things worse, they also accuse someone of being one of the "evil" people who would misuse these mod tools, on grounds that he's "rude". Guess what, he isn't rude. He's justifiably pissed off at your own rudeness. Quite honestly, this thread told us a lot more about the OP than about any supposed character st
  3. You're very welcome. I'm afraid looking for area aggro mods turned up nothing, but hopefully things will be manageable from now on. Have fun
  4. Googling skyrim "badass" spawn mod one of the first results to show up was Sanguine's Debauchery Cage. Both its changelog and comments mention these badass spawns multiple times. Could this be one of the mods you're using?
  5. Just as a fair warning, this mod may break certain things. A couple of weeks ago I spent a long time putting together a new armor for use with shaydow's vampire lord replacer, and today I transformed to notice one of the most important features, a spinning circle of glowing red words, had vanished. So I spent the last 2 hours trying things when it occurred to me this mod might have something to do with it... and it did. Disabling this plugin allowed that hit effect art to appear once more. So if anyone has noticed their equipment looks different lately, check if you're using this mod b
  6. Have you tried starting a female character then using player.sexchange? I have never used it myself, but I recall people talking about how it didn't change the head EDIT: https://i.cubeupload.com/i4XCK5.png Tried it and it seems exactly like what you need. The neck issue is unavoidable and even bigger than I remember it to be, but maybe that body of yours can help solve it. Also, don't worry about how mismatched my textures look; I modified the female textures of this race to look a LOT paler than they originally do, so that massive color difference is to be expected. You probably won'
  7. You even got the hair fixed in the end? That's good to hear man. And you're very welcome.
  8. So in the latter example, it'd still show a red dot in the compass, they just wouldn't do anything about it? I see how it works. AI packages are something I don't have a lot of experience on, if I look at one I understand what they do but I haven't tried playing around with them yet. Having said that, the situation you described with the summoned creatures is quite similar to my own. In my case, it's a follower which occasionally transforms into a "vampire lord" form. On activation, the follower's actor switches with the vampire lord version of that actor, but being a separate actor it isn
  9. Hey. Looking over your image some things seem clear. The feet are loading for sure, so it's only a matter of fixing texture paths or texture sets. Hands might be something a bit more complicated and might be entirely invisible even if the textures are set properly. And as for the burnt skin, long story short the game is loading up Astrid's burnt body textures, something it does when things aren't set up right. Can't promise much, but I've recently been doing a lot of messing around with CK and nifskope to get some armors working, and at least some of those issues seem workable at a glance.
  10. They do, but only for followers as far as I know. The NPC I was having this issue with was not a follower so I needed a way which would make any NPCs not attack you even when "provoked". But I also asked this question because I was curious on whether there was a way to make NPCs simply not attack us without using mods, which seems like a really basic feature that skyrim would have natively. --- This is very good info as well, thank you very much Swissenergy. Scripting is probably the only area I really haven't touched at all so this will absolutely come in handy. I imagine this sc
  11. karlpaws, thanks to your reply I started looking into those values and found that iAllyHitNonCombatAllowed is able to solve this issue. So thank you very much karlpaws, and also CPU. I'll leave the steps to take in case anyone else ever has this question. Setting iAllyHitNonCombatAllowed to 1000 in an .esp file (FormID doesn't matter) makes any and all allies ignore an infinite amount of hits even while out of combat, when usually they would attack you after 3. Together with the right morality settings for each specific NPC, they will effectively not attack unless it's caused by appropriat
  12. The NPC is in that faction already (in fact it's the only faction this NPC is a part of) and its relationship towards the player is set to Ally, but it didn't do much. Unfortunately after just 3 hits the NPC turned on me and not even sheathing the weapon made it stop combat.
  13. Hello everyone. I've been searching the internet for over an hour but have not come across any answers whatsoever, so if it's something obvious and I somehow missed it then let me apologise in advance. My question is: is there a way to set up an NPC so it will never turn hostile towards the player? Be it due to retaliation against repeated accidental (or intentional) player attacks or anything else, I am basically looking to make it so an NPC will never, ever see the player as an enemy. Something like Ralof/Hadvar during the beginning of the game, where no matter how much you attack them t
  14. I'd like to ask a question since I haven't seen any reference to it anywhere else When using this mod, I've noticed one particular bug. when you're standing still, out of combat, in melee mode, pressing R/clicking to enter combat mode won't actually make you enter combat mode. As long as you don't move, you can't use your claw attacks and even your followers won't get their weapons out. Moving in any way fixes this, though Am I alone in having this issue, or is it something everyone experiences?
  15. The leather armor is divine. It was well worth the wait. Many thanks
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