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  1. From the description on the first page: Requirements Sexlab v162 Soft (optional) Dependencies Devious Devices MME
  2. I'd push back against that. Personally, very few of my playthroughs even touch the main story quest. With alternate start options being a thing, I'd image a lot of others may take the same route. Maybe a detection for if the PC has gotten to that point in the MQ, but not before. But, just my opinion on that angle. Maybe a detection for number of completed quests, discovered locations, faction relation, etc. could be associated with, something? Not sure how convoluted that would become though, could be interesting to see new/alternate dialogue depending on those factors.
  3. Sorry removed a couple of things as I think they were covered already, Aroused Creatures and SIC (didn't click the first time when I saw Bad Dog's IC on the first page). I just feel that it would be a bit better later on in the quest chain, due to word being spread rather far and wide at that point, while the addition of people performing acts just makes it feel like things are expanding. Of course, you could also just have random sex scenes start happening in places depending on the creatures that have been unlocked at the mansion. it's becoming the hottest craze! 😄 Alth
  4. Here's a few ideas I've had kicking around (just found this thread, looks like a great write up on page 1) (hoping I didn't post too much that's already considered or irrelevant, will continue reading the thread and revise, sorry 😓 ) Sexlab Confabulation integration: horse quest at the various hostlers to collect cum, possibly lead to something for the mansion? Possibility to hire/recruit later when the mansion is more well established, workers that you might find at various locations 'interacting' with dogs, horses, etc (like the original's misc quests to go do that, but would f
  5. Finally solved this one. If anyone is interested, the mod in question is and old (and now unavailable) version of The Curator's Companion, for Legacy of the Dragonborn. It had an INI file that enabled papyrus logging on game launch 😠 Mystery solved at least.
  6. Subject line says it all. Checked both my default Skyrim.ini and the one under my MO2 profile folder. Both show: bEnableLogging=0 bEnableProfiling=0 bEnableTrace=0 bLoadDebugInformation=0 fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=2000 I had enabled logging a while back to check for something, then disabled it. Was investigating a few things recently and noticed I had papyrus logs that were generated during my last several play sessions. All Googling for the problem just gives results regarding why logs aren't being created or how to enable logging. At a loss as to why it's still creating log
  7. Regarding the SLEN integration. I swear I used this mod a long time ago and it had a check mark in the MCM for SLEN integration. Does it just auto-detect SLEN now and integrate if it's there? Just making sure I didn't do something wrong on my end or maybe I'm just misremembering.
  8. Perfect, thank you! Here's a link if anyone else happens to be interested: Rektas Conversion: Venus Cage w/ slutty versions
  9. Anyone know what mod may have this outfit of straps? (EDIT: just putting the link here as well in case anyone wants it, question was answered below: Rektas Conversion: Venus Cage w/ slutty versions
  10. At a bit of a loss so posting here, SE conversion thread seems dead. Just looking to see what might cause the issue so I can maybe track down something I've missed. As a note, I'm testing this with EC and the spider/dwemer addons as the last 3 items in my load order (though making a consistency patch is easy enough for the spells/effects once I get this working). EC events won't trigger on chaurus spit/attack/sex (no tentacle attacks on spit, set to 100% chance; no infection/impregnation from chaurus sex). I also have the spider and dwemer add-ons from Ed86 and they work perfectly.
  11. I was using TIM, sorry meant that and not TGM. Also yea with XPMSSE 4.72, the Spider/Dwemer addons show the parasite effect (and you see the effect being cast on player with that orang-ish glow), belly growth works as well so it's definitely noticing it. To note, I'm not sure what the add-ons are calling exactly from EC, but I think they have their own scripts for starting the animations. Also I decided to enable papyrus logging and see if something was happening when the scripts were firing and here is what it showed: The last line about the EC animation start being called on an
  12. Out of curiosity, and I know the add-ons are made by a different person, but have you tried the Dwemer/Spider as well? Those work fine for me even on XPMSSE 4.72, just this mod doesn't activate on Chaurus sex and the spit/bite don't trigger Estrus attacks when set to 100% chance (used TGM and let one attack a character with both bites and spit attacks for over a minute and nothing). Made sure the spells/effects aren't overwritten, scripts all seem to be there. Tried setting up XPMSSE v4.71 didn't help for me. When you switched to that one did it then start activating the scripts pr
  13. Ads don't do squat for a site's revenue unless you're clicking on them (unless things have somehow changed in that regard). Also the site has ups and downs in connectivity, always has (though not as severe as the past 24 hours, in my memory anyway). Think about the time of year, combined with the current state of affairs in many parts of the world. Not surprised it's getting overwhelmed. May just be a layman's take on it, but this is the worst I've seen the site in as far as connectivity. But it still comes back. Don't stress too much, but definitely look at tossing them a coin if you also enj
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