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  1. mmm I did check on mine and didnt see anything, maybee your right about the skeleton. However i dont think the twerking goes with the ankle grabbing. I think im gonna redo it with her keeping her hand on the floor all the time and leave the other one with the ankles and no twerking. Being less bent over might fix the butt cheek anomaly too. Ill post a vid when its done.
  2. same thing but with 1 extra frame between twerks maybe better for loose .xmls and larger bums. blowntwerk.5.hkx
  3. I tried giving my character a bit more Lopez in the rear and its too quick or maybe my turnip graphics card cant do the smp quick enough, anyway I added some twists in the waist but I think the effects are going to depend on body shape and .xml for hdt/smp blowntwerk.hkx
  4. Dont you get bored of always being right? well played sir, gonna play around with movement and timing a bit but good preliminary results Skyrim Special Edition 2020-07-09 15-52-25.mp4 Skyrim Special Edition 2020-07-09 15-53-01.mp4
  5. mmm could have been me that mixed them up, I should have named them better. Did you have the 4 different ones at least? Is the clipping on all or just one particular? sped up stand up by about 50% and chopped some frames out to. Standup.hkx
  6. the bend over anim cut up, pt1 is turn and bend up till grab ankles pt2 is the nazzzgul edit with ankle grab and twerking pt3 is the lupine edit with simulated blowjob pt4 is getting back up to standing pt2 and pt3 are loopable and should follow seemlessly from pt1 and into pt4 Ben_Doverpt1.hkx Ben_Doverpt2.hkx Ben_Doverpt3.hkx Ben_Doverpt4.hkx
  7. Maybe I did something wrong on my installation but for me the cum layers were not showing on the SLS mcm as cum on skin. Does anyone have this working in game?
  8. Yes I see your point, in that being covered in cum is part of the addiction, your probably right for each person to choose the textures that suit them. SLACS= Sexlab Advanced Cum Stages, it adds 2 more layers to each slot of overlays so you have oral1 oral2 oral3 oral4 etc I tried it once with SLS on SE but the layers didnt show up as cum on skin in your mcm. I saw on the support of SLACS that the author wanted to make it compatible with SLS so maybee if it was the hard work would be done. 1 and 2 could be swallow with little mess and 3 and 4 could bit spit and very messy? Edit posted query on SLACS support will let you know of results.
  9. well im not sure choosing to spit means choosing to drool all over yourself, it could be spat out after or for larger loads dribbled away from the body. With FHU theres really no reason to see cum on the body after sexlab ends because its gone inside (apart from one bukake anim ive seen) You end up with a double dose at the moment (not from SLS its SLSO/FHU) one on the skin and one inside. My suggestion was simply to change the .dds in sexlab to ones with minimal cum around face/arse/pussy. SLS is not compatible with SLACS is it?
  10. if I cut it and do looping idles like begging; then you are free to do as you wish? gives you options may be kneeling we could do the same, a base drop down then different idles waiting for the event to kick in? What do you think about the cum overlays idea and a spitting idle if you choose to spit? dont want to give you more work but it might work nicely for very little effort?
  11. I get what your saying, Whatever im going to cut it the first time she grabs her ankles and then make part 2 a loop like lupine asked for so maybe it could end up like the beg for cock anims ive done, in that theres a short intro then a choice of idles that follow on from that that can loop on themselves or into each other. I dont know either if monoman wants to do that or just a short bending over like you say. I agree if its long and always the same its gonna get boring but if theres maybe 4 or 5 variations it should keep it fresh.
  12. Like this? Skyrim Special Edition 2020-07-08 17-29-42.mp4
  13. Sure Thats exactly what Ive been doing with the other anims ive done for monoman, The first one she goes down to her knees then the last frame of that is both the first and last frame of the following beg for cock anims so he can patch any one on the end or just play a continuos cycle of them. Im just trying what Nazzzgull suggested of a calmer bent over with no JiggyJiggy and after that ill cut the bent down bit and loop it. Also started to make a cum retexture in gimp for oral1 and oral2 to only have a bit of cum round mouth and chin, I was thinking maybee I could make a little spitting idle that triggers after sexlabs finnished together with the zazcumleakingmouth effect to simulate spitting it out cleanly and not all over chest/belly. Methinks you already have a plan for it?
  14. almost double speed and extra twerking bonus at the end. Skyrim Special Edition 2020-07-08 15-19-18.mp4
  15. That works if there is too much, but if your character is used to drinking from the horse-pipe, there's no way that a little dribble of human cum is going to be too much, right? Especially after it still leaves her ravenous Wouldnt it be possible just to simply apply a different overlay? maybee a custom overlays pack could be included with Oral1.dds just being a bit round the mouth and chin and oral two a bit more because you choose to spit and not dribble all down yourself so the belly would only get covered from vaginal. I know how to use gimp to play with .dds if its something you might use I can knock something up to test. I'm playing with the timings in blender at the moment ( I can only do 15mins at a time, short attention span) so I will post a vid of alternate version for feedback.
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