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  1. Settings I use INeed Hunger 3 Thirst 3 SLS Cum Addiction 0.2 untill stage 3 "Cum Addicted" then 0.1 SLS "Cum Food Value" Cum Provides 7 times food and 7 times water FHU Min Time 2 hours max inflation 10 These settings provide a much slower progression as well as borowing any food and drink that happens to be left laying around and taking a sneaky drink at the stream and getting cleaned up anytime I pass by.
  2. Cough......Cough......Custom Collar......Cough......Cough😜πŸ€ͺπŸ˜›πŸ˜
  3. Wanted to try out the new stuff in v8.5, is the only way to get limbless Ma back through the dialogue " I want ma back but i dont have the gold"? This always leads to the breeder quest. Is there another way to get her in the cage without triggering that quest?
  4. If only some less than heroic individual was making an entire custom outfit for wartimes featuring an npc forcegreet package based on the wearers depravity.
  5. can't seem to get the fashion quest to trigger, can some kind soul please confirm these are the right files for se? I'm getting the hairy comments from the gate guards about the new fine for not shaving but thats from SLS I think. So If these are indeed the correct files what are the conditions for the quest to trigger?
  6. the npc should stop you but sometimes its a bit slow to catch up, I might have a play with the timigs and distances to see if I can get it to fire better.
  7. the third option in the fomod adds the baka keywords to the outfit the skirt and the heels. The forcegreet should trigger once every game hour. Are you seeing the opening line of "hey Princess" for untransformed and "hey you" for transformed? This should open a dialogue box with random comments that become more dangerous whith the transformed variants. I have added a non 3ba cbbe bs to the outfit which will be released hopefully tonight as I also missed a script for the toys mcm edit; You can set at what arousal level the transform happens in the toys mcm.
  8. Yep a lot of people reported that and I know its on the list of things to be fixed. I've been spending all my time trying to get the costume box finished so havent been following what changed in the 1.1 update. I havent heard before about DD's getting effects from Toys. Fair enough if the framework doesnt appeal to you. It's still a new framework and under development so hopefully you'll find things later that you like. If not you could just make a seperate profile to play once as a princess and use path of the lightsaber mod for a full on adult star wars experience.😁 Edit The issue with bound animations playing during unarmed combat despite not being bound was fixed in v1
  9. Well not really as it uses the transform effect from Toys as an integral part of the mod including how the dialogue works. The costume box was designed to be part of the toys family. What is it that you find quirky about toys? I might consider just doing a SFW version of the base outfit that I would release on nexus to try to win the 3070ti😏
  10. Possibly I'll see once ive got the bhunp done. It's only going to be different for the breast toy so I guess I could make 2 versions of that.
  11. Don't forget to build the items in bodyslide!
  12. Auds Costume Box View File Description Arriving in Tamriel from a galaxy far far away is the first costume in Auds Costume box. Loosely based on the princess Leia slave outfit (just a bit skimpier) the outfit comes in four colours and is made up of 5 parts. Using the toys framework the costume will transform at high arousal to become transparent. Untransformed the costume provides meager armor values whereas the transformed version boosts the rating whilst also adding a flame cloak in battle. Unfortunately being dressed as a skimpy princess does have its drawbacks. NPC's will be interested in what your wearing and will stop you to "discuss" your attire. Whilst the untransformed version has (mostly) harmless comments being seen in public with the transformed transparent version could lead to some sticky situations for our poor princess. Features Full Cbbe 3ba bodyslide support (BHUNP is almost complete and will arrive shortly) Toys framework support including high heel speed debuff/buff and arousal transformation Forcegreet framework with seperate dialogue trees for transformed and untransformed Armor and combat benefits to give a risk and reward to the transformed version Fomod for optional add-ons Smp physics to the front and back skirts Looks kinda hot too Credits Virgin Marie Extensive assistance to integrate into the toys framework, lots and lots of bug hunting, bodyslide group data, other things I may have forgotten. Scrab Completely building the forcegreet framework and lots of hand holding with CK, Encouragment. The skirts use bones and an xml from an unknown source that I found already piggybacked onto another outfit. If anyone knows who the origional author is I will ask permission/credit/remove as neccersary Requirements Toys Framework (well Duh) https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/16843-toys-se/ Reccomended Heels sound (fomod option) https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1795-heels-sound/ Alternate Perspective (fomod option adds the outfit in the colour of your choice to the wardrobe in the starting cell) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/50307/?tab=posts SLAR Baka Factory (fomod option for additional keywords used by Spank That Arse SL Approach and SL Dialogues) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SlvS2KRY6UscQisro8GEskwCCKg4Wa3G/view Billy's SLAL Animations (I use some tags that I think are only present in his pack) https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3999-billyys-slal-animations-2021-8-1/ Permisions Ask me first before using anything fair enough? Disclaimer I hate testing so although I feel like I've done loads its possible there are some bugs/typos left in. Ideas, feedback, bug reports and comments are more than welcome provided its done cordially. Self entitled fools that think they are owed something will be met with pity. Submitter audhol Submitted 08/14/2021 Category Adult Mods Requires Toys Framework Regular Edition Compatible No  
  13. OK thanks, I was thinking it wasn't working but obviously I just didn't wait long enough.
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