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  1. I think it's a great mod to test stuff out or see how it looks in game but regardless of performance issues like VirginMarie said its breaks the immersion of the game and feels unsatisfying to use. If your really desperate to play with the toys you could use lootification or the xedit/ssedit addon to introduce toys to the leveled lists.
  2. Its in the pipeline of things to do but it wont be part of the toys framework. There is a mod almost ready for release that will distribute the items and keys to the leveled lists.
  3. Coming Soon Perfect for wannabe PonyGirls
  4. Skyrim Special Edition 2021-03-27 19-30-02.mp4 A Sneaky Peaky at not 1 but 2 new features coming to a Toys download near you soon. First person to correctly identify what our poor heroin is saying wins a glass of cabernet sauvignon.
  5. At least you'd have some sauce for your chips if your out of mayonnaise.
  6. Surely the point of cock chastity is tgat it can't expand?
  7. Toys is going to detect futa by the inputs of the user in the mcm, so do we then proceed with equipping futa devices only to females tagged with having a penis? what about if the yes/no option for penis was in fact 4 choices no/standard/large/equine? That would cover everything for both males and futas.
  8. haha yeah we've all seen the horsie coming out the back of the head when engaged in ummm well you know what. I think your 1 size of toy is accurate but there is still the issue of is it human or equine. I'm currently engrossed into the joys of xml editing and creating collision cages cause I want to get a better understanding of how it works but I might just make one static toy for all 3 male/futahuman/futaequine and see how it works in various other setups including like you say alignment in SL scenes. I post stuff for testing on the discord if your up for a bit of testing.🤠
  9. Mondays is always a pee wee herman day! Ok so the issues we are having are both technical and aesthetic, technically how dos toys detect that character is futa, thats probably quite simple but then how does it know whether the pc has a normal sausage, and extra long elephant trunk or a giddyupnelly apendage? obviously the toy that covers the equipment must contain a modified mesh so do we make 1 normal and 1 horsie, or should it be the toy that changes what pistol the futa is carrying? Aesthetically the problem I have with all the futa addons is that you have to get the right skin texture to m
  10. Unfortunately this is the main problem about creating something new and something we have talked about a lot in development. As most of the mods here are old and are no longer supported by their original authors its highly unlikely that they will get changed over to use Toys. There are however some mods in development that will use this framework and as mod authors see how stable the platform is, how proactive the people working on it are to users feedback and how easy it is to integrate into a new mod more will come along and give the user a genuine alternative.
  11. To be honest I don't know, I'm not sure what version of the XML virgin Marie has used. I think for se users an smp XML is preferable to an hdt one. I will examine this tommorow and providing that the usage rights allow will convert to smp if not already done so.
  12. Beletor is a slimy cunt and I'm sure he would demand servicing before even considering selling any keys, same goes for lucan, there's some great ideas, just needs someone to consider making a quest mod for keys.
  13. Omg I love it, your à genius dtmt. I'll do it and not tell her, we'll pretend it's some cuffs OK just don't tell her the truth.
  14. Interesting idea, very lore friendly, maybe the blacksmith could require you to gather the ingredients to mold the key, and the more exotique keys require rarer ingredients?
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