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  1. Not sure this is the right place to ask this but, anyone has a chance to (somehow) port Wattson: Cyberpunked from Apex Legends to our beloved world that is Fallout 4? Or at least help me out with the model files, I might use that as an excuse to start learning new stuff and port it myself. I'd download the game and get the files myself but I've got internet slow enough that it'd take me about a week if not more to just download a game that I'd delete right after. Well, any help would be appreciated. (the outfit I'd like to get model files for)
  2. Similar shoes are in the K-Girl Shoes Remastered, I think.. Just wondering, is the outfit a mashup of Sporty underwear (bra) and Colorful Leggings? (in case you know)..
  3. kill the npcs and drag their ragdolls? sorry, a joke.. Can't remember of anything from my head..
  4. Guess I got your message the wrong way.. Still it's their thing what they do, I'm just glad modding community is big as it is. Now back to the point: If other people need stuff, they can make a "request" thread (or something), and ask for conversion there. And you could help out if you said that it ain't really a problem. I've done some converting myself but only to change outfit specifically for Fusion body to work on CBBE or, from male only to female only.
  5. Agree on both of them, no clue how it all came to happen on Vtaw's mods thread in the first place And I have no clue what they want to achieve or why they use white background and black text in the first place. And about this part "People don't use advanced bodies simply because they are too lazy..". And how would you know what people think? Some just don't care for such details as they (or at least for me) prefer to play with clothes on. So why use "extended"/"normal" bodies for something that never gets uncovered? And about skeleton, I have no clue what
  6. just bumping in, but, maybe not everyone uses those "normal bodies"? It sounds almost like, why do people use *Fusion body when CBBE is clearly a superior body mod. Everyone can choose and do what they want, no? If a modder doesn't use "normal" bodies then why make a mod for such body? *JUST AN EXAMPLE NOT HATING ON THE MOD
  7. Homemaker - Expanded Settlements, this maybe. I think it adds some more light sources.
  8. This mod adds quite immersive light system (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15810/) Jokes aside,.. maybe any of these two mods: Workshop Light Effects, Better Workshop Lights? Those are the only two mods that come to my mind in the instant.. If by any chance I misunderstood you, and you are searching for better light sources / mod that "fixes" the lights, I'd go with combo (that I use), Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks, Enhanced Lights and FX. But I like to put Fr4nsson's mod after the ELFX, since it achieves darker interiors and e
  9. Thanks, was kinda guessing it could be Vtaw wardrobe6, but can never be too sure, I guess
  10. Don't think any mod like that exists, however there are tools like "Outfit Switcher - Hotkey Loadouts", that lets you set switch between outfits without entering the pip boy. Or maybe the colored pipboy mod, but that probably doesn't really help. But as I said, I personally haven't heard of such mod, there could however still be a mod like that out there somewhere.
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