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  1. Thanks for these, I tried the Bun patch and it shows up with some yellow errors in the debug menu for some reason. Which I guess are harmless but I do notice the penis parts aren't lined up properly. They sorta float below or in front of the legs because the bodyshape is thinner than the default bodyshape. I also made these for the new O21 Forgotten Realms races that came out a couple days ago. The Tabaxi came out great but the Killoren seem to have like... a rendering error which I think is the issue of base mod. Their body shape has a funky resize and rotation glitch when you zoom in and out and sometimes they go transparent. I wonder if I did these patches right, I'll have to try the game without it to see if they do the same thing. Hopefully it's an issue with the mod and got fixed by now. They also need a race support patch later for the non-generic parts to show up but I'll get around to that later. NudePatch-O21Tabaxi.xml NudePatch-O21Killoren.xml
  2. Someone in the RJW topic earlier was asking why the Argonian parts weren't showing up. Real simple fix, in the NudePatch-Argonians.xml Change: <!-- alien races --> <Patch> <Operation Class="PatchOperationFindMod"> <mods> <li>Argonians of Blackmarsh</li> </mods> Into: <!-- alien races --> <Patch> <Operation Class="PatchOperationFindMod"> <mods> <li>Argonians of Blackmarsh</li> <li>Argonians of Blackmarsh (Continued)</li> </mods> That should probably be added in an official update later too whenever there's something more important to update alongside it. NudePatch-Argonians.xml
  3. Looks like Outpost21 added a couple of new races to the Forgotten Realms collection. Killoren Tabaxi The feline one seems easy to do for tabaxi but I got no idea what a killoren is.
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