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  1. Forgotten realms is good. Just stay away from the anime junk. Use normal body shapes that'll have the highest compatibility with everything. Including non-lewd mods. Yeah the two biggest things I'd avoid like the plague for Rimworld are anime pawns with goofy body shapes or heads. And Combat Extended. Retch, the idea of having to double your modlist with nothing but compatibility patches....
  2. Probably because most people playing The Sims 4 don't get automatic updates. Because their version of the game doesn't allow for it.
  3. Yeah I'm running into this one as well. Here's my little journey in me taking way too long to figure out the source of that issue. I'm pretty sure it also breaks Turians, but could be wrong. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1783756827
  4. Yeah I'm trying to fix this right now I think they aren't pointing to the right things... but I need help cause I spent an hour on it and tried every possible combination of these terms. I don't know why the author had to make it so complicated all the other races were easy to figure out. The AvP race support is pointing to strange tags I don't see in the mod anymore. So I changed it to this. <rjw.RaceGroupDef> <defName>Yautja_Race</defName> <raceNames> <li>AvP_BaseYautjaPawn</li> </raceNames> Still didn't work. I tried these as well. RRY_Alien_Yautja AvP_Yautja_RaceBase AvP_BaseYautjaPawn AvP_Alien_Yautja I dunno what it wants but its annoying me. The error that comes up is: Exception drawing Shriek: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Rimworld_Animations.PawnRenderer_RenderPawnAt_Patch.ClearCache (Verse.Pawn pawn) [0x0000f] in <a948672c8f7446b883613419de9071a8>:0 at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.PawnRenderer.Verse.PawnRenderer.RenderPawnAt_Patch3(Verse.PawnRenderer,UnityEngine.Vector3,System.Nullable`1<Verse.Rot4>,bool) at Verse.Pawn_DrawTracker.DrawAt (UnityEngine.Vector3 loc) [0x00000] in <00638943358e4807bd44cd7bc8f572da>:0 at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.Pawn.Verse.Pawn.DrawAt_Patch1(Verse.Pawn,UnityEngine.Vector3,bool) at Verse.Thing.Draw () [0x00015] in <00638943358e4807bd44cd7bc8f572da>:0 at Verse.ThingWithComps.Draw () [0x0000e] in <00638943358e4807bd44cd7bc8f572da>:0 at Verse.DynamicDrawManager.DrawDynamicThings () [0x000d8] in <00638943358e4807bd44cd7bc8f572da>:0 UnityEngine.StackTraceUtility:ExtractStackTrace () Verse.Log:Error (string) Verse.DynamicDrawManager:DrawDynamicThings () Verse.Map:MapUpdate () Verse.Game:UpdatePlay () Verse.Root_Play:Update () They show up fine when you're picking starting colonists. They show up fine when you look at your bar of colonists at the top of the screen. But in game, moving around, they are invisible. No clothes or anything. At one point they were showing up with clothes and just no heads. It shows up fine when all the RJW mods are uninstalled though. Edit: I just gave up and deleted the race support patch for the race, and the rimnude patch from it as well. In an attempt to just have the vanilla pawns rendering with no extra bodyparts, and no extra graphics... just to at least get them playable in the game. Cause I mean I don't really care if this particular race is having sex or anything. But still they continue to show up invisible. So I guess it has to do with something the RJW mod does as a whole.... Just going to link the two xmls I was using even tho they don't do anything. Would be pretty hard to figure out if they work if the race wont render at all with RJW on. NudePatch-Alien vs Predator.xml AvP.xml Edit 2: Okay finally I narrowed this thing down... and I made sure for certain it wasn't RJW. With just RJW the pawns show up like they should. With RJW and RimNudeWorld they show up fine. With those and this mod turned on... it all works fine. It's the animation mod that breaks the race. So I guess I'll go post in there now... But this race still does need an appropriate patch for this mod and the nude one. Since one doesn't have a patch, and this one points to a thingdef that doesn't exist. God what a mess. I wonder what makes this race so unique that its the only one that gets broke by the animations mod. So someone is still prob gonna have to fix the xmls so everything points to where it needs to be.
  5. Thanks for these, I tried the Bun patch and it shows up with some yellow errors in the debug menu for some reason. Which I guess are harmless but I do notice the penis parts aren't lined up properly. They sorta float below or in front of the legs because the bodyshape is thinner than the default bodyshape. I also made these for the new O21 Forgotten Realms races that came out a couple days ago. The Tabaxi came out great but the Killoren seem to have like... a rendering error which I think is the issue of base mod. Their body shape has a funky resize and rotation glitch when you zoom in and out and sometimes they go transparent. I wonder if I did these patches right, I'll have to try the game without it to see if they do the same thing. Hopefully it's an issue with the mod and got fixed by now. They also need a race support patch later for the non-generic parts to show up but I'll get around to that later. NudePatch-O21Tabaxi.xml NudePatch-O21Killoren.xml
  6. Someone in the RJW topic earlier was asking why the Argonian parts weren't showing up. Real simple fix, in the NudePatch-Argonians.xml Change: <!-- alien races --> <Patch> <Operation Class="PatchOperationFindMod"> <mods> <li>Argonians of Blackmarsh</li> </mods> Into: <!-- alien races --> <Patch> <Operation Class="PatchOperationFindMod"> <mods> <li>Argonians of Blackmarsh</li> <li>Argonians of Blackmarsh (Continued)</li> </mods> That should probably be added in an official update later too whenever there's something more important to update alongside it. NudePatch-Argonians.xml
  7. Looks like Outpost21 added a couple of new races to the Forgotten Realms collection. Killoren Tabaxi The feline one seems easy to do for tabaxi but I got no idea what a killoren is.
  8. Oh wow that brings me back. I might have to check this mod out too since I haven't played M&B in forever.
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