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  1. so what do i want ? 1. please do your futa version of the handler pex script into my attached handler.pex, so we got both advantages. if you can add speechcraft, please do it. 2. please lets have the player as active futa prostitute, fucking futa clients and men. so the vaginal dialogues should become anal or something. you know better what to do. 3. please give sss some sliders for the money to adjust the price to other prostiute mods and prices in game. 4. if you like to work on it, there is much more potential in SSS and futa RP. for example i really would like to t
  2. PW and RP are two different authors. radiant prostitution is not supported for a long time, except your versions. well, in public whore a lot of basics do not work or miss, so we have to wait and see if the author makes it alright. it wouldnt be the first time thht an unfinished mod is abandoned because it was simply too much to do for the modder. they loose endurance and motivation. we will see. i will have alook on that, and enjoy the well functioning featurers of RP. back to my handler.pex i attached here. it does not only makes the client friendly, but also allow forepla
  3. isnt 4778 gold high enough ? pc did not get arested by pop, but get the highrestraintstraightjacket from cursed lkoot 9.0. in second atttempt it was an armbinder. cursed loot prevents pop from arresting.
  4. about the " no blowjob" . i had 20 vaginal approaches in a line from start being public whore. the only one blowjob appreared after i wrote the post. i gave the thane all money i made in the evening, 1800 gold, he took with the sound, and answered good job, here is your cut. but no cut was given to me, and that should be 33 % , 600 gold. i dont know if this is a bug or on purpose, but then i would like to know how i get my cut of 600 gold.
  5. She never does a blowjob........ .....................tell me the secret how ........... (Chapter 2 and 3 "and nobody noticed it !" and "did i miss something ?" ) sorry for megaposting but i am busy getting the basics functional you got about three major ways how to handlle that like these mods do: cursed loot solicitation: a magic divide between oral, vaginal, anal, unknown, but works somehow eveything gets his turn , money is not differentiated between the three tdf prostituition : sliders in mcm how high the chan
  6. i like the way pw goes. it is a fresh mod with a motivated modder who is open for good proposals, i am sure it will become the high qualify mod that we need for our high qualify animations from billy , anub and others to see in action.
  7. well,. Billy,, another matter you are the expert for. you know about defeat and mods like guffels fuck em up who reduces enemies hitpoints after fucking so they will die if fucked often enough. in case they are death, the dead bosy animation (in guffels fuck em up) is weird (i make a screenshot next time). is there any easy way to repair it and get the normal ragdoll to work ? second, there could be the possiblitiy of SLEEPING enemies, weather they sleep when you enter or they become tired from fucking and you can leave without further combat those sleeping enemies
  8. i saw it more as a surprise from passing people, cant resist to slapp the ass. especailly if it is a whore. getting it regular after sex is no surprise. cat calling, there could be a pipe concert, ok - once a week. my concern in both cases is getting used to it and get annoyed by it. thats the way of repetitions.
  9. i dont have problems killing enemies with sex. Guffels mod Fuck them up is great for that. but i dont want the bounties to be killed, just calmed down. thats what beautiful girls always did in legends and sagas, didnt they? just going there fucking to death or with old maria edens bandit ring calming them and then having sex, isnt just not the same as if it is put in the frame of a quest. you have been so fantastic in a lot of scenes, especially the threesomes/multisomes in kematu and sanguine. about motivation : dont underestimate the activities in loverslab for skyrim. full pr
  10. that would be great. please dont forget it. for the german translator : äüö sehen komisch aus, immer nur ein grosses Ä mit einem ql dahinter usw. generally about german translations : german is a mental language, english an emotional. it is nearly impossible to get that feeling for the dirty english sex in german language. and often we simply dont have a word for it.
  11. asslapping should be another super + , but it isnt. you have to write a script or something that prevents asslaping right after sex. , because that makes it a regular repeating thing, which spoilers the fun it could have same with cat calling. additional cat calling should get a cool down. gets annoying if it comes again and again. you agree, dont you ?
  12. Would you consider to make the bounty quests sexual ? they come from the jarl and would be logical to send the city whore to calm down dragons, giants and bandits....... please simply slavery choose destination in next update, winterhold is so cold.......
  13. Next update is when ? i ask because this mod, solutions and defeat are my standards. there are still some scenes left to be done with conf / sol , for example angelique in solitude asking pc for her daughter, pc goes to captain aldis, and that one needs to be "convinced" to give answer. or the bounty quests, still open for a sexual alternative way. calming dragons, giants and even bandits would be a good job.
  14. hex would help you with that i am sure. he made it work in lola, no problem
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