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  1. I've found that Luumia V5+ body hair has the same problem, however FrostRainbowcy's for some reason do not. The other issue with the default penis showing up in the shower is another problem altogether and I'm still trying to understand it completely. It seems like a recent game update might have merged bathing and swimming outfits in a way that seems different from in the past. MCCC Dresser copying/pasting outfits seems to solve most if not all of these problems.
  2. I don't see the problem. That's exactly what my cat looks like. But seriously, my apologies for the thread necromancy. Also, is this operation of making something selectable in the WW body selector something relatively simple? Or perhaps are there instructions anywhere on how to do it? Because as I mentioned in another thread, I would love to try this with CmarNYC's slider-morphable circumsized and uncircumsized penises, just for my own use of course. EDIT: I apologize as I seem to have just found it on the Wicked Whims website. I'll give it a try.
  3. I was just thinking about this very issue. I've realized what would be perfect for me is to be able to use CmarNYC's morphing penis, or in other words to be able to make it compatible with WW. I use the sex animations only occasionally, nudity options rather more often, and would in this way be able to "customize" each Sim's equipment, at least for the 98% of the time that they're flaccid. The Lunareclipse rigged hard penis is just fine for my uses, and I don't mind if every erection looks the same. So I guess what I'm asking is whether anyone knows where to find out ho
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