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  1. Been away for awhile, just installed SUM 1.41 and POP 444. When I trigger the bounty (major) a guard approaches, challenges me but when I say arrest me he and every guard near by just start blabbering their entire guard lines and never do arrest me. I've installed this several times and all the prerequisites are working fine. Help.
  2. Find your nioveride.ini file (if I remember correctly it comes with Racemenu) and edit the face section to enable face tats. It's well commented so you should be able to easily figure out what to change. Thank you, I knew it had to be something simple like that.
  3. SlaveTats seems to work except that the Face section in MCM is empty (as in nothing to select). There are .dds files in face tats but no way to install them. I am using MO 2 and this mod was working before (Katarina DC mod uses this for the face scar and body tattoo, the body tattoo is SlaveTats but not the face scar).
  4. Could not install with MO2. "Installation as FOMOD failed: No conditions were successful in an 'OR' clause." Any thoughts on why?
  5. I downloaded and installed your patch 20190601 and creatures work fine. However when an animation begins TFC is no longer being initiated and if you do it through console and don't turn it off before the animation ends it breaks the scrolling in 3rd person. Don't know if it is this mod or AAF itself, I am not a programmer so can't help.
  6. For clarification purposes.....If I don't have any of the DLC content installed, I won't get proper creature animations (no gear on the creatures)?
  7. I am getting errors for all the DLC's (understandable I don't have them installed). Will this impact how the animations run? If so is there some way to disable AAF dependency on the DLC's? Installed beta 78b and the creature animations now work fine. However when the animations are running there used to be an auto TFC in and out of that animation, this is no longer happening. Don't know if it is this mod or another overwriting it. During installation, second page Support Files I enabled support files and now the Auto TFC functions properly. I did not original
  8. During the NCRF courtyard scene anytime the PC is used (No other companions are present) all 350 other convicts approach and want a piece of the action. My computer can't handle 30 or 40 (Okay only 5 or 6) convicts standing around masturbating (that many animations is causes an immediate CTD). Is there some way to limit the number of approaches at any one time? Never mind.....you would think by now I would know better (I've been installing mods in games since 1995). I was using an outdated Main file, and to compound the mistake I installed the meshes, textures and audio AFTER the
  9. For an Alpha mod this respectably clean. Just a couple of errors (number 2 is mod breaking). 1. During Party event guests are not in the party room. They are in the hallway to the left, first door on the right. 2. Where is Jala? I had mentioned that the initial quest with Jala and Jesper that they behaved poorly (kept trying to go in and out of the doors and eventually disappeared altogether). Now the quest to have Jala help out and the quest marker for Jala is either. A: if inside the mansion shows she is outside the mansion, or B: if outside the mansion shows she is inside
  10. Thanks for your response, it finally started working for me as well. During my first installation I had set number of events to 100 and couldn't get it to reset, had to do a clean install and set it to 5 (not 100) and everything started working properly.
  11. Rephrase the question: How many times with the dog before it went to the next quest? I have done the dog 15 times and still not progressed to the next quest. Am I just not being patient enough?
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