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  1. Ich habe die Dateien DT SE und die Texturen installiert aber im Spiel erscheint nichts. Fehlt noch etwas?

    Die requiments waren bereits installiert und funktionieren gut.

  2. The Adiposian Playable Race 4_03


    Hi. Thanks for this Mod.


    The Mod works good, but i cant find the keys and the nife after many hours of searching.


    Please help. My english is to bad.

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    2. Booceefus


      Also, keep in mind the location of the keys are possibly different in the SE version.  The spell books are in locked cabinets.  One of the keys is on a high level creature in the world of Skyrim too.  The Holy Cheesus spell has been removed for now but I added a different spell - Call Amazon Gang which is located on the NPC Gilly instead.

    3. mymods


      i dont play SE Version yet.

      The new mod is also working with normal Skyrim?

    4. Booceefus


      I'm not sure but you can always try.  I've never tested Adiposian SE on top of old Skyrim because I have long un-installed old Skyrim.  SE just runs so much better for me.

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