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  1. mark321

    Skyrim Outfit Conversion

    could you try convert the Dark Crusader armour please https://askyrimmods.blogspot.com/2015/11/dark-crusader.html
  2. i hope you guys find a way to get this on skyrim SE would love to go around as an anime person
  3. sorry to be this person but where does one place this file? also what are the files required to make this work? like if any other mods need to be downloaded
  4. Why are you disempowering yourself by saying things like "I am insignificant. I am a simpleton. I don't matter."? All you need is some effort to read after things you don't understand. None of us were born with master degree in PS/Blender/Max/etc. the reason why am saying this i have better things to be tending to like my college course am doing as i have multiple assessments currently going on so yeaa... :/
  5. think am gonna wait for this to be finished as i have no idea how to do any of texture blending thing that modders are good at as i am a simpleton that uses mods nothing more
  6. i fixed the spriggans animation, i de-installed the FNIS creature behaviour files they now move
  7. Did you install anything related to creatures recently? like More Nasty Creatures maybe? NPC frozen in place with hands at 45 degree usually means you are missing animation files somewhere. i have not installed that mod and i have no mods that alter any creature files so i have no idea what am missing an animation file :/
  8. Is that the new spriggan shape? or your character with spriggan armor on? Make sure to run FNIS for Users once before using SD. its the NPC spriggan they just stand still with their arms at like a 45 degree angle and i have ran FNIS like 2 times before i launch my skyrim to be sure
  9. the spriggan in my game have no movement animation any idea why?
  10. mark321

    Sexlab Deadly Drain

    Non SexLab Animations Pack ver. 2.1a. Can't remember the exact name of the anims I used. thank you
  11. mark321

    Sexlab Deadly Drain

    what animation pack are you using for the gifs?
  12. mark321

    Devious Rubber Masks

    i cant get out of the rubber suits, you say by key but it wont open
  13. mark321

    7B conversions E5

    i do believe someone has ingored your request of not spreading any of the conversions http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/42776904.html
  14. mark321

    7B Conversions E4

    can you release the samus mod please :3
  15. mark321

    7B Conversions E4

    ahh the samus suit is finished !