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  1. I downloaded your mod and I made some customization (I have a custom, heavily modded CBBE body). The result is very good but the the way the white armor reflects the ambient light is quite weird (it's as if the texture was turned inside out). You could please fix this or that effect is deliberate?
  2. tiodrakul

    {Release} Rouge the bat in skyrim

    Hum... I installed your mod to see how it would look, the armor appears correctly when I use "help rouge" in the console but when I equip the armor What am I forgetting to take into consideration? Is the model not compatible with custom skeletons like XPMS or XP32?
  3. tiodrakul

    Fallout 4 HDT?

    Following the instructions from various sources here and in other forums I concluded that it is possible to use Fallout 4's own physics engine to animate the breasts, but the problem is that as far as I can see there is no way to edit the values of weight, friction and etc., making the effect virtually imperceptible and very incorrect (the "default" jiggle is too fast and too limited).
  4. tiodrakul

    Creature Framework

    look at every json file inside "Data\creatures.d" with notepad to see if there is anything that does not belong. then go in game to the Creature Framework MCM and click on "Re-register all mods", then unpause the game and Wait a Minute. or another cause could just be SexLab's striping settings. Thank you, your comment has helpfull. Turns out that in the json files that you indicated the Khajiit and Argonians were being identified as creatures (???), and so the CF was trying to "equip" them by force with disastrous results. I edited the files and removed the entries that identify them as "creatures", and now apparently everything is working as it should.
  5. tiodrakul

    Creature Framework

    it almost sounds like you have a rouge json file installed, i know the old MNC had a unnecessary entry for Argonians and khajiits but it did not cause anything like that to happen. If the problem is a rogue json, would you know what I could do to fix it?
  6. tiodrakul

    Japanese Women decry Beta Males: "You Must Approach Us!"

    I'ts not fear of marriage (I for example would like having kids)... These days if you approach a woman thinking about dating and you do not look like Tom Cruise, you automatically becomes a "rapist" for the woman in question. So it makes a lot more sense so simply avoid the attempt.
  7. tiodrakul

    Creature Framework

    Ok, the Creature Framework really is the culprit: I do not know why but the CF (creature framework for short) is forcing clothes changes on all NPCs, including non-creature humanoids. This is breaking the stripping of these NPCs when they take part in an act, where they should be completely naked they actually end up getting their weapons, boots and gloves fitted. Looking at the log I noticed that the CF was applying armor on these NPCs (through an effect) and if I force the CF to remove the effect/armor from all NPCs the stripping gets working again as it should. So the problem in short: The CF is affecting humanoid characters who are not creatures and this should not happen, the CF should affect only creatures.
  8. tiodrakul

    SexLab Eager NPCs

    Yes, some of the SL events triggered in SLEN use strict gender tagging for animations (example, if the wake-up event triggers with 3 female actors, it will only pick FFF animations or if it can't find any, FF animations and leave one actor out). Pretty sure this was a specific decision, as I imagine it bugged some people that after a dragon died the local peasants would rejoice, then all pull out their handy strapons they never leave home without for an impromptu orgy. If you want females to take male roles in these scenes, I believe you just need to add FF/FFF ect tags to some animations and they will use them just fine. Well, I agree this is strange but I don't use this option anyway. Trouble is you then at least should have the option to use strict gender tagging or not, not every situation should have to use strict tagging
  9. tiodrakul

    More Nasty Critters

    The "creature framework" somehow breaks stripping of humanoid NPCs. With the mod active (creature framework), when the sex scene starts NPCs re-equip weapons, gloves and boots even when the sexlabs framework is configured to strip all gear, when the mod is disabled the stripping then works as expected.
  10. tiodrakul

    SexLab Eager NPCs

    Are you sure that isn't the sexlab setting to filter gay/lesbian animations? The "I want to look into your eyes" should give you MF and not FF anims, the "I want to make love to you" should be FF only. Very sure. It's more clear the problem when a "orgy" happens, If you only have females (and more than 6 from then) in the event all of them will use female/female animations (they will form a lot of pairs) and without having options to change that, none of then will ever try to use strap-ons to use male/female animations.
  11. tiodrakul

    Creature Framework

    The creature framework breaks the stripping from my humanoid NPC companions. When the mod is active, weapons, gloves and boots stays on the NPCs even when I mark on Sexlabs framework to strip then. What can I do to fix this other than remove the mod?
  12. tiodrakul

    Sexlab stripping not working

    I found the mod causing the problem, is the "Creatures Framework". I do not know why but he is interfering in the stripping of the NPCs, if I remove him the stripping of the NPCs works as expected. Does anyone know of a "Creatures Framework" version that does not cause this problem, or alternative mods that I can use so that creatures are properly "equipped" when they get involved in the act?
  13. tiodrakul

    SexLab Eager NPCs

    The latest version basically makes strapons useless. In some situations I want actions where the two (or three) actors are female and one uses strapon in the role of male, but the latest version forces using female/female animations only. Reverted back to the 20150906 version.
  14. I have a similar problem, and apparently no one knows the cause. My guesses are a bug in the framework or a mod that has decided to take control over the removal of clothes, but none of the mods I use have that kind of functionality described.