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  1. I like the pop up message. It is almost as if MMG is communicating with me every time I play. Doesn't it make you all warm and fuzzy?
  2. Does this sound occur only in interiors? If so, you left an interior cell before the script finished on someone. They are stuck in the spectator script. If a game reload does not fix it you may be reduced to finding the bugged NPC and "Spectator Zapper" them.
  3. (sigh). Ja, zer gut. I guess it is not done then. It all looks wonderful, In pictures. I have no clue how long it will take me to adapt it to my game of mixed body types and varying scale NPC's. I'd imagine I will not use most of the stuff in an actual play through so it actually should not be too bad. It just pains me to wait so long on "soon" while more stuff I possibly will never use gets added. Is that not an adequate example of irony? I should really stop looking. It is my own fault for checking all the time like a kinder. Morgan ich speile!
  4. If they are new, imported and possibly created by outside modelers then they are likely to have custom skeletons and animation packages provided by the mod itself and not yet gone beyond generic idles. Animations would have to be created and patches as well. With custom skeletons genitals could be problematic. Sounds like I know what I am talking about...a little any way. Lets just say that it is likely to be a challenge.
  5. GTAV was one of the games that made me stop buying. Most of my experiences in DayZ and GTAV5 ( there are others...) are not cherished due to the randomness of online player behaviors. I like to have more control of some of the variables in multiplayer games. I apologize, I was preparing to write an opinion piece right here. Crisis averted. Thank you for your insight.
  6. Not to discount your point, his sarcasm may well be close to true. But looking at current culture/thinking of game developers do you honestly want to run out and pre-order it? I will certainly be interested to know when TES6 comes available but I won't be buying it until I have an idea that it is worth the asking price. I am enjoying Skyrim just fine thank you, with the help of t.ara and the others still making mods for Skyrim...makes it new all over. Thank you t.ara for your continued interest in this old game. But teasing hungry people will lead to grumbling at times, as I have said. Please ignore the grumblings and do what you do, as you choose. I just try to not worry about it. Be at peace. I will go play my old save with zaz 8+ and repeat to myself that I can wait. Please be aware that I am smiling as I type this. No offense to anyone intended.
  7. Interesting. I have not had time to have too much trouble as you describe...save that log to show wpg if you can. It may lead him to an answer.
  8. This will likely require wpg97541's input. Have you changed your mod order at all? Were there mentions of any other errors earlier in that same log that may have set off trouble? I have not had much time for Skyrim recently but I am thinking to turn logs on, play awhile and then look to see what goes on.
  9. That appears to be Mod organizer. Click on the lightning bolt, Plus/minus sign there to see what mods are overwriting MNC. Hide or re-order anything that interferes with MNC except ABC and anything you have patched already. I am thinking you have a conflict but I am no Mod Scientist. I just close my eyes and change files around till it works usually... Besides I heard a rumor that he was rewriting all animations one day soon any way...I heard, someone said...maybe...not. Creature framework?
  10. I thought as much. Thank you once again. I try to make sure. Stay you.
  11. Earlier post by the author: "I've been exceptionally busy this month, but hope to get back to this shortly (next few weeks) to fix as many of the remaining bugs as possible for the stable release. ". I have had some very interesting things happen with scripts in my LE version. Most of it is not consistently repeatable in my game except for the broken spectator thing so the other stuff is mostly just 32 bit Skyrim in all its glory. As for broken spectators,this happens when, 1) you leave the cell when animations with spectators are playing. 2) when animations that have instances of spectators attached are stopped prematurely (combat stops scene or similar). Attempts have been made to end associated scripts when these things happen but as you can see it does not work all the time. There are spells added to your magic menu ( spectator zapper ) if things get broken on occasion. I have not finished my 64 bit game set up yet so I am not familiar enough with that version to know how it behaves yet but after many years of modding Skyrim I do not expect everything to "Just work" all the time any more. It is a good practice to allow animations to finish completely before moving to another cell or using area loading doors. It is just better that way.
  12. If you look at your op you may understand, you said "a hotkey in mcm...". I responded anyway. Convenient hotkey is not something the author wants right now. He said as much when I asked previously. Reasons were given, I don't remember beyond "I don't think so" because it is not a huge deal for me. Scroll back a few pages if you like.
  13. There is an option in the MCM to allow or disallow spectators. If no one is allowed to spectate the mod is effectively paused.
  14. "Riften Restrictive", Thank you, dunka, tag. There are two files available for download. Which is necessary? Both? Thank you again.
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