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  1. BANNED for leaving food out unattended attracting various unsavory types to get fat. ( Is that your carrot then?).
  2. What wpg said. Also, I noticed this behavior usually happens if you begin a sequence of animations, finish your involvement, then leave the game cell before all participants are finished with animations. You should check that everyone is behaving normally again before exiting the cell and you will see this less if at all.
  3. BANNED for, tiny feet, large stomach, HUGE EGO. (how can you swing that hammer without hitting that swollen head?).
  4. BANNED for breaking the site. Wow. I have never seen the page look this way. What did you do?
  5. BANNED for not speaking Federation Standard.
  6. BANNED for I am not touching that one with a 3m stick.
  7. This. We are working within a Bethesda game. The base game is not perfect, the mod has occasional hiccups, not surprising really.
  8. BANNED for failing to acknowledge the law of survival. (which includes the desire to eat and to continue the species.)
  9. BANNED for leash law violation and illegal use of Hyena's. (But I will wait till they eat the rodent.)
  10. BANNED for rodent noises after 10 pm. How did that hole get in my screen?!?
  11. BANNED for improper use of tools. Nailed it!
  12. BANNED for beating me off with a stick. ( Well...I never...)
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