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  1. Sorry for being stupid, but how do I start this quest. Is there some main game quest requisite because when I go through the book case and go down I eventually come to an area with a sealed door that I can't go beyond?
  2. Skyrim has spoiled me. I need bigger boobs and butt than what Cyberpunk allows but this is what I'm rocking right now. If anyone knows of any skimpier outer wear, let me know. Preferably something that matches with my look.
  3. So, if I understood you right, this should've been BigButt: 18 BreastFlatness2: 40 BreastFlatness: 40 BreastsSmall: 035 BreastsSmall2: 30 Butt: 22 ButtSmall: 60 LegsThin: 85 MuscleAbs: -30 MuscleArms: -30 MuscleButt: -30 MuscleLegs: -30 MusclePecs: -30 RoundAss: 20 SlimThighs: 85 It looks right in game, but I would like to know for sure if I got it right. Also, I noticed I posted this in Oldrim technical section when I'm using Skyrim SE here. I'm guessing that it doesn't make a difference, does it?
  4. The numbers work well and my new preset is looking very much like what I saw with CBBE Morphs but I can't seem to figure out how you get these numbers. I'm trying to create yet another version of the the same original preset. Can you help me with that too? Original Preset BigButt: 46 BreastFlatness2: 0 BreastFlatness: 0 BreastsSmall: 0 BreastsSmall2: 0 Butt: 55 ButtSmall: 0 LegsThin: 0 MuscleAbs: 0 MuscleArms: 0 MuscleButt: 0 MuscleLegs: 0 MusclePecs: 0 RoundAss: 40 SlimThighs: 0 CBBE Morph Numbers BigButt: -0.6 BreastFlatness2: 0
  5. Can you tell me the formula you used to figure out these numbers? Thank you for your help.
  6. I have some CBBE morphs based on my preset that I would really like to made into a new bodyslide preset. Here are the original values on my bodyslide preset Arms: 0 Big Butt: 46 ButtCrack: 0 ButtShape2: 0 ButtSmall: 0 LegsThin: 0 MuscleArms: 0 MuscleLegs: 0 RoundAss: 40 SlimThighs: 0 Here are the CBBE Morphs Arms: -0.8 Big Butt: 0.85 ButtCrack: 0.5 ButtShape2: 0.5 ButtSmall: -0.5 LegsThin: -0.75 MuscleArms: 0.8 MuscleLegs: 0.8 RoundAss: 0.85 SlimThighs: -0.32 How would I be able to integrate the CBB
  7. I think I remember getting a tattoo that gives a handprint symbol on ass. Anyone know which pack includes that tatoo?
  8. Are there extra steps for when I want to change the armor to slot 32? I'm trying to change some Luxury Collection Pasties to use slot 32. I change the slot number in sseedit and nifsope but once I re-build in bodyslide, the pasties go back to slot 46 in nifskope and my body disappears in game when I try to wear those pasties. What should I do here?
  9. Is there a way to make all of the animal species use a certain schlong? Like, for example, can I make it so that all riekling will always have the horsecock schlong, ERF Horse?
  10. I get this error where the stockings go horribly wrong if I'm not using a body piece from the Luxury Collection mod. Removing the body piece or equipping a body piece that's not form this mod makes the stockings clip. Any way around this? I love some of the stockings in this mod but prefer walking around in pasties or with no body piece at all.
  11. Anyone know how the bandit honeypot option works? I can't find it in the options.
  12. No. I've no such mod. This is so weird. I'm finding it difficult to pinpoint which of my mods could add something like that,
  13. Outside of Luxury Suite, there is one of what I'm sure is every type of creature in Skyim from the dogs and wolves to the fire and frost atronach and to the dwarven automatons, all lined up neatly in two rows facing each other. I'm pretty sure Luxury Suite didn't put them there, so the question is which mod put them there?
  14. This is a huge collection of dresses. Anyone know a quick way to get all the items in my inventory and then experiment with them?
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