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  1. Hello. I bring my humble request to the modders at Mount Olympus. The game it's called Neoverse, it's similar to Slay the Spire and as a bonus it has Waifus with a bit of jiggle physics included. Currently only one person managed to mod the game but the problem for a peasant like me is that the mod is blocked behind a 6$ pay-wall which wouldn't be a problem if the game wasn't being updated once every two months or so, making the actual mod obsolete and having to pay once again. You can check the modder yourselves, he's called KairosZX on patreon. That's all, Thanks. Steam Link
  2. Hi. I don't seem to get the mod working. I'm playing with 3BBB and have installed both FHU and SL Inflation Framework. I tried building the body with "Build Morphs" check and uncheck. I also tried just using FHU without SLIF. Still, the mod doesn't work for me. Any help? Edit: Nvm, I just expelled some fluid and then SLIF got updated. Dunno why wasn't before though.
  3. Hello. I'm not new with modding and yet I still get new types of errors and bugs. This time I modded Skyrim SE from scratch. I installed the game on my SSD and have the mods on a HDD (previously I had everything on my HDD). Currently I'm experiencing multiple bugs and errors that I'm gonna list: 1. SOS throws an error every time I start the game about "missing schlong addons" and the SKSE Co-Save being corrupted. 2. After loading a save for the third or fourth time, some mods are missing from the MCM and don't show even after using "setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1" multiple times.
  4. Just wondering if anyone can help me know what should I do to add a custom female race to sexlab so it can run human anims. I read a little and some of the few answers had to do with keywords but that didn't seem to work, any tutorial?
  5. Yeah but the thing is, I like having 360 walk animations, so that's why I'm asking if there is a fix or a compatible mod that does the same.
  6. About belly sinking inwards, I'm using FNIS Sexy Move and I know that makes it go inwards, my question is: Is there a way to fix this or a mod similar to Sexy Move that works well? Thanks
  7. I also had this problem and was searching for an answer, after testing the fix, it just works. Thanks a a lot good human.
  8. This worked like a charm. Thanks a lot.
  9. I'm having trouble with two things: 1. Bound Cock it's totally invisible and can only be seen when the player is under some visual effect (like healing) and the schlong is then outlined. I installed Equippable Horse Schlong from oldrim, as the page indicates. 2. Gender Bender doesn't detect other schlongs, I have ERF Horse Redux SSE as well as the Equippable version and neither of them nor SOS basic ones are detected. Please help.
  10. Whenever the effect is applied to a NPC or the Player, the game ctd's. The animations work fine and i can cast the spell at nothing without causing ctd. Halp
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