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  1. Due to changes in my circumstances, I have had little time to work on this for some time. Whether I will get to it again is uncertain. I never intended this to be a sex and/or rape mod and I never intend to support furniture. I see all of that as separate topics which should be in separate mods so that the player can chose whatever combination he or she likes. There are, I think, enough sex and rape mods already. While mods using furniture are a bit scarce right now, I think that they will appear now that furniture is included in DD. I also intended that any bondage
  2. It seems to me that a read-only "Is_Device_Locked" method would preserve the intent of manipulation while allowing the mod to react differently to an unlocked device (without disturbing it). For example an NPC wouldn't offer to unlock a device that is already unlocked, or might make a comment about "pretending to be tied up". Magic devices could adjust their buffs depending on how many devices are worn and locked, etc.
  3. Please get a screenshot of the settings and debug pages.
  4. Right now I'm trying to track down and fix an issue where the play time cycle gets stuck. Then I want to make it handle cases of "no follower" or "follower is elsewhere" more gracefully. I also need to deal with the PC being already tied up when play time starts. That should help cut down on some weird behavior. An additional maintenance item is to clean up the MCM. After that I'm considering some new features.
  5. DD Helpers uses the property of the device to determine how many of which keys are required. An standard armbinder is just buckles and laces. There are some "secure" and "high security" armbinders floating around in various mods. I may consider a cooldown at some point, but I have some higher priority things to fix first. For now if you don't want the armbinder off, then don't ask.
  6. DDH does not trigger sex scenes. That being said, DDH is designed for a female character. I don't know what's going on in your game with Lydia, but I've tested with her and had no problems. Try the "reset" option on the debug page to clear the state.
  7. Bound combat, or bound escape, is needed to make it so that being bound outside of town is not a drag. Without bound combat (or a death alternative) it's just: Try to sneak or run off. Get caught Get killed Reload Repeat ad infinitum. So we need a way to escape either by killing, fleeing, stealth, guile or whatever. One issue is some dungeons contain points of no return and/or doors that only open after a boss is killed. If you can't get back up the hole you jumped down through or kill the boss then you are stuck in the dungeon. So we need a way
  8. In that case look at the accompanying text in the upper left. Then look in the list for a similarly named event.
  9. Look under "Devices and Effects" or "Event and Effects" or some such after a device has been equipped. There is a long list of things that can interrupt you journey.
  10. If you are able to squeeze it in, could you create a proper way for a mod to determine whether a voluntarily equipped device has had it's lock manipulated? At present it's a Boolean buried in the device equip script with no outside access.
  11. I made a magic ring to grant buffs for wearing devious devices. One enchantment with lots of effects each of which had lots of conditions. No scripts required. However, I quickly found that scaling with level was a difficult art. I have not released it because it's a quick hack and simply not ready for the big time. One way I thought to deal with leveling was to make a family of rings with strengths from minor to extreme as is common with other rings in the game. With all the various view expressed, I think that a choice of add-on bound combat mods may be the way to go. It's
  12. Version 1.04.8 is up. I found a little time to work on this and squashed two bugs.
  13. I have some questions about how to do some things with DDi 4.2: Manipulated locks: Is there a way to find out whether locks have been manipulated? Is there a way to manipulate or un-manipulate locks after a device is applied? (Something that works similarly to the accessor functions for jammed locks.) The motivation is I want to create some buffs for wearing devices that only work if the PC is not carrying keys. That’s pretty pointless if I don’t deal with the “manipulate the locks” work around. Can a Papyrus script manipulate the properties of standard devices or must
  14. Anybody who is actively following at the time will untie you.
  15. Thanks. I will be sure to look into it when I have a chance. I seem to remember having some grief with a red ebonite gag (or blindfold maybe) during my playing around.
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