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  1. @Yinkle Sorry to see you leave. May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past.
  2. What the hell... Beans DO NOT go in chili.... Must live in East Texas... 🤣 But really.. some things beans in chili is a good thing.. Frito Pie on the other hand NO BEANS... 🤣
  3. If you won't use it on a serious playthrough (minus LL) chop it would be my suggestion. Remember K.I.S.S.... Keep It Simple Stupid. The less intricate the design the harder it is for people to mess up the install..
  4. I like the idea of aela having tattoos without me adding them via slavetats. I'll give it a shot and see if i like it better than the current aela replacer i have.
  5. Just to play champion of Molag Bal here.. Why not make 2 lists. the stable list from 2-3 changes ago with the first switch to cleverchariff's texture mods and keep that as an official mod list. the second is a complete rebuild with the newest updates of various mods like embers XD vs embers HD, FNIS vs Nemesis, spirder webs a vs spider webs b etc so that alot of these issues popping up of wrong skse or unsupported mods is ran by only a few who ya know.. know how to properly fix a jank install or a bad mod. I point to the whole title of the post... Skyrim SE for BEGINNERS... Not Skyrim SE
  6. @Brotah yes, it's dynamic equipment manager, there is a check box in the mcm that shuts that off. i use 2.2.2 in MO2 and am not having near the issues you were having with the warnings. The only one i get on a regular basis is validation timed out on the bottom. But it's a false positive in the nexus cookie.
  7. I've never had an issue with that many, and it usually (for me) turned out that it was not the mods, it was something like jc containers or something along those lines failing to register them correctly or an older version of skse interfering with the standard skse like the one in the sound mod.
  8. yup.. i was proud of that in wrath. now. i just pay for the bump and go help my kid get past xpac quest lines done like the legion class halls.
  9. depends on what you are specced for and are you letting wildcat handle the difficulty.. and that looks like an issue with guards armor replacer, she's wearing their clothing not original outfits since there are two "guards armor replacer" which one are you using? this is the one i use.
  10. Not really the same. I've seen wharf rats the size of small dogs (you know the ones, bug eyes, short hair, always twitching, aggressive as fuck).. well it was either a rat... or a really small opossum. and i live in the desert so... Is that inside a black book? or is that somewwhere in tamriel?
  11. the better dynamic snow mod in area as far as screenshots post away, just put them in a spoiler tag so it's not a wall of pics
  12. @Aylis Been playing with the spell research mod, so far i have been able to learn all of two new spells... two... I must not think like a mage combine a+f+z and get K. And none of the spells either of the "special" races i use can be used on the research, and I'm not asking trykz for help, I just need to figure out what spells were the basis of the racial spells and how spell research does it's thing for mods like apocalypse and see if i can make a patch... 😬 which will probably cause a ctd and possibly blow up my computer.
  13. Um... is it stable now? you will use the exact same mods, same bodyslide, Though you may need 2 different FNIS outputs. if you are simply turning on some mods for a type of playthrough and do not want them turned on for another style of playthrough then use a profile. you can also make profile specific saves so your "archer mods playthrough" doesn't show up on your "blast them all with magic mods playthrough". But you do you. If you want to have double the mods simply because.. who am i to say no...
  14. profile all the way.. then you are only using one set of mods etc, new instance you double your mod size. EDIT: and now my little sick ass is going back to bed...
  15. Its not always a replacer, sometimes it's the skin, move ellisif below any mod that changes skin/people/etc and see if you have a blackface, if not, move it up a few slots until you do (don't forget to move the .esp in the right along with the left) and sometimes the left and right need to be reversed to another mod for them both to work right, i remeber something about guards armor replacer and cloaks of skyrim on that.
  16. The counter argument is simply this.. you are the dragonborn, because of your inherent magicka abilities even a "simple" flame spell could be overpowered into a conflageration simply based on the dragonborns inherent skill with words such as yol toor shul. Did you try removing all of fnis and seeing if combat overhaul is the culprit or that it is completely incompatible with fnis? (ALL fnis files including the output you make when fnis is run)
  17. Well.. you are the Dragonborn.. So learning spells should actually come naturally and be overpowered compared to a regular mage.
  18. i would add Train and Study to that as it lets you study the whole school i.e. destruction and uses stam for weapons and magicka for spells so you MUST rest to get the missing part back. I learned real quick to train for a day, sleep for a day or you have no stam to shoot the damn bow with when your ass goes off on a quest and you forget you just studied archery for 8 hours and have like 40 stam..... yeah... the bandits had fun though.... @Aylis why was it no apocalypse?
  19. Probably why i have a 250 gig drive for system, one 500 gig solid state for skyrim/mods/metro exodus/fallout xx/ and any other spill over from steam (rts like dawn of man), second 500 for origin and uplay and a 5 tb for well.. everything else... and they are all over half to 3/4 full
  20. It is.. BUT.. it does not play well with some magic trees and/or special races. Notably the two races i use (both by trykz) and Natureborn has issues with it as well. Nothing game breaking, but it has put red runes on green spells, yellow runes on red spells etc. i have a few spells it doesn't put them on at all so it's just a small brown or green glow in the hand. However Lupine is a mod i think you would enjoy, do you break free from hircine, or are you a loyal dog?
  21. Timing is everything just changes the level that durak comes and force greets you about the growing vampire menace. You can also change when the priests of mirrack come visit you as well. ( i always set mine to after i kill alduin) what level the vampires start attacking town etc. However if you go to say ft dawnguard and talk to whats his name (the kid you meet walking down the path.. the one that swings his pa's axe).. it will update to start since you are doing the starting. It pretty much lets you be a lowbie without ya know.. saving the fucking world because some fucking god decided you w
  22. Since it doesn't give her age nor does it give an age for torygg i'm assuming they may have been middle age or even early to middle (late 20's to mid 30's) but wouldn't this be closer to the original? @Varithina eventually it will be the replacement since Fore retired from modding and turned over FNIS to nexus.
  23. Not my Mod list. You put it as historically accurate as you wish. I will just skip them and put my preferred mods in their place.. 🤣 Probably why i refuse to use Nemesis. Crossing the streams is a bad idea... tends to cover people in slime..... and for the record.. my 13yr old would get that reference..
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