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  1. I'm not even sure what plant thats supposed to be.. is that a fern? try installing the skyrim 3d plants cut from the files section on the first page.
  2. Looks like it's hung up at animation start. Not really any fix i know of right now, you can tap the spacebar as few times and try to get it to move to the end phase and complete. or hit the ] key and move over a bit. That may get the animation working.
  3. wetfunction redux. If you install a skin with a "wet" or "sweaty" look wetfunction adds to it, so you get a sheen on the skin all the time,, not just after activities.. be it sex or fighting, or running across fields to try and land one hit so Aela won't chastise you for not helping to kill the fucker halfway across the map. Turn it down in the mcm and see if that helps.
  4. I'm checking out a mod called naked dungeons, have not gotten far, but the premise is that over a certain level of.. wetness.. yeah.. wetness. you are stripped of everything you have and you must kill shit with just what you find in the actual dungeon. it also has a mysgony setting for nakedness in public It could remove a few other mods (such as sleeping naked) I've only been through 2 dungeons and the first one i wasn't wet enough and the second i had all my shit stolen. i'll play with it some more and see.
  5. first. that was a 5 dollar word... holy hell.. and 2 it's not racemenu that changes her. it's bodyslide. get the carved armor on you and open the race menu and set your weight to 100. you should look body wise exactly like lydia. If you want her bigger, you need to edit bodyslide on the 100 weight to look how you want her to look, if you are going for more voluptuous, if you are going for less like a sprinter or anything smaller than full size change her npc weight. If you are going the edit bodyslide route you will then need to redo ALL of the outfits. If you bodyslide go a little over what y
  6. wait.. define super petite. like wears an a cup and looks like a sprinter in the olympics petite, or 7th- 8th place in miss universe petite. (i.e. the only things sticking out of her chest is nipple, or she has c-cup breasts but has a slim waist. you can click on her (with the console open and type {setnpcweight x} and see where that sets her (this is that degrees of change i mentioned in in an earlier post)
  7. There is a (specifically) Lydia replacer that does change her body type, (savronx is author) that you might really enjoy. lydia looks more scandinavian? you could say.. (it still uses the npc "body" but you can put aylis skin in the folder and she will use aylis skin. or change her hair. Its actually pretty amazing how you can just change the hair and eye color on aylis preset and make her look completely different) This will help differentiate lydia from every other housecarl (except rayya) as a blond heavy armor tanky girl. (Jordis seems like a blonde version of lydia tbh) The first mod i li
  8. WUt? ME? STEAL? Ya must be DAFT. It was the street urchin that just left.
  9. Not entirely true. this. this. and this. You cannot make Gerder look like a common mill worker (big, well muscled) and Carmella look like the runner up of a Miss Skyrim Pageant (bodywise) without some serious modding of the game files (races all use a "range" for that race) BUT. there are mods that edit that range to be more than the few percent the original game allows. @101jojo92 why are you wanting to re-do the bodyslides? to change your pc? no need. open the race menu and change the sliders there and it will change any outfit you put on. I mean if you want to add
  10. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/32518 light elven armor
  11. Then you will be leading the songs in the hall of his exploits. as far as screenshots
  12. @Aylis less freckles more scars.. perhaps a slightly weathered look? or ya know.. tan lines... 🤣
  13. Wow Thats just crazy, I didn't do a single thing to mine.
  14. oh and it's rustic clothing that is overwriting. not bd's so i'll be getting into outfit studio and see what i can see from the mod page... This is not a new outfit...just a retexture of the Female Redguard outfit!And I will repeat...these textures use your installed mesh. So if you dont want see through pants, then dont use a skimpy apparel replacer.However you get her to wear the Redguard outfit is on you, there are many mods out there that allow you to change NPC outfits! To get it to work put it at the top of the FINAL group. (not saying thats where it stays, but that
  15. Which mod? And could it just be moved above better vampires to fix brown faces?
  16. Give me a fewq days (been working my ass off and haven't been able to even play in a little over a week) i'll grab a screenshot of what mine looks like.
  17. Not entirely sure, From what ive gleaned there was some drama in a forum post and it turned bad. So he removed all of his files, all of his mods etc. EDIT: I was wrong, mods weren't deleted just given to LL "owners" His post is here.
  18. You should have arms from the beginning. I've never changed the ini and have both arms plus whatever clothing i'm wearing (or not) and tattoos..
  19. Pulling a modlist from wabbajack is just that, an entire mod list. It shouldn't be that hard to add mods to it. Loot only gets it mostly right if you are not doing a ton of texture overhauls, There is a guide called skyrim sse for beginners by aylis. Take a look at that full modlist and see how the sections are partitioned and why. All of the Sloot mods are in the lower half of that list just before any mods that do not need to be overwritten like quinns patches, Dyndolod textures, bodyslide creations, FNIS/Nemesis creations (which you will need to do if you add mods) I wouldn'
  20. I would put it just under DD and see how it works there and adjust accordingly as you play as far as link broken thats because yinkle deleted all files. but here you go.
  21. could it be the actual unequip animation? possibly xpmse since it adds animations for weapons? and yeah. a really dumb idea, but i don't have ctd on unequip. BUT I also don't use Nemesis. Is it possible it is something you added for that framework?
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