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  1. Plugins is what you can lock down in MO2 as well, will not stop you from moving the left pane on stuff, but the right stays put. And... Use MO2 🤣
  2. @CatGotYourTongue There is an option that if you install it it crashes, reinstall it without the special options for kats and lizards.
  3. Install whatever you like. BUT.. 1. install them as they are listed. 2. Don't run LOOT. 3. Don't run LOOT. If you have a mod you absolutely cannot do without, Use the "sections" to figure out where it goes. Don't be lazy. If you want a different armor mod, put it in the armor mods section not at the bottom. If you want a different player home mod. Put it in the AREA section where the ones here are listed. You do not need to absolutely have nemesis. I refuse to run the damn thing until the author actually fixes it to work with all the older animation mods including the ones here on LL. Probably
  4. Trust wollboi.. he messes with that farking thing far more than i do. and look in the right pane for it, not inside the files. I don't know how it works, it could be making a peudo mod to mimic the esp as a script.
  5. First, did you start skyrim through mo2 with it's own launcher? The .ini files might not be in place. (it is a step thats at the beginning of installing MO2). If not, try that first, it only takes about 2 minutes to launch it, then continue into the main screen for skyrim. If that doesn't fix it keep reading. crash on startup is one of two things. missing master, to many animations. If you are using MO2 then a missing master will throw a exception code in 3 places 1, the big triangle with a exclamation mark in the upper right of the MO2 box, the second will be in the plugins tab wit
  6. it doesn't need affect windhelm. It could be something that affects textures for signs, snow, stone, fire, embers, that something at the entrance to windhelm uses as well. it could be armor since there is a guard, 2 bruisers and a dark elf all at the entrance for the first time. along with the inn sign, the two fire pits the ice and stone and the timber. What i meant by saying it was a mod added later is to let you know shutting those off will not help fix the issue, so concentrate on the added mods first. and you can simply shut them off to find the culprit (much faster than say trying to fin
  7. It would be a mod that isn't on the list. And here's one for you.. I'm using 3 race mods, one is forest nymph, second is daughter of coldharbor, both by @Trykz the 3rd is one thats a succubus race mod. Made a succubus race PC, used the better vampires click to infect myself to become a vampire/succubus.. (little back history. the forest nymph mod until you get 3 items and forge a crown out of them you only have 2 things that like you. giants and wolves). The vampire script kicks off and now i am hated by everyone.. Unless i additem for that crown and wear the damn crown for as race i'm not...
  8. install the normal mods you want first, then add any mods and patches for those mods later (i.e. make sure the original install is working right and not messed up before you start adding more stuff)
  9. Did you happen to add in the file thats says it's for kats and argonians? This was an issue that popped up before, it started about here (about 60 pages back in the thread). Thats a new one on me, but don't forget the body is just the "paint job", skeleton and animations are the engine and tires, so it will probably be something with any animations
  10. Then yeah petty much anywhere in that area Holy hell.. dunno what happened, but my previous post was set hidden.? /shrug so i deleted it..
  11. as wollboi already said, yes. Animations as long as they are in the general area will work, they can go above and/or below the ones listed. Clothing is a little more finicky with things like re-colors or texture replacers, If you put your mod below any texture replacers then it will overwrite those textures, it may be something you want, if not, it needs to go above the replacer you want to keep, but below the actual armor you are trying to replace. unless you are simply adding in extra clothing like from sun or NINI.
  12. There may be on something like 9daemo, not on lovers lab.. here it seems it's all about what happens after the clothing comes off. 🤣
  13. I use probably half of those and do not have a form 43 error. try this and see if defeat stops saying it's form 43. SL Defeat SSE.7z It's the version of defeat i use. If it still says a form 43 error (you need to activate the game after install or close and reopen MO2) Then it's not those mods. Its something else (possible the sse engine fixes). But we can start here and keep going until the answer is found.
  14. Then you should be in the mead hall leading the song of honor for him.👩‍🎤👩‍🎤 I'll try to hold the thread down for a few days. Or, at least try to keep it from devolving into a shouting match.. 🤣
  15. Ok i see what you are asking now.. I think.. All of those are pre-done bodyslide files You can name them whatever you wish.. Eva Bodyslides. EVA Outfits. Whatever you want. But yes you start with the nude and merge the rest in. You can even name it BODYSLIDE-Output. If you use those put them in the same location as the bodyslide output in the final section (just above the two dyndolod files you will be making) All Aylis did was do all the bodyslide stuff for you. if you use another preset such as booty body, touched by dibella etc then you will need to make your own bodyslides. The reaso
  16. Short answer.. YES. and NO. Long answer... YES.. Your bodyslides are not all made to the same body preset, so bodyslide needs to be re-run to make ALL the outfits, ALL the Devious Devices... ALL the Bikini armor be exactly the same. And no.. you do not need to make a new save. You only need to clean or new save if you are removing mods. Correct, you can re-run bodyslides at any time. BUT>>> you SHOULD not be removing outfit mods.. NOTE.. REMOVE>> you can add more in if you wish.. sun jeong does great work with smp and has done a good job on re-doing the {amazi
  17. not quite. 255 total. but the 3 "was expansions but now required files" counts as 1. ALL esl files combined acts as 1 so really it's 253. install the mods in the order they are listed. no sorting DO NOT USE LOOT TO SORT THE MOD LIST> THINGS WILL GO WRONG. When it is mentioned sorting the mods it's simply saying put the .esp files IN ORDER to the top so they are the first things listed under the expansions in the right pane. Left pane is not moved at all. The ENB and Reshade is entirely optional. But they give stunning results and are highly recommended. There are a few hundred EN
  18. You don't need to install all the mods. anything listed as OPTIONAL you can bypass. They just make it look even better.. or adds some extra functions to other mods.
  19. No worries. which mods are showing a 43 plug-in error? I may be able to walk you through getting it solved Some mods you can turn off that check and poof, but the plugin 43 errors are MO2 false positives.
  20. No worries. which mods are showing a 43 plug-in error? I may be able to walk you through getting it solved.
  21. That looks like 2 things at once. the cover animation from the idles mod and the stack up for the start of a sex scene (note the little tail between his legs)
  22. Sorry i was off playing warcraft and working 14 hour days. Wbody is not the only 3bbb you can use. for nude physics you can look in bodyslide for 3bbb body amazing Thats your nude physics and collisions body for both npc and pc. if you run the cbbe body you overwrite the physics body. Did you run all of your bikini outfits through a batch build using your desired preset? When you batch build EVERYTHING (really really not suggested if you have a ton of clothes) this is the second pop up. NOTE what it says at the top. ALL of the outfits in that section overwrite each other choose one
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