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  1. Vortex can be to much hassle. If you are new to modding or IT in general. Most people on the internet (and you can see this just in these pages) want quick immediate results. So using MO2 is a way to put training wheels on them so if they do completely mess up it's not as hard to fix. Some of the people in these pages are under 18. That's a given with the laughable age check and sometimes horrific grammar (i know i'm not the best but some i've had to sit and decode with me teenagers help). People want {click click play hahaha dragon melt} not sitting at the computer for 3-5 days just downloadi
  2. the other ini files that skyrim makes is in the account holder files. something like this C:\Users\account\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition. the ini files for the profiles is in MO2/skyrim profiles/profile name.
  3. Fore did the impossible for the game at the time. But he retired and since no one is actively progressing FNIS to be the next-gen xxx animation framework of the 22nd century. It will happen. Taking FNIS and merging how Nemesis and Fnis handle the exact same animations might bring something called Nemefsis that handles ANY animation for either basic framework and makes it super easy for animators to make anything goes animations. I mean we already have almost any animation my mind could come up with, only thing missing is the multi species gangbangs from what i can tell, maybe some vore with th
  4. It dazzles them with rapidly moving small pieces of shiny metal. I swear that FNIS and Nemesis merging conglomeration you're doing is causing a stack overload. I don't use nemesis at all and use just the old FNIS and can play for days and not have a crash.
  5. this for stock armors. this is you want to look like you are being molested by a tentacle monster. (or replace the meshes in the devious devices mod) or this for some player exclusives
  6. or.. go into the bijin mod folder and rename the aio to what you need to get lydia to work.. not really the best way, but since the other mod is looking for a very specific file, it might be your only option. Or go into the scripts of the lydia mod and rename it needing the bijin_2018 to bijin_aio. Since i cant understand the scripts.. i just renamed the esp
  7. I had to make a new profile in MO2 to shoehorn it in, so no dibella quests for me. But I have yet to even make it into a delve yet. (am trying a new race and the one spell you get sucks ass.. xedit it for the win...
  8. I'm gonna check it out.. it bothered me that apparently the drauger keep torches lit forever...
  9. Hey.. you gonna leave in the topless forsworn armor then? And consider the forum you posted that in... Sloots, Sloots aplenty...
  10. Just go slow and remember, if you truly screw it up, just re-install the mod and start over.
  11. Use cathedral as the base, put everything else under it. same as the base texture re-do everything after it makes the weapons change. Another one to look at is glass armor use the optionals to make it transparent glass armor (especially the weapons) I use the red glass version, you may like it, may not..
  12. You would think so but nobody uses a api check on their mods, so a bit difference (literally a bit, 8 bits makes a byte) could be wrong and the whole thing is shit. NASA has lost alot of mission rockets due to simple errors. so it can and does happen. Often..
  13. That will throw a warning out about generating tree lods and to ignore 3rd party saying to NOT build lods. Might be worth a mention.
  14. didn't need to do every mod, you can uncheck on the left side the mod you want to shut off ( for testing new mods, or disabling mods you do not need in a particular profile) and the VFS will not load that mod. once you confirm what mod is causing the issue you can re-install that mod only or starting with that mod track down the reason (mod s is causing this issue but mod s plus mod h fixes it.) And it could be that putting that mod in manually from a fresh download was the issue, sometimes the auto download isn't complete but nexus and MO2 thinks it is. Gratz on getting it fixed. 🖖
  15. @Aylis same issue i had that i thought we had fixed a year or two ago The one i had with ALL the mannequins queuing up for.. fun time.. @cloudmc Here is a modified esp for mannequinchicks by psycho bill (mannequins revamped mod) drop it into the mod folder and see if that solves your issue. MannequinChicks.esp ( i play a lot with PSQ so i have spells that show how erm.. willing a npc is to sex. When i last had this issue all the mannequins were glowing red if i used that spell this was the esp bill gave me to try and fix it.) It should be fixed already but i dunno, there may ha
  16. ok. Did you install the aio or the manual download files for just ks hairdos? or did you download the AIO AND the manual download for only ks hairdos?
  17. Ask sun on her page. She does do requests but you might be waiting for several months. She has a huge back log of requests already. I have one in for that god awful dibella dress, and thats been 3 months now.
  18. https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/a5ou97/how_do_you_find_which_which_texture_a_specific/ how to look at which files a ref id and base id target https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/wiki/meshes_and_textures#wiki_finding_a_mesh_or_texture
  19. when you installed weight painted hair.. did you install the AIO? Did you install the optional files for kats and lizards? if either answer is yes go back and install the correct file, and do not use the optional file. Manually download the ks hairdos file from the main. Mod list does NOT have apache skyhair. If you installed it, there is a workaround for both that does not use the AIO. And for profiles it should be in the profiles folder of MO2 unless you changed the settings inside MO2
  20. Where exactly is this (open the mcm and go to dyndolod there is a tab that will give you the coordinates) screenshot it and post. I'll see what mine shows in the area. and normally you can screenshot with the print screen button on your keyboard. and whiule you are at that location. get right up to it and open the console. (better to do it in 1st person) and click said wall. numbers will pop up. write them down, that will be the games tile file for that texture.
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