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  1. I use profiles because i use many more mods than aylis has on her mod list, They are based on the race that is active, i use an aedra race, it requires flying mod and animated wings, that puts my esp count at 256 if i leave the other race mods active, But if i only have the specific races on it keeps it at 254 esp count I also use 2 races from trykz, one is daughter of coldharbour, thats a vampire race, so i have a better vampire lord transformation that goes with it. second race is a forest nymph, who is rather short in stature (kid sized) but doesn't need anything special to make it work.
  2. @Aylis i was only able to play an hour yesterday, none today yet. But just that hour still feels like something is off in the game, the invert axis has me not aiming right( i use a controller like i'm flying, up is down down is up) and it won't switch, vehicle driving seems like a cheap GTA knock off from wish. But yeah, even with the issues, it's still kinda fun.
  3. @wollboi is correct, i guess it bothers me in that regard since it would seem to concentrate that model look to 2-3 cities (Riverbend, Solitude, and Whiterun) with the odd good looking one elsewhere (Riften) rather than taking this one store clerk in some little shit hole and making her just as easily the 10/10 even though you might see her 2-3 times your entire playthrough. Kinda like seeing Alexis Texas or Bree Olson at the local whataburger (i'm from Texas, so are the two pornstars mentioned and so is whataburger.)
  4. Yes. your first screen is correct, and now since they are turned off you can go in and hide them, then they will not show up, and yes the first one for the original AIO. Then almost all the NPC's look like should be in the miss skyrim pageant.
  5. alright, mine does not show the disabled ESP's (i hide them) I'll show you how to hide them. right click the mod and at the bottom click information. so now it shows general info about the mod. click the Optional esp tab at the top. we now see the esp for that mod. (mine is on the left already, it will be on the right on yours.) Click it and either drag it or click the bottom arrow to move it to an optional esp, once you do that it disappears from the right side. under plug-ins, it's a way to clean up your mods. You can merge all 4 together if you wanted to, and make the
  6. Body type mods go where they are now, you mentioned new bodyslides, is this a mod of outfits you need to make bodyslides for, or the bodyslides you made? If it's the first it still goes in armor section, if the latter it's 4th from the bottom with FNIS/Nemesis below that, Dyndolod Textures below that and your very last mod will be the Dyndolod output. I tend to use different races (@Trykz has some really awesome races.) I really should check up on and see if there are new versions of the ones i use. I use MHIYH just so i can paark all of the people in one fucking house and not go to a million
  7. Since i can't remember several thousand mod names and their initials, sure, lets go with putting it before. And yeah followers after mhiyh. Any housing or build your own town mods go at the bottom of area, Although Blackthorn takes some moving another mod up to get it where the landscape doesn't put half the town under a hill. And to be honest i do not remember what mod was changing that area i had to move or remove. so mileage may vary out of the gate.
  8. Use Improved Camera. it has an MCM you can change all that stuff, you can also try looking down, hold your stealth key and wheelmouse out, or use num pad 3 and unlock the camera move it around and lock it again. Edit, i looked again, It does not have an MCM but it also doesn't require patches for your armor.
  9. Before i started using this guide, i could get maybe 150 mods into a semi stable working order using LOOT, (hourly or bihourly CTD) i knew that you shouldn't just throw them into MO2 or NMM all willy nilly, but, also no true guidance. there was no true guide for someone who has done zero modding. This attempts to combat that. And getting someone from point a to point c while they are doing their best to go to point z and they still get it mostly right, but gain knowledge, maybe not of how each mod works but enough that they can self diagnose the mod setup and usually fix it themselves is a wi
  10. You don't speak the 'murica fluently enough.. Its not the guide is to hard to follow, but people have been reading things on places like nexus, or here (not exactly this thread) and thinking that is is WAY harder than it actually is. I.E. people are over thinking. They see Mt Everest when it's actually just a hill. Preconceptions from moving over from NMM or being scared they will completely bork something causes them to think so.
  11. You can, copy everything inside the MO2 folders. You'll need a big jump drive.
  12. You start with the first step in any journey. The load order is already done on this list, you just install the mods in order. DyndoLOD messed with me at first as well, The bashed patches and such were added recently. My suggestion. Don't do it or add the mods you must bash. skip them. Add only what you want or you feel you need. The basics for MO2 and (i'm assuming) vortex can be found on youtube. Gamerpoets videos will help you get MO2 setup to start. iIf you ojly go as far as getting Skyrim and Fallout 4 modded and playing without all the extra stuff like bashed patches without learni
  13. There is nothing wrong with Vortex, it's just more labor intensive than MO2 to get it to play with this mod list correctly. Vortex uses LOOT to sort your mods as you add them Not me as OP. Aylis. so let me put it out there in big BOLD AND CAPS LOCK. This thread is called SKYRIM SE FOR BEGINNERS. Vortex's own pages states it uses LOOT even to autosort. It's INTERGRATED. I would hope you understand what that means.. if not.. From Mirriam Webster.. characterized by integration.. Well ok, not a very good definition.. wait.. intergration is a hyperlink, lets see where it goes. Oh. here
  14. @Aylis doesn't painted lady color the pubic hairs, the ones i use are overlays and can be changed, i realize it's on npc but can't the color spectrum be changed in mcm?
  15. no.. 1mb TOTAL for non premium. So however many mods you are downloading is split between however many you have going at the same time. newest download will get priority. I paid 50 pounds for a lifetime membership.. simply because i ain't got time for that. Plus it's honestly worth it for just 50. so far time wise i would have spent 3-400 in lost time sitting here watching a download at 1mb. choice is up to you, i bought it a year ago and have re-downloaded this list 3 times, and my own "must have" mods at least twice in that time. I get more mad about the wait 10 sec this site mak
  16. I use a controller, it was left or right trigger to equip, left to left, right to right. If it worked. i ent back to left hand rings because it didn't do fancy ass shit. it just made left hand thumb rings. if you want stealth or ... dammit.. i forgot what the other school was.. starts with an A.. Anyway, you can get toe rings by trykz, faire warning, wear flat boots or the rings show up above your boots without toes.
  17. @RAIC might i suggest you stop with vortex unless you are a serious modder and want to spend days modifying Vortex with rules and groups and instead use Mod Organizer 2? There is nothing wrong with Vortex, it's just more labor intensive than MO2 to get it to play with this mod list correctly. Vortex uses LOOT to sort your mods as you add them. MO2 does not, this list is in a very specific order to get the results wanted. (if aylis will ever stop tweaking on it) that is in theory easy for both beginners and experienced modders to use as a very stable list for adding in other mods while still gi
  18. Try shutting off reshade and see if said hunter still has a dirt brown ass..
  19. Then it would be mirror polished and have crayon debris on the chest.. 🤣
  20. wait.. which one was i using or had used? i use the venerable and outdated MNC 12_1 and immersive creatures, i think 1 in 20 won't have the equipment but sometimes thats because they are actually female. Like the horse i have.. hit N to see arousal and it's SHE doesn't like you etc etc. The random bodyslide for others is in game, or i'm missing something. You generate the body you want, racemenu takes said body and turns it into variations based on the weight thats hard coded in the game files for said female. Lydia is a 100. Jordis is a 75 or 50 i believe. The only npc that doesn't follow is
  21. or open the outfit in bodyslide. (it might be the boots missing the mesh) and add a reference to it using a standard cbbe body. Then the missing body is back.
  22. If you are running DCL (deviously cursed loot) it will not work properly with quick loot, they both use script hooks to activate and are not compatible in any shape form or fashion per the DCL pages.
  23. What i've noticed is some armor mods actually have a couple of script hooks in them for SMP to work, clear them out with xedit and you get the infinite mesh streaking issue. A few armor mods not from LL or nexus do that, I have not had an issue with ctd running them, but they are usually nice enough to warn you that if you install that armor on the playthrough you will not be able to turn the mod back off unless you are creating a new save. I think thats what it said.. google translate is sketch at best with mandarin, enough you can kinda see what they are saying. So yeah, i can see where the
  24. Dyndolod is pretty straight forward if you don't read the mods directions and do it as listed in the first page of this thread. install dyndolod where you choose except into c:/program files (or x86 either). 2. associate the texgen and dyndolod exe files to shortcuts inside mo2. 3. run the texgen exe. 4. use 7zip to pack that into a file and install as a mod into mo2. make sure to activate it. 5. run the dyndolod exe file and right click the little box with the different worlds and select all. click medium rules and finally generate. 6.pack that output into a 7zip file and install exactly the
  25. Considering MFG Fix is used solely for facial expressions i would put forth the theory it's sexlab causing a hook and ctd through mfg fix. What happens if you shut off sexlab and flower girls (and all mods needing them) and climb the same hill with mfg fix still on?
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