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  1. are you trying to multicore skyrim? you could just ask.. Here's my skyrimpref ini i use to multicore and yes they are in the right spots and you forgot trees, and shaders.. and decals.. skyrimprefs.ini
  2. here's your error and edit the profile ini under mo2/skyrim profiles/default (or if you have multiple profiles edit one then copy paste to the rest
  3. What promotion thing? for CP or Death Stranding?.. Ahh i see, Death Stranding got some CP stuff.. Ok cool, now back to seeing if i can get amputator framework to ya know.. actually work...
  4. Not really, I've also been playing the destroy all humans remake, and some in fallout 4. @Aylis norman reedus is one the actors that does walking dead plays the char darrel i believe, and also voices the main char in death stranding
  5. Yeah... I'm not near that level, but i did just kidnap the guy from the transport. Looks like i need to stop with the main missions and do all side quests
  6. I use BD's but since i want the glass glass texture it's above that and where the hell did my spoiler box go?? ahh well..
  7. HA! did you get the epic dildo? My corp girl is full blown beat the hell out of them, and she uses the epic dildo 🤣
  8. I don't see why not, but you will need to go back through all the mods and get any patches for it, updates, etc, the main mod would go in area.
  9. Which background did you run with, my first attempt was the nomad, second was corpo, Doing better as a corpo since it pops up better options (to me) to bypass the all powerful corp operations and playbook.
  10. @wollboi made a video on how to mate them together, do you have animal animations in any of your animation packs? if you do are they now static or are they moving? if they are static it's an issue with FNIS, even if you are not using the animations they exist, and issues will cause a t-pose which for animals is they are static and float along the ground without moving. wollboi also mentions that nemesis also might not work right the first time, and he has to run it several times. Did you try it just once, or multiple times until you get the correct output you needed?
  11. Ahh one of those bugs.. so it can be chalked up to.. Bugthesda
  12. happen to have a sound replacer as well? you can certanly try out the theory, uncheck the immersive first person view mod and go get something to smack you around while you block, if you crash.. not that mod. I would look at every aspect of the trigger. theres animation, there is also sound. did you add in a sound replacer. It could be effects of the weapon hitting the shield. Only foolproof way is to shut off mods until you don't ctd then turn them back on until you do, and it just takes lots of time , but once you get them figured out, unless you are swapping mods like a racer swaps parts af
  13. what mods from your LE game did you add? turn those off rerun fnis/nemesis. usually if it is a repeatable crash it's something missing, so blocking would be animations, since it's tied into doing a specific keypress make sure whatever block tweak or mechanic you have isn't the culprit.
  14. that is why it is highly recommended you first install only what is on the list. Then go adding and tweaking after. And what profiles are good for. Profile 1 stock mod list. profile 2, added/changed mods. If it will load into the jail cell with just the stock mods you know it's something you added. Glad you got it figured out. I'll see if @Ayliswill change the first page to include the warning to only add the mods listed, change mods based on likes afterwards.
  15. Dyndolod is an external program. install it somewhere other than in your mods folder. mine is in the MO2 folder. Youtube Gamerpoets has most vids you will need to correctly install things like dyndolod, skse, etc without an hour long video
  16. This isn't NMM, unchecking the box is all you need to do to find the mod. Right click for the pop-up, all mods, disable all.. you should then renable the 3 cleaned files i gave aylis thats in the files section. get skyrim working at that point through MO2. Then enable mods and test as you go until you keep getting ctd. I enable or disable 10 at a time, unless it is a mod that needs a master that's later in the list Then i'll just enable the master as well.
  17. leave dyndolod off, just the bottom 2 is fine (i think). Make sure there are no errors (sometimes just launching an exe then closing it without doing anything helps) And no, not a clean install.. just the messed up mod. although with it saying skyrimse.exe have steam verify game files and you should be good. It skips LAL because to skse from the folder it doesn't exist. Double check your exe for MO2 points to the correct skse. (it's either gamers poets or gopher on youtube that will show you how. I believe its for skyrim LE but the way it's done is identical. ) Does MO2 show any notifications?
  18. 3BBB is added "on the fly" while you play. For it to work it has to have smp or 3ba outfits and your best nude body is 3bbb amazing to work well. it can do it with the standard outfits but not exactly as you may want. You can simply choose the preset you like (i actually use legendary booty body, it has a ton more presets {ok ok, most are not what would be considered in this day and age as realistic}.. anyway.. since all females are based on what you build {lydia for example is weight 100 and Jordis is weight 50} it will work without any extra input, conversions, or worry. (note.. the only exc
  19. correctly get "thight" at the center like it .. uh.. better explanation please... How would you describe it to your dad, or grandfather, or grandmother, or anyone old and unhip and still doesn't understand why words like thot are a thing.
  20. Mine is {Bodyslide outputs}. Bodyslide makes generated files. So yes you need to right click after running bodyslide and create mod. If you really want to bump your mod count, Make bodyslide mods for groups rather than one mod to hold them all. (there is zero benefit.. none to doing it, other than you can) like {bodyslide DD, Bodyslide heavy armor, bodyslide clothing} etc. Any time you have the warning that you have files in the overwrite (fuz-ro-duh makes a script hook every time you run the game and it's mod list specific, that one i just drag the files to skse scripts you made when you inst
  21. When you get done running anything that creates files MO2 puts those created files into the OVERWRITE folder, In the MO2 interface its locked in all the way at the bottom. and if you have anything in that folder you will get the warning icon lit up on the top right. The very first time you run bodyslide/fnis/nemesis it puts created files into that folder. open the overwrite and drag the files to the mod you named nemesis (or right click the overwrite and create mod).
  22. I use profiles because i use many more mods than aylis has on her mod list, They are based on the race that is active, i use an aedra race, it requires flying mod and animated wings, that puts my esp count at 256 if i leave the other race mods active, But if i only have the specific races on it keeps it at 254 esp count I also use 2 races from trykz, one is daughter of coldharbour, thats a vampire race, so i have a better vampire lord transformation that goes with it. second race is a forest nymph, who is rather short in stature (kid sized) but doesn't need anything special to make it work.
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