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  1. 19 hours ago, LeavingUrBag said:

    Any advice for the game failing to launch? I've got no clue where to get an output from NMM to diagnose the issue, but everything was running up until the NPC section (I didn't run any more test saves after then)

    as in failure to even get the loading screen?  did you install the rest of the mods or stop after each section and try to launch? there are a few mods that are high up on the list that require a mod further down in the LL section. (sexlab to be exact) that if all needed masters are not there it causes a CTD. If it just acts like it is endless loading you have to many animations for FNIS. as far as NMM i've never used it, but you stated it worked up until AREA was completed, and I'll add something thats in the first post. DO NOT USE LOOT TO SORT. However.. Using LOOT to see if any masters are missing? You can do that.

  2. 20 hours ago, Aylis said:



    You got quite a few mods in there that are not in the list. Maybe you should at first try to follow the list closely before adding/changing mods.


    Also FNIS is either in the wrong spot or missing.




    21 hours ago, vlastilin02 said:

    game crash after 10-15 min and sometimes crash when i load safe. what could be the problem? Here is my loadlist.


    my pc: Intel Core i5-9400F OEM. RTX 2060, 16gb ram

    loadorder.txt 6.67 kB · 3 downloads modlist.txt 14.58 kB · 1 download

    His Fnis is about halfway down. In notepad you can "find" under the edit tab. 


    Your load order is way out of order. There are 3 creation club mods at the top as well. (you can make those manageable mods BTW, just takes some time. Go into the creation club and unsubscribe from them ({i would write them down so i can find them again} exit the game, clear out your overwrite. relaunch your game after CC removes those mods. go find 1 just 1 yes JUST 1. re-subscribe. Let CC do it's thing. exit. all of the CC files will now be in your overwrite. right click "create mod" name it whatever the mod name is in the CC. activate it. re-launch game. Unsubscribe from that mod and subscribe to the next one. repeat until you have your 3 mods and just unsubscribe from them all inside the creation club)

    Right click the LEFT pane and disable all. Put them in order the EXACT way they are here DO NOT LET LOOT SORT FOR YOU!!!!! After you put this mod list in order you can start putting your other mods where they fit best (armor in the armor, weapons in weapons/effects, Sloot/Lovers Lab stuff in that category. Then click each little box one by one until they are all active (or the ones you want are active anyway) Also, do not get slick and try right clicking the left pane and activate all. it will not put them in order. after they are all active start on the right pane for plugins. drag all the esm mods up to the top( if you drag it a few slots and let go it should go up until if finds another esm then it will go just above it. drag it back just below that esm and hold shift and drag both esm mods up, it will keep jumping to the next esm. keep them in order as best you can. after you do all that. Re-run  DynDoLOD, make those, (Remember to turn off the 2 at the bottom) Then Wrye Bash and make your bashed patch. 

  3. 5 hours ago, DarkDragoon197 said:

    Can anyone confirm if they got the slavetats mcm with this LO,  mine doesn't show but tats applies normally?  Also been getting the riften CTD bug agine anywhere around the outside, inside a building cell is just fine

    I use slavetats exhaustively (dibellian defender needs it and rutah made some really nice norse themed tattoos in addition to his original tattoos. In the MCM it might take a minute to load the tattoos but an actual menu option called slavetats should be there. This is the one i use SlaveTats-1.3.0-beta-2 SE.7z and if you are ussing sanguines debauchery you also need SlaveTatsEventsBridge SE v0.1b.7z so sanguine can apply his rose tattoo to your ass, and you get the whip and cane marks.


  4. 57 minutes ago, AceMuffins said:

    Can't seem to find it anywhere, only found a list of mods that are not compatible with the pack, nothing about the mods that break if you use the latest Skyrim version

    oh. It's at the bottom of the 1st post. ATM everything in the mod list is compatible with the current skyrim build as bethesda has stopped updating for quite awhile, however if bethesda does update then everything in the SKSE section breaks along with any mods stating they will break if the version is updated. 



    Since the lead in says CAN BE IGNORED. There are no issues with the current build and all listed mods are compatible with the current build.  

  5. 9 hours ago, AceMuffins said:

    My question was probably asked a thousand times already, but I haven't seen one yet, so...

    What mods are incompatible with the latest version, exactly? I looked through the list provided, compared it with yours and I found none that are problematic, did I search badly?
    The only reason for me asking this is because the tutorial linked does not work, it gives me a "Manifest not available" error, the only fix for which seems to be a program to which you have to give your steam username, password and 2FA code. I'm sure you understand why I decided not to use the program unless I'm 100% sure that it will be necessary.

    further down on page 1 there are a few that are absolute no-no's. and i'll check on the tutorial thing, it should have been a video if i'm not mistaken. But i'll check it.

    are you talking about the tutorial video here?



    i clicked the link and it is still a youtube video in installing MO2. "print screen" on your keyboard takes screenshots (only take one at at time) and CTRL+V will paste that screenshot (also use a spoiler tag so screenshots don't become a wall of photos please)

  6. On 1/6/2021 at 7:44 AM, großjager said:

    I am trying follow your guide but I have one big question.  When you say "always install the mods in the same order they are listed", are speaking of the order in the mods list you provided?  I assume so but before I was a lot of time I wanted to be sure.

    Yes. in that specific order. Are those exact mods required.. no. However if you replace mod S with mod G, make sure it's in the same spot. If you don't want to use a mod, skip it. If you go back later and add that mod, make sure to put it where it is in the load order.

  7. On 1/1/2021 at 12:44 PM, milestream said:

    Thanks for the guide! I followed all the steps and the game seems to run fine. I had a couple of questions for clarification.

    1. If I install additional SL mods not on the modlist would I need to re-run BodySlider, FNIS/Nemesis, TexGen/DynDOLOD, and Wyre?
    2. CBEE should I install the additional mods for ".tri" files?
    3. BodySlider batch build on the final page do I choose all the 3BBB options? 
    4. I did test runs of the game "coc riverwood" every few milestones while installing mods, I noticed during one run the NPC breasts were larger and had more physics during dialogue but in the final version it is less noticeable. Is this normal?
    5. I tested Physics & Animation with a new character, in cell, stripped, jumped and had breasts jiggle is this what should be expected?


    1a. If you add animations then you need to re-run FNIS/Nemesis.

    1b. If you add ANY clothing and you want to see it in game, you need to re-run bodyslide.

    2. TRI files are the whole outfit, and how the entire outfit looks when.. well the entire outfit is worn. Take nocturnals embrace by sunjeong. it has multiple parts that do not look right as individual pieces, but as soon as the last piece is put on all the clipping in the pants and top disappears. so yeah add in the 3bbb files for them.

    3. if you want the bounce. you can also go to the far right in outfit manager and type in 3bb and it will filter out all outfits without 3bbb in the name (makes batch building easier)

    4. NPC breasts are based on your built body. I don't have a list of what npc uses what weight for size, Lydia is a 100. Jordis is a 75, Camilla is a 25-30. So if you make a body with huge pendulous breasts it will translate to the NPCs. Only exception is the only female werewolf in the game. Aela. If you added one mod that does x and another mod after that reduces x then yes it would be normal. Final install is all that matters. (probably what they are wearing changed the physics)

    5. Um. yes. unless you made a male and had the super bouncy breasts. 

  8. On 1/1/2021 at 9:24 AM, Jessica_Degurechaff said:

    Hey, i have a question more in the general sense of things that anything else.

    Whenever i install ANY new mod, do i need to make a bashed patch again? are the 6 final overwrites tied to each other? (as in: if i made a new Bodyslide overwrite do i also need to make a new bashed? and if i make a new bashed do i need to make a new Textgen and dyndolod?  or they are independant to each other?

    yes and no.

    (keep in mind i don't use bashed) 

    if you just add armor then no, you do not need to make a new dyndolod set, in theory you should, since it does all the lighting and shadows in texgen for armor and such, needed, no., but if you add/remove a whole city, yes, you need to run dyndolod and texgen, If all you did was change the "body" (i.e. Huge ass breasts compared to normal sized ones) no, bodyslide is all you need to do. You are not changing the "wrapper" you are changing the candy bar inside, but it's still the same wrapper. 

  9. 5 hours ago, wollboi said:

    @jaeos I'm using my TV with resolution 3840x2160. Nothing is changing it on its own. If I leave the iSize to the default 1920x1080 the framerate jumps to 100, so it's definitely running it at the resolution I specified.


    @Varithina Maybe that's what's going on. The TV supports 120Hz, but over HDMI I think you can only get 60Hz at 4K? Hmm, but other games do work at around 60.

    could always half it and run at 2k (2560 x 1440) to see where your frames are at and because it's a tv might try the official cinema resolution (2048 x 1080). in theory it shouldn't have an issue running it in 4k at 60 frames, did you also tweak the nvidia settings in the control panel?

  10. 1 hour ago, wollboi said:

    @Aylis Agreed.


    Sooo I'm an idiot. Been using MO2 forever without actually knowing it is set by default to use the ini files for the default profile instead of the ones from My Documents. So I'd been updating ini files that my game wasn't using. Fun.


    But now that I've switched to my monitor's 4k resolution in the correct ini files, my framerate drops from 100+ down to 30 or below. It specifically drops when I change the iSize settings. Any ideas? I'm running an RTX 2080 with 32 GB RAM and an i9-9900K so I don't think this should be happening.

    how big is the monitor? did you set your isize to those values? and make it read-only so autodetect doesn't change it to 1080

  11. 31 minutes ago, mknn said:

    IT WORKED! I'm always amazed when that happens with this game ... but it's up and running! Whoo hoo!


    Question: it looks like my various mod settings via the MCM did not transfer over. If that is stored in a single place, it's probably worth moving it over; if it is scattered in different storage, I'll just reset it mod by mod. Ideas?

    It wouldn't let me edit my post, the mcm settings should be baked into the saves you have, or you could grab the json settings from your skse mod from the old laptop 




  12. 14 minutes ago, mknn said:

    IT WORKED! I'm always amazed when that happens with this game ... but it's up and running! Whoo hoo!


    Question: it looks like my various mod settings via the MCM did not transfer over. If that is stored in a single place, it's probably worth moving it over; if it is scattered in different storage, I'll just reset it mod by mod. Ideas?

    define mod settings? like the json settings for sexlab? or mod order?

  13. 6 hours ago, Jessica_Degurechaff said:

    oh yeah, it was just an example since i noticed all the "added/changed" things where that way, on  a different spot.

    Just checked the inis in comparizon to yours, thank ya.

    On another order of things, what is multicore? its literally that? allow Skyrim to use more of my CPU? I activate that by just coping those inis you shared?

    Yes, SE was "optimized" for using multicore threading, but, the ini is what tells the game engine to use those extra cores

  14. 6 minutes ago, Just Don't said:

    If you copied everything properly and edited the file paths in MO2 to the new game/MO folders you should be fine. I remember replying to you with the exact folders to copy and which things to edit. I think your issue is changing the loadorder/modlist order in the process. That info is in the txt files inside your profile folder, you don't need to do it by hand or try to remember it.

      Reveal hidden contents



    It depends, are you using the MO profile specific ini setting or not? To check this click in the Profiles button in the top bar and check if the "Use profile-specific Game INI Files" is enabled or not.

    • enabled: you must edit the ini files in your "...\profiles\<profile name>" folder.
    • disabled: you must edit the ini files in your "...\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition".



    i forgot the profile in the documents folder thanks for the reminder 

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