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  1. it's sunsprite. your chosen enb preset was not installed correctly. you only have the base enb and not the rest thats from nexus
  2. as in failure to even get the loading screen? did you install the rest of the mods or stop after each section and try to launch? there are a few mods that are high up on the list that require a mod further down in the LL section. (sexlab to be exact) that if all needed masters are not there it causes a CTD. If it just acts like it is endless loading you have to many animations for FNIS. as far as NMM i've never used it, but you stated it worked up until AREA was completed, and I'll add something thats in the first post. DO NOT USE LOOT TO SORT. However.. Using LOOT to see if any masters are m
  3. It's better. Mine is alot different because i don't follow the exact list. You did skip alot of the specialized texture mods, but unimportant. You should see less crashes now anyway.
  4. LOL This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Please choose a different delivery location. Gotta love the way america won't let you buy any alcohol unless it's from a licensed distributer
  5. Oh yeah.... @Aylis I need you to come get your weather.. It's drunk and gallivanting across my state.. 🤣 We are not prepared for -17c weather....
  6. His Fnis is about halfway down. In notepad you can "find" under the edit tab. Your load order is way out of order. There are 3 creation club mods at the top as well. (you can make those manageable mods BTW, just takes some time. Go into the creation club and unsubscribe from them ({i would write them down so i can find them again} exit the game, clear out your overwrite. relaunch your game after CC removes those mods. go find 1 just 1 yes JUST 1. re-subscribe. Let CC do it's thing. exit. all of the CC files will now be in your overwrite. right click "create mod" name it whatever t
  7. That one is using the ayilis face with hair and eyes changed, using rutah tatoos (i don't think i had dibellian defender on her at the time) the race is daughter of coldharbor by trykz.
  8. What can i say, even the animals have O faces.. 🤣 i did add in a second image after i posted just the one
  9. @wollboi have you had any issues with skyrim just freezing in random damn places? Mines usually shortly after cell change though, but it could be immediate, or within 90 seconds.(abandoned cottage in riverwood to the inn)
  10. I use slavetats exhaustively (dibellian defender needs it and rutah made some really nice norse themed tattoos in addition to his original tattoos. In the MCM it might take a minute to load the tattoos but an actual menu option called slavetats should be there. This is the one i use SlaveTats-1.3.0-beta-2 SE.7z and if you are ussing sanguines debauchery you also need SlaveTatsEventsBridge SE v0.1b.7z so sanguine can apply his rose tattoo to your ass, and you get the whip and cane marks.
  11. oh. It's at the bottom of the 1st post. ATM everything in the mod list is compatible with the current skyrim build as bethesda has stopped updating for quite awhile, however if bethesda does update then everything in the SKSE section breaks along with any mods stating they will break if the version is updated. Since the lead in says CAN BE IGNORED. There are no issues with the current build and all listed mods are compatible with the current build.
  12. further down on page 1 there are a few that are absolute no-no's. and i'll check on the tutorial thing, it should have been a video if i'm not mistaken. But i'll check it. are you talking about the tutorial video here? i clicked the link and it is still a youtube video in installing MO2. "print screen" on your keyboard takes screenshots (only take one at at time) and CTRL+V will paste that screenshot (also use a spoiler tag so screenshots don't become a wall of photos please)
  13. Yes. in that specific order. Are those exact mods required.. no. However if you replace mod S with mod G, make sure it's in the same spot. If you don't want to use a mod, skip it. If you go back later and add that mod, make sure to put it where it is in the load order.
  14. OK. 1a. If you add animations then you need to re-run FNIS/Nemesis. 1b. If you add ANY clothing and you want to see it in game, you need to re-run bodyslide. 2. TRI files are the whole outfit, and how the entire outfit looks when.. well the entire outfit is worn. Take nocturnals embrace by sunjeong. it has multiple parts that do not look right as individual pieces, but as soon as the last piece is put on all the clipping in the pants and top disappears. so yeah add in the 3bbb files for them. 3. if you want the bounce. you can also go to the far right in outfit manager and
  15. yes and no. (keep in mind i don't use bashed) if you just add armor then no, you do not need to make a new dyndolod set, in theory you should, since it does all the lighting and shadows in texgen for armor and such, needed, no., but if you add/remove a whole city, yes, you need to run dyndolod and texgen, If all you did was change the "body" (i.e. Huge ass breasts compared to normal sized ones) no, bodyslide is all you need to do. You are not changing the "wrapper" you are changing the candy bar inside, but it's still the same wrapper.
  16. could always half it and run at 2k (2560 x 1440) to see where your frames are at and because it's a tv might try the official cinema resolution (2048 x 1080). in theory it shouldn't have an issue running it in 4k at 60 frames, did you also tweak the nvidia settings in the control panel?
  17. how big is the monitor? did you set your isize to those values? and make it read-only so autodetect doesn't change it to 1080
  18. i edited and posted a screenshot of where mine are. you created it when things like fuzroduh made a file in overwrite, whatever that mod is named, thats the one you need.
  19. It wouldn't let me edit my post, the mcm settings should be baked into the saves you have, or you could grab the json settings from your skse mod from the old laptop
  20. define mod settings? like the json settings for sexlab? or mod order?
  21. Yes, SE was "optimized" for using multicore threading, but, the ini is what tells the game engine to use those extra cores
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