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  1. Ah, just noticed that you got back to this and caught up. Nice stuff. I remember the first time I tried to make Skyrim as hard as possible, Conjuration was the most valuable tool you could use(other than spitroasting the AI between you and the navmesh). The force multiplier and more importantly, the tanking capability of a summon is very powerful. Illusion seems to be the second best, with calm and especially frenzy spells. But those are circumstantially applicable while Conjuration always just works. I'm not sure if you explained it earlier, but what specific mod are you applying to rais
  2. Good stuff again. But one observation. When I read the first chapter, each of the comic pages ran down the page in a single column. I don't know if that was my browser or your formatting, but I see it's different now, a two pages spread open presentation. I think this is better, but I think you can mess with the borders a bit to get a little better clarity. You seem to have a consistent three panels , or three rows of panels per page so that consistency is helpful, but at the start of this post I had to pause for a moment and think about where I'm reading left to right and when I'm supposed
  3. malvic

    Go Llamas!

    Good stuff. Befriending the dweeb to get the older sister/mom is a story as old as time itself, it never really gets old. Visually good work with the comic format too.
  4. Yeah the added effects to the images area really high quality, though I think there could stand to be a few less of them in some frames. Really improved a tremendous amount since the first episode for sure. I also think you're doing a particularly good job portraying the lewd act with a creature as specific to the creature. The dog's behaving like a dog and it has dog bits that work as dog bits do. A lot of people just slap together characters with beasts in animations and kinda leave it at that. Keep up the good work.
  5. That's all horseshit dude. Modding has a long tradition of being something done for free for the community. All of the biggest modding projects have all been freely available. The majority of video game modding took place well before reliable paywall services like patreon(or Bethesda's creation club) were in place to be used. Monetization perhaps encourages more people to mod as a job, and perhaps has yielded more mods overall in theory, but I'd argue that it has resulted in less mods for the community, and it has certainly resulted in fewer good mods. Because paywalls
  6. Remodding Skyrim at the moment myself. Stick with Mod Organizer, no reason to use anything else. Check out TES general's site they have a decent arrangement of mods of different categories. Try to set up your install without any chunky gameplay mods, then just try what seems cool one at a time.
  7. Remodding Skyrim at the moment myself. Stick with Mod Organizer, no reason to use anything else. Check out TES general's site they have a decent arrangement of mods of different categories. Try to set up your install without any chunky gameplay mods, then just try what seems cool one at a time.
  8. There's a LE helmet hider mod from 2012, isn't really anything new.
  9. It's both a very strange and very understandable issue. A pursuit which is (or at least, was once but let's forget about the patreon career makers to simplify things) entirely selfless obviously requires a high level of dedication. Hobbies are fun and sharing them with others are fun, but motivation isn't consistent and your relationship with your peers might rapidly sour. And that sort of stuff can easily lead to people deleting their mods. Spite, a form of closure if an individual feels guilty for making a commitment and not meeting it, or merely it just growing to be an annoying reminder of
  10. Has been a month but I saw this as it'd recently been commented on. It's really good stuff, a playthrough of this style is nothing I've done before, instead usually focusing on one mod or another rather than them all bundled together to make life particularly horrible. But it does highly motivate me to get back into Skyrim. Good stuff, regardless of if there's more or not.
  11. Woah it got dark. I didn't expect that but I think I'm more interested now. Good stuff.
  12. Pretty good stuff, I like it enough to offer some constructive criticism. Wearing the gloves throughout the scene is a bit silly, especially as they're not present in the dressing up screenshots at the end and you could probably cut a number of screenshots throughout as sometimes they're a bit too similar to one another. Other than that, pretty good.
  13. Fashion advice was well applied. What's the outfit?
  14. https://store.steampowered.com/app/72850/The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim/ It's still there, they just unlist it so as to direct people towards the version that makes them a bit more money. You can also do a search on a bunch of other online retailers and likely find Legendary Edition keys. I have no clue about FNIS or what it can or can't do in regards to different copies of the game, I've only ever played a legitimate LE copy. There are quite a few mods that you'll see on LE and not on SE. But usually very specific mods. Basic cosmetic mods should generally e
  15. I'm happy to hear that you're planning some stuff for CK3. I can't say that Paradox inspires confidence in me these days, I'm a bit afraid it'll be quite awhile before CK3 justifies its existence over CK2. But I think it will get there. It certainly seems far more mod friendly by design which is pretty great. Stuff like an absence of societies, plus heresy and religion customization and apparently more support for characters of different sexual orientations are I assume what you're referring to when you say Lesbocracy isn't warranted. With that said, I do hope that the pa
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