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  1. Great update, thanks ! There are two "S tutu v2.package" now. One is in the last non patreon update and one in an older update but I don't know wich one.
  2. This looks great, thanks ! I'm interested too in having one channel for both types of videos but it seems we cannot download the file anymore. Is it still working ?
  3. First, thanks again for the amazing work. For the colors I was looking at saloon girls outfit that made me think of yours. They often use 2 colors and always with black and the other color being whatever color (pink, red, blue...etc) like this picture. But it looks alot like German maid outfit too which i think it is. In the pictures, they use 3 colors like White for the breast, Black for the corset and red for the skirt, just an example.
  4. Great work as always. Thank you !?
  5. Thanks for the update, always a great stuff. I love how your creations are true 3d and not something just "painted" on the skin. And I do want to see more futa, never enough clothes for futa ? I have a question. Is it possible to have a futa bulge we can use for example for leggings or underwear/bikini so we can use female clothes from vanilla or mods and still have a bulge for the futanari characters ? I mean i'm not asking you to do it but maybe it's something it already exists ?
  6. Waah Thanks a lot for your work. I really enjoy it. Can't wait to see every time what's next ?
  7. Oh sorry. I don't know why it disappeared. It was fine when i posted it but now i can't see it too. I'll put 2 differents pictures in spoiler, one is a link, i don't know how to make the picture appear.
  8. Oh thank you very much for the update !
  9. Great, that explain everything and it's working now. Thank you ! ?
  10. Hello sstormyy, I can't find this outfit anymore. I was using it and one day when launching my game, I got the message "Some content are not in the game anymore", something like that and when I checked, the outfit was not in CAS anymore. I redownloaded everything from Futa file but nothing again. I don't know if i'm the only one. Can somebody check if he has the outfit in his game please ?
  11. Great work, i love it. thanks ? PS: You posted this picture and i wanted to know where I can find this shoes, i can't find them anywhere ?
  12. Great update, thanks ! I leave a suggestion for you if you are interested. A "poncho" like in the picture. I never found anything close to this.
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