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  1. Scripts do not need converting; the SE engine runs the same *.pex files that LE runs. You also don't have to load/save the *.esp files in the CK - unless you plan to merge the esp or edit it with xEdit. I usually do it anyway so the MO doesn't warn me. You should always run meshes and textures through CAO or another optimizer. More details on conversions at the LL SE Compatibility tracking page The only time that scripts or the esp should need attention is if some of the dependencies are at different versions in SSE and LE.
  2. I'm also having a problem with the Noble's Sins quest where the orc girl, Kahedec is supposed to handle an orc client. I talk to Khaedec and let her know about her promotion and about the problem client. I get a quest update saying "Kahedec will talk to that orc client. I should overwatch...." and I get an objective saying "watch Kahedec and her client." What happens next is that she approaches the client ... and the code fails with the following in the papyrus log: [01/04/2021 - 04:25:08PM] Error: Cannot call EnableMansionScene() on a None object, aborting
  3. The textures and meshes in oldrim mods don't always cause SSE to crash. At least, I don't think so. But, the oldrim files often cause a crash... So, I'd suggest always running CAO on LE mods before using them on SE. It's pretty much point-n-click. Install it as a normal app, outside of MO or Vortex or whatever. As for settings, you can use the following (which are probably the defaults): Meshes tab - "necessary optimization" Textures tab - "necessary optimization"; "compress textures" Animations tab - "necessary optimization" Then, just
  4. I think I just did the typical two things: (1) Load in creation-kit and re-save -- this is really only needed if you plan to edit the esp or merge the esp; I always do it anyway. Other people don't. That said, you should almost never directly edit an esp; it's better to create a patch esp (which can almost always be ESL-flagged). (2) Run Cathedral Assets Optimizer on the folder to convert the meshes and textures if needed. Doing a conversion can often take only 5 minutes. More info at the LoversLab SSE Conversion Tracking page.
  5. Hmmm. I can create posts but not edit them today.... Oh! A web search for zad_DisableAllDialogue or "can't/won't/cannot start" didn't find any hits. But, I now see that this quest was apparently intentionally disabled in maybe 2018. And, the "quests" page of the MCM being empty wasn't a bug either.
  6. Running a site that supports thousands of simultaneous users costs money. Donate at https://www.patreon.com/loverslab
  7. If you somehow lose the books, I don't think there's any way to get replacements except via the console. Maybe make them weightless and quest items? Or maybe add a dialog for more books and perhaps only if they don't have the books in inventory.
  8. Works in SE for me. One thing I changed was the container lists such that merchants would have only two of each pheromone instead of 750.
  9. Great mod! I'm using it on a SSE play-though. SkoomaWhore should be revamped to look more like this mod. I really love some of the mechanisms you've used. For example, where SkoomaWhore has an easily abused "herb tea" mechanic, you have various "lactaid remedy" potions that can't be spammed or abused because they provide a magic effect that gradually reduces addiction over time. It would be nice if there were a few more configuration options. No necessary, but nice. As it is, I find MilkAddict to have a notable effect on my gameplay after being stupid, but not t
  10. Apropos-2 is one mod that gives you a reason to do drugs - the drugs reduce sexual wear-and-tear. One problem with Skooma Whore is that herb tea is too powerful. It would be better if it only worked once a day.
  11. Another Bound Queen... At the end of the Bound Queen, I reversed pick-pocketed the chastity belt onto Julius. I was hoping the magic of the belt would turn him into a belted female. Sadly, that didn't work. But adding some papyrus magic for that in a future version would be very cool.
  12. Sorry! I was looking at never-used temporary merged copy of some changes I made when I thought I was looking at your original. 😞 Well, I can toss my local fix now and update. 🙂
  13. I see a bug. I had my own local fix for the newer version of Fertility Mode in MilkQUEST.psc and some extra debugging in MilkLactacidScr.psc. So, naturally, I took a look at the new version to see if I could toss my changes. I think you have a few typos. You changed all calls under Plugin_FertilityMode to look for a ".esm", but I think you wanted to leave that one as an esp. All of your code involving Plugin_FertilityMode2 and Plugin_FertilityMode3 is exactly the same; both do esms. I'm pretty sure one was supposed to be esp and the other esm. Glo
  14. I'd like to suggest a small update: Currently, simply starting Leon's house quest unfortunately blocks Deviously Cursed events. I've been at the stage "Return to Claudius" for ages. That arguably shouldn't block events. However, the code for checking UnsafePrisonQuestsActive() and for setting mcs.isDCURQuestRunning just look to see if the quest is running. It would be better if they also checked the quest stage as is done for some other quests.
  15. Update: It's definitely not DF. Maybe DD or maybe the engine. Triggered when the SkyUI quick menu occasionally allows you to (inappropriately) equip a non DD item into a slot already occupied by a blocking DD device.
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