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  1. Sorry! I was looking at never-used temporary merged copy of some changes I made when I thought I was looking at your original. 😞 Well, I can toss my local fix now and update. 🙂
  2. I see a bug. I had my own local fix for the newer version of Fertility Mode in MilkQUEST.psc and some extra debugging in MilkLactacidScr.psc. So, naturally, I took a look at the new version to see if I could toss my changes. I think you have a few typos. You changed all calls under Plugin_FertilityMode to look for a ".esm", but I think you wanted to leave that one as an esp. All of your code involving Plugin_FertilityMode2 and Plugin_FertilityMode3 is exactly the same; both do esms. I'm pretty sure one was supposed to be esp and the other esm. Global search/replace is a fiend... 🙂
  3. I'd like to suggest a small update: Currently, simply starting Leon's house quest unfortunately blocks Deviously Cursed events. I've been at the stage "Return to Claudius" for ages. That arguably shouldn't block events. However, the code for checking UnsafePrisonQuestsActive() and for setting mcs.isDCURQuestRunning just look to see if the quest is running. It would be better if they also checked the quest stage as is done for some other quests.
  4. Update: It's definitely not DF. Maybe DD or maybe the engine. Triggered when the SkyUI quick menu occasionally allows you to (inappropriately) equip a non DD item into a slot already occupied by a blocking DD device.
  5. Actually, to my surprise, DF doesn't use a script. It has a dialog topic with a handful of conditions anded together. One of those conditions makes use of HasWornKeyword(). Some testing: I often use SkyUI's quick menu to reequip my usual items. I see that if I go through the list somewhat quickly, that sometimes an item that should have been blocked is not blocked. In this case, I can equip a satchel into slot 48 even though the anal plug is already equipped (DDx form 01491F aka zadx_plugShockSoulgemAn_scriptInstance). Three different tools all have different readouts as far as what is actually equipped: My inventory shows both the plug and the satchel as equipped. I'm using SkyUI AIO Survival (SAS) for my inventory and, as usual it claims the plug isn't using a slot but is still equipped. SAS inventory also shows the satchel as equipped and shows it as using slot 48. I don't normally have the plug favorited, but when I did favorite it, the SkyUI quick menu also showed both the plug and the satchel as equipped. The console shows just the plug equipped. In the console, when targeting the PC, More Informative Console shows the plug in the equipment window for slot 48 and doesn't mention the satchel. An MCM utility shows neither as equipped! In the MCM, the Body Slots MCM shows neither the plug nor the satchel as equipped. Neither shows up in either the "by armor" page nor the "by slot" page. I'm not sure how to invoke WornHasKeyword() from the console? My console doesn't recognize player.WornHasKeyword as a valid command. At any rate, sometimes blocking fails. I'll try to add some debugging to the DD scripts, but I don't know a whole lot about the engine, so I'm not hopeful that I'll figure out why the mutex stuff and the events aren't working as expected. P.S. I doubt I would have noticed this issue if DF hadn't been checking for and complaining about device removal. Update: I don't think I can debug this. It seems to need someone with more familiarity with the code. Looking through the code, I can't find the code that handles attempts to equip blocked items. The closest I come is finding that zadDevicesUnderneathPlayerScript.psc has an OnObjectEquipped event handler. That handler detects the attempt to equip the satchel. However, I don't see anything in that handler or in anything that it calls that would unequip the blocked satchel. Yet, the satchel (correctly) does not get actually equipped. Nor do I see any other handler that's making that happen. If I can't find it, I can't debug why it sometimes doesn't fire.
  6. Is there any chance that the device hider confuses the WornHasKeyword function? I'm running Devious Followers. It has various deals that the character can make. My character has a deal active that requires her to wear an anal plug. DF has a dialogue topic with a bunch of conditions anded together to check whether or not the character is in violation of the deal. One condition is using WornHasKeyword(zad_DeviousPlugAnal). I can run for several in-game hours just fine, but then I start getting inappropriate activations on that dialogue topic. I have a bunch of things hidden in the device hider. I have "Bandolier - Bags and Pouches". I use a lot of the bags from that mod and use the device hider to hide them for aesthetic reasons. One of the slots hidden is slot 48 which is what the plugs use. (Not that the inventory versions of armor records have slots. Not sure how that works, but it must be some interesting voodoo...) It's hard to imagine, but is there much of a chance that hiding a bunch of slots will somehow cause the device hider to intermittently give incorrect results from WornHasKeyword()?
  7. It seems that I must be getting unexpected results from the WornHasKeyword condition in the dialogue topic. I notice that if my character equips an anal plug, slot 48 becomes blocked. However, an enhance inventory menu or the body slots mcm display don't actually show anything in slot 48. I think that's a change from DD 3.x to DD 4.x, but probably not related to my misfires. I'm also use the DD "devices underneath" to hide a lot of stuff. I have slot 48 hidden because sometimes i have a satchel in that slot for extra capacity. I'm wondering if there's any chance that the device hider sometimes affects the results of the WornHasKeyword function... I'll post a query in the DD thread.
  8. OK, for anyone else who wants to know and stumbles across this - I see that it's handled via dialogue topics and works by checking if the player is wearing any device with the proper keyword.
  9. My character likes to wear shock piercings to help manage her arousal. Even if "Spank that Ass" and "Devious Followers" claim she's a bit of a masochist, I'd like to see some in-game negative consequences other than the on-screen message. How about draining half or all of magicka and stamina when shocked? Maybe MCM controllable? Maybe even 0% to 100% sliders? Maybe even optional health damage for players that want more risk? Maybe only damage when wearing while unlocked, or more severe when unlocked? Maybe it only counts as "locked" if the "consume keys" option is on. I'd probably be willing to code this up if I knew that it would be reviewed and might be incorporated. Edit - Never mind; I can see that this should be possible outside of DD itself due to the nicely crafted usage of mod events.
  10. Thanks for this mod! A feature request, a bug report, and a question... On the device deals, does my character have to wear the exact device given or can she wear any device of the same type or slot? She likes to "cheat" and wear a shock plug to manage her arousal instead of wearing other plugs if she can get away with it... My character gets punished for not wearing her devices when she bathes. If possible, could you please add support for KeepItClean (and BathingInSkyrim)? I'm not sure how you'd do that though. Neither KiC nor BiS send mod events. The undressing happens before the animation starts, so the only thing I can imagine for your code would be to delay punishment for a second or two and cancel it if an animation starts (or just finished less than a few seconds ago). If the fix needs to be in the bathing mods, can you give me some clues so that I code in my own fix? Looks like dhlp-Suspend/dhlp-Resume would do it? However, I don't know if the authors of either of those non LL mods would be willing to add it. If that's what makes the most sense, I'll ask them. I could edit their scripts for personal use, but I'm hesitant to post and maintain a patch. My character sometimes gets punished for not wearing devices ... that she is indeed wearing. It seems to happen somewhat rarely and I can't see anything that it correlates to. I tried looking into the code, expecting some OnUnequip stuff, but missed wherever/however this is detected? Once it starts, it seems to keep periodically happening. The only work-around I've found is to pay off the deals and get new deals.
  11. Hi! Thanks for the mod! Fertility Mode support is no longer working. It's now an "esm", not an "esp". That's in both LE and SSE. I'm not sure when it was changed to an esm.
  12. Thanks for all this! I'm using SLSO along with prostitution and Deviously Cursed Loot. Like some others have mentioned, I'm finding the damage doesn't compare to what the consumables do. Damage is high days or even a week after the last encounter. I'm thinking I should increase the values in WearAndTear_Consumables.txt and combine that with changes to the Apropos2 MCM settings for "chance of WT heal" and for frequency of possible heal events. Comments, please? Also, I'm thinking potions of healing shouldn't be up to 30 times more powerful than skooma. At least in my play-though, I like the idea of having to use dangerous consumables for healing. Any comments?
  13. I guess the TL;DR is - Don't worry about the plugin version if you're just downloading and playing. But do care if you plan to edit the plugin with SSEEdit or zMerge.
  14. It likely doesn't matter for most users. Apparently updating the plugin file via load/save in the CK matters only sometimes? The number in the header doesn't matter unless the plugin contains certain types of records. If those particular record types are present, a load/save in the CK does a conversion on them. Mator and Arthmoor discuss it in this reddit post and that post also refers to some notes by histhup. The game engine reportedly can handle many earlier plugin types and the official Skyrim.esm and DLC esms contain many record "forms" using old formats. However, some of the third party tools are reportedly a different matter. It wasn't 100% clear, but there seemed to be a hint that SSEEdit expects to use the newer form of the updated record types - at least when making changes. So, it seems that updating the esp isn't necessary for playing the game, but should be done before certain types of editing in SSEEdit and probably before using a plugin for a merge and probably before doing a smash.
  15. There are at least a couple of lewd book mods. Maybe include some support for add-ons of a sort. It seems that 90% of mod authors don't end up creating houses or buildings. So, maybe you can provide them a space. I'm thinking some empty rooms behind unusable doors in a wing that's reserved for expansion. That way maybe other authors could add to it. Off the top of my head, you've not mentioned: mutilation, bestiality, vore, spanking, diapers, vampires, necrophilia, and whatever else can be found on LL.
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