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  1. I was looking for ways to *ahem* enlargen the ballsac of creature+animal NPCs (so this mod could work for all NPCs) through arousal based conduct rather than simply adjusting the overall size slider with SOS. Could ASOS be capable of working with this mods slider functional registration for creatures and animals if they are using ASOS? I know it currently doesn't which leads me to wonder if it is more with the mod itself not designed to detect register creature/animal NPCs with the targeting function? Or does Animal SOS not have the slider separation that the character racemenu SOS option
  2. Yes.. and.. the SL stock falmer 5p, it's bad, really really bad. In so many ways. Mostly wacked out alignments an jarring movements, which make one incredibly janky spastic scene. At least for me it does, even if I painstakingly take time to align/position each actor for each stage to where they should be, once it's running it just looks like a spastic horrible mess breaking any sense of immersive plausibility of movements. ie needs an overhaul. An yes I couldn't agree more Nymra. It would be nice to have a wider variety of 3p/4p and 5p animations for many creatures/animals already availa
  3. So, definitely a must have mod. An it does exactly what I was looking for (almost) when I made inquiries in the SLIF mod page. When inquiring about growth control/arousal for genitals or mods that did. Since ASOS has been around for a time along with a skeletal reworks in the creature/animal departments is there a way to get this mod to expand and include creatures and animals? So you could target any and all NPCs? Did I miss out on someone adding patch functionality from other modders? Thank you for your community service by adding an SE version of this..
  4. Definitely a must have mod. Is there any patches or way to get this mod to work with all NPCs (ie. creatures, animals + NPC characters?)
  5. Very cool and fun. I hope this title gets "fleshed" out more. I'd like to offer some constructive critiques/suggestions (perhaps these are already in the works). 1. The struggle meter more plays out currently as either a yes or no button, less actual struggle. Would be more entertaining for a gaming urgency to have increased difficulty in a gaming perspective if there was a variable increase in difficulty of this with differing factors (health/stamina/frequency of struggles) 2. The break free option feels much the same, there's little to no variable in breaking out other than
  6. Does SLIF handle PC and NPCs? As well creatures and animals? Is it required to register every actor for SLIF to handle or can it auto manage the NPC elements? Or Is there another alternative mod that will handle scrotum inflation/deflation variables for all NPCs from Arousal/orgasm? (Creatures + animals included) There was a mod I recall for SOS floppy I think did something like that but I no longer can find it.
  7. Hmm.. I've been tinkering with this framework, I'm not entirely sure it will do what I'm looking for it to cover. Does this mod increase the scrotum size of only NPCs? Or does it include creatures and animals through incremental inflation / deflation script? I know it works for Player. So for example Trolls with their fast health regeneration would have a noticeably quick scrotal swelling when aroused and during sexlab acts before "release" with a noticeable shrinkage followed by fast regen recovery to normal sizing with repeated a cycle of min/max and normal swell. To give a rath
  8. Hello an thank you for continuing this mod. The apropos edit works with this version just as well with the LE version. I noticed there is a limit on how many words/characters can be used in for each stage. Is this hard coded? Or could it possible to expand that cap? (1.5x to 2x) I've found it a bit of a struggle to not quite fit enough text in to articulate a proper descriptive scene. Having to edit a more descriptive sentence into a shortened cliff note variant of context. Now, I'm not trying to write out a paragraph with each timed msg but having double the allowed charac
  9. Madmansgun or any other in the know. Has the Vargr - undead draugr Hound been gifted sos capacity in any iteration of MNC or ASOS?
  10. I don't think this is wasted effort. The only thing I do understand from what the SLAL animation modder Billy an a few others have mentioned is spiders are difficult to work with, an, pardon the pun. Buggy to work correctly with SL. That being said, no I do not think it's a wasted effort to implement something that could involve that scenario, I mean if the Chaurus can be coined to use captured prey as incubators.. suffice to say the spiders in Skyrim could as well. It's also the one thing that had me intrigued by the original Arachnophobia.
  11. Fair enough I can see spiders being a sort of strange thing to animate in a lewd scenario without some serious webbing acrobatics involved. Quick question, I'm struggling with animations properly cycling through combat sex scenarios I realize this isn't the exact place to inquire, but I'm more hoping the understanding of the setups is knowledge you or others here may know. I either get 1v1 or max available group ratio (5v1 or 4v1) depending on animations enabled in SL. I've asked around an never seem to get an answer as to how to setup the tags and % chances to work with any reliability
  12. Oh wow.. thank you so much for this compiled setup. I really abhorred the butchered texts regarding various animated scenario's and wanted to rewrite or expand upon the variation of wording and triggers! I see there is a limit on how many characters can be put in for each of the lines for each stage. Is this hard coded? Or could it be expanded upon? I've found it a bit of a struggle to not quite fit enough text in to articulate a proper descriptive scene. Having to edit a more descriptive sentence into a shortened cliff note variant of context. Now, I'm not trying to writ
  13. Only when I stumble across them in caves, I hope the bugs can get worked out eventually. Since the combination of careful application of the arachnophobia mod with the animation outcomes is a dreadful experience. I like spiders IRL, but they absolutely terrify me in Skyrim. Also, I have a tendency to play Drow like characters, so spiders an dark elf.. kind of strike a weird perversion. I guess with the animation bug/behavior break is the reason there's only "so" many animations involving them. I was wondering why when I compared the numbers of animation between them an the Chaurus specie
  14. I've a question. Every time a sex scene is launched, either through defeat, or submit. The range of scene options tends to go from either 1v1 or to the max available actors. Even if there's a range of scenes available from 1v1, 2v1, 3v1 or 4v1. Seems to select the lowest or the max. The only way I've found to limit this is to disable the animations that allow the most actors in a scene. An even then it just defaults to the same ratio, 1v1 to the max allowed. So if I disabled a 4v1, it will only switch between scenes of 1v1 and 3v1. Ignoring anything between. Is this just the way the framework
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