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  1. if you want a little more challenge I can suggest this. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76120 this gives the spiders more speed
  2. okay I have a few ideas for your "prison" mod. to start with sorry my bad english i use google translate. seems there are unfortunately too few events in this mode, and when you often lands in prison (like me) it quickly gets boring, so here are a few new ideas hoping they can be used them. 1) bonuty level, could be nice if you got to side in jail a certain amount of time after how high your bounty is. 200 bounty = 1 day imprisonment. 1000 bounty = 5 days imprisonment. and if there could be a slider in the mcn menu so people could choose that approach to or from and how much b
  3. (sorry bad English) a really funny perspective. but where are the annoyances that I can't use my own cough alchemist equipment (without having to ask the owner for permission). also had the problem of having to kill an animal that was already dead without being able to getting on with that task. regulating time to night also bounces back so there is also a problem there. but cool that you now have to pay to use the equipment and otherwise have to get the punishment that comes, and super good idea to bring the quest table in. is also annoying that even though I have turned off tools
  4. small bug. the key is in the home. do not know if it's only with me it made that mistake because I use the "add item menu" could I come in that way just wanted to say that, then you know it.
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