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  1. Ah, I see. So the upcoming content is most likely: - hot spring kid's village/branch - old man's revenge if cheated - pregnancy quest - brawl with Runa - cut content in the mine Anything else?
  2. Speaking of Runa, our PC mentions abrawl of some sorts, to calm her down after the mast, which she declines. Is that cut content or just plain dialogue?
  3. Upon completing Freedom for Thieves, the door to Marsus' room remains locked and any attempt to see the memory ends up in going nowhere. Does his door open after retrieving items now?
  4. So I got some time to replay and I am unable to install the public version. My MO says it can't support the plugin installer when I try to install the rar or zip. I have redownloaded and repacked the mod a few times now. Anything else I could try?
  5. This: "So I managed to get a skip scene by skipping to 1.0 with a bandit in the tunnels outside of the Mast, however it was like the animation were missing (t-pose for both characters - but only during the scene. when back to normal as soon as control regained). soon after control regained, I CTD with the stupid visual runtime error. I'm going to try and stabilize my load order before I try again, but has anyone else found/had problems with any of the skip scenes?" It's from a post above.
  6. Turns out there's still plenty of stuff that's hidden. The priestess, skip scene in the tunnels, bribing the escort...I wouldn't be surprised if there was more stuff that nobody has found yet.
  7. You have to punch him when he says that.
  8. No, that's a new one, sorry. I also have a problem:
  9. Use the potion when outside of the inn then go to the bench by the wall to the left. Then go downstairs for the second memory.
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