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  1. Wow ... a vast eye-candy appeal improvement to Hydra Slavegirls 8.27 ... Test driving Hydra "Slavegirls Beauty Patch for Non-Devious Devices & Luxury Lingerie Collection" ... Kudos ! Combined the Non-Devious Devices Masterlist.esp and Luxury Collection Masterlist.esp into the "Slavegirls Beauty Patch for Non-Devious Devices & Luxury Lingerie Collection" 7zip. Also found an active source link for Luxury Collection for UUNP HDT + Bodyslide (2016.1.19/last update) here: Was running into all sorts of script related issues with the sudden overload Devious Devices from Hydra Slavegirls ... hopefully, this fixes it. Thanks a bunch ! Twins? 😁
  2. Wonderful immersive addition ... some ideas for additional focused areas could include soles of feet, inner thighs/legs, underarms/upper torso, etc. ... keep up the great work !
  3. The way I tracked it down was looking for any slot definition(not explicitly, but a #49 matched up) within the Liliana Outfit.esp in TES5Edit and then looking in DD Devices Underneath(1)->Body - Full(32) for a corresponding #49. Yes ... I was always wondering how TES5 actually did the mapping of the clothing slots. So, devious devices uses their own pre-defined mapping of slots or can that be changed? When I turned off/disabled Devices Underneath(1) definitions, would that affect future equips of items from other mods using DD? The idea of simplifying DD to normal clothing with enhancements sounds intriguing and less complex ... sounds like F04 learned from this limitation.
  4. It seems to occur when the NPC has multiple weapons along with the whip in their inventory. Here is some data from that particular situation in LE (Olga has a sword and whip) using the Punish me Daddy dialog to initiate. Removed the sword from the inventory and still gets the non-equip loop.
  5. It wasn't SOS but DD after all ... Devices Underneath(1)->Body - Full(32) #3->Chastity Belt(49) was the culprit ... If I set it to None (disabled), the skirts will equip now. You are a wonderful knowledge asset to this fine community !!! ... thanks a bunch 🤗
  6. Thanks for the response ... I thought it might be related to a slot conflict like you mentioned. Nothing that I know is equipped in that location. What is strange is that the skirts are visible if the corset is not equipped ... so if there was a conflict with something in the skirt slot location #, then the skirts should never be visible. The corset slot definition location should be independent of the skirt location. But will take a look in MCM and TES5Edit.
  7. Thanks for all the wonderful conversions Anyone having an issue with equipping the Liliana Skirts? When entering the Armor inventory menu and equipping the Liliana mini-skirt or skirt, it shows up fine on the character. When the Liliana Corset is equipped, it shows up fine along with skirt on the character. However, when the Armor inventory menu is exited, the worn skirt disappears. When re-entering the Armor Inventory menu, the skirt still shows equipped but is invisible. The Corset works fine with the Liliana panty, gloves, collar, tatoo, boots and all are visible. The skirts are visible if the corset is not equipped. Any ideas on how to fix the skirt not visible is appreciated.
  8. I've been running this mod w/o problems for a while now. Love this mod ! Recently, I've had issues equipping gags via the MCM Devices & Tats Change/Reset option. At first, only the Workout gag would equip. When I switched to the High Polli Head in RaceMenu, the Workout gag no longer would equip. Thinking that that head type wasn't supported, I switched back to the standard Skyrim Nord head in RaceMenu. Now, none of the gags will equip. Manually equipping any Virgin Gags from inventory also doesn't work. Only ones that equip are the xbf ones from Zap. Any tips on how to debug to get the gags working again in MCM Devices & Tats Change/Reset option would be appreciated.
  9. Been looking for something like this for a long time ... Many thanks! Test drove it on PC, NPC, and Follower and here is some feedback: Auto strip and unequip weapon would be very nice integration. Using a spell (Strip/Party Time/Estrus Undress) beforehand works to some extent. The spells do not unequip weapons for Followers, so when you draw your whip, Followers are still holding their weapon, even when tied. Likewise with PC ... when the PC is tied, weapon is still visible if not unequipped prior. If the beater does not have a compatible whip to equip (e.g. a Follower), the animation glitches, and gets stuck in an endless loop of equipping and unequipping an empty weapon. This glitch will continue to the end of locked in furniture cycle. There is no way to abort the animation cycle once it starts. Esc to Main Menu only allows Quit, Load is grayed out. The whip needs to be given to their inventory before the encounter starts. It would be nice to automatically give the beater a compatible whip during the dialog interaction. The beating reaction animation looks superb and works with HDT bodies and hair. The Zap whip marks add to the immersion action. Think t.ara mentioned (in another thread) a way to increase persistence and number of decals (for whip marks) in one of the ini files if you are hitting a limit. Would it be possible to add a MCM option to turn off blood splatter? Hopefully there will be future support for more Zap furniture and options to position front or back. Keep up the wonderful work !
  10. For Alana, if U haven't completed the "With Friends Like These..." quest, you can always console command search "help abandoned" to get the itemID for the key and "player.additem <itemID> 1" to get the key to use. As long as you don't interact with the quest characters in the shack, you should be good to go.
  11. Thanks for the replay ... yes ... I ended up using the placeatme command. Turns out the "I'll Take The Display Model" mod had control of Kamako at the same time as EFF. When I turned it off, she is back in battle again ! Did you change Kamako's look for the follower pack release? ... is it my imagination or does the standalone version have a subtle difference with slightly bigger eyes? I like both. 😀 Keep up the great work and thanks for the packs ... reduces the number of esp to load
  12. Great Follower package ... Beautiful as always ... Thanks ! For Seranya's recruit location at the Thalmor Embassy ... is she located inside or outside? ... access to that Embassy is not possible after finishing "Diplomatic Immunity" quest and they are all hostile if you come near it. I already had Kamako standalone installed in my game. She seems to be glitched in EFF (Extensible Follower Framework) where she never battles and doesn't follow commands like Relax. In battle, she only constantly takes her sword out and puts it away. She should be a separate instance of the standalone vs the pack versions, so not sure what's happening. Any insights would be welcome.
  13. If you look at the BodySlide preview shot angles in my post above, you can see the textures loaded (the pubic hair choice is the indicator) ... are you sure you selected the Leyenda Skin option? ... does the Outfit Body type that you selected during install show up in the pull-down list?
  14. Love this mod !!! I recently upgraded from the 3.3 (after disabling and uninstalling from NMM) to latest 4.0 version and am running into a strange problem with BodySlide generating the modded main character Body. The Breasts always appear to be flattened/deformed, no matter what preset I choose. This appears to be happening for both Unified UNP Special and Unified UNP Leyenda with Source of Body Shape either Bodies from BodySlide or O.../UUNP Leyenda BodySlide... BodySlide Body Meshes = UNPB. Attached is what I'm seeing. The collage includes the BodySlide selections for Unified UNP Special/UNPB, the preview angles, and the end result on my character. HDT doesn't seem to be working, however, on followers it does. Playing with the breast sliders does do some minor modifications, however, the distance out where the squishing occurs never exceeds that limit ... even on max slider options. Edit: looked at the generated BodySlide nifs in the character_assets dir and they look correct in nifskope ... so BodySlide is working correctly ... the body appears to be deforming when placed over the Unified UNP Special Body or Leyenda Body. Very strange issue I've been fighting for a few days now. Any insight on how to fix it is appreciated.
  15. Re posting earlier question that may have been overlooked: My Alicia Quest seemed to have glitched at the very end and does not complete. Love this mod ... thanks DeepBlueFrog.
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