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  1. To each their own. Breast size doesn't do anything for me personally. I'm just a firm believer in sticking to the model. Characters with large breasts should have them large, small should be small. Part of the magic in using a nude mod instead of just looking at hentai is having the actual character change instead of just a drawing of it. It just feels off when the nude model doesn't match the normal one. That being said, this is still a killer mod either way. I'm waiting for more to be released before starting my playthrough, but I'm really looking forward to using it when the tim
  2. He made them bigger, thats why they seem off.
  3. The part that irks me the most is that the available mod for Lady Dimitrescu is seemingly just the same body as his Jill mod. Just made taller with bigger tits strapped on. The proportions don't even match the subject =P Is it better than nothing? Absolutely. But hardly worth paying for a rehash imo. I'm still holding out for someone to do her some justice with a legitimate mod, paid or not.
  4. I find it strange how it's always the RE games that have this issue. Most other games have freely available mods with a few paid ones. RE is always 90% paid with nonstop bickering over it. I wonder what it is that causes that particular choice when it comes to these games.
  5. See, the problem with all that is that this isn't the original games. They could do literally anything differently that they want for this remaster. Just because it could be done in the first games doesn't mean it can be here. Do I hope its possible? Absolutely! But you can't compare the two until it releases and we know how they handled the remaster. Also, no one got nudity into Beyond Two Souls. It was already there, just off camera. All someone did was access the debug mode and move the camera. Not really a fair comparison to breaking into protected assets. Again, irrelevant unt
  6. It'll happen. The sheer amount of porn created for her before the game has even released makes it an eventuality. There are already plenty of mods for her on Nexus. A nude one will come 😃 I'm hoping for a nude mod that works with the playable sisters mod. You can see your body when you look down and in cutscenes. Would be a nice thing for when no other females are present.
  7. Texture mods are possible. There's one on Nexus. No idea if any modeling has been done for the game though. Would be nice to have, the game is bleak.
  8. Its not Special K. Just drop the folder in.
  9. You're on a site with people that make nude mods for Minecraft and Rimworld and you say a game with photorealistic women as the main antagonists isn't worth it? Yeah, to each their own it seems. But on a serious note, it uses the same engine as the last two games. Mods have been ported across them with relative ease already so I think we can assume some of the old nude mods can come over at the minimum. Though with how crazy people went over the tall lady, there will be a legit one of her for sure.
  10. You know the drill guys. New RE game, new lewd mods. The demo is out now and the full game in a few days. Two mods of note are already created: Playable Cassandra: https://www.nexusmods.com/residentevilvillage/mods/4 Lewd Sisters: https://www.nexusmods.com/residentevilvillage/mods/12 This is clearly only the start. We all know whats possible on the engine 😃
  11. The game on a base level is absolutely horrible. I've never seen worse monetization is my almost 30 years of life. That being said, you can mitigate a lot of that using a custom assembly.dll that unlocks mostly all of the paywall for free. You may get banned eventually, but who cares? Its a free game. Does it make the game good? No. But it is better without the paywall. If you want to play this game then do yourself a favor and use the dll haha.
  12. Did you choose to carry over items? I only chose costumes, so that may be why. I used a NG+ save for my first playthrough and only chose cosmetic rewards haha. No big deal though, I used CE to give myself all of the bathing costumes in the game.
  13. You can change to her with one of the mod menus, but it breaks the story in a bunch of parts. The best we have right now is an Aqua and Xion modelswap for Sora. Zai is going to work on Xion, so that's probably the best chance for a playthrough with these mods. I'm sure someone will do Kairi eventually.
  14. Looking good! And that would be great, but you don't have to do that haha. It's just a personal preference of mine. No need to go out of your way unless it's something you'd actually want to do anyways.
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