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  1. I literally had to look at the video a couple times to figure out what he was talking about. >_>
  2. This is a CBBE body (can use with F4 and SSE presets) that works with SMP and has vagina support.
  3. Anyone aware of what might be interfering with complete lack of physics with SMP installation? I have HDT physics 1.5.62 and framework 1.5.62 installed, XPMSE skeleton overwriting all conflicts, and SKSE 1.5.62.
  4. I'm having an issue with SMP. CBPC works perfectly. Uninstalled CBPC, installed all required SMP files. Zero physics. Using CBBE SMP config.
  5. Are there any plans to make COSIO with updated bodyslide file? Presets for bodyslide in comparison to clothing is vastly different from things converted into SE (haven't tested on LE, haven't played it in years). Using large breast COSIO presets for clothing reduces the breasts on clothing files to become flat or even concave and using large breasts presets from clothing on the COSIO body results in the COSIO breasts becoming flat or even concave. There are many additional sliders in the default bodyslide (that affect things other than the labia).
  6. Hi, I'm new to SSE physics. Anyway you can link the files you are using to achieve this effect please? Is this also possible with CBBE version or just UNP?
  7. Just disable HDT on the penis base but keep it on the rest of the penis that way there isnt self collision.
  8. This version of Nifskope works. Guess I was using an older version that didn't support Fallout 4. Thank you.
  9. I get this error anytime I load a nif from Fallout 4 (this happens no matter what mesh it is from a Fallout 4 folder): ""failed to load file header (version 14020007,"". Is there a special version of Nifskope designed for Fallout 4? I can load a Skyrim nif with no issue in Nifskope. As soon as that same file is associated with Fallout 4 I get the issue above.
  10. I recently imported a mesh from Skyrim to Fallout 4. I can load the mesh just fine, but it's loading in pink (no texture). I can't open Fallout 4 meshes with Nifskope to assign a texture. Not sure how else I would do it.
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