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  1. installing the COCO LaceBody (Fusion Girl - Atomic Beauty - CBBE) ruined my whole game. the shoes (both PC & NPC) are all sunken into the ground, the arm in the pipboy is misaligned, all my clothes "requiring" HHS are all f*cked up... I have tried to reinstall to the latest HHS but still no changes
  2. i noticed a load bulk of ba2 files to some mods i've never downloaded before. where do these come from & will it affect the game?
  3. i did, each parts of the mods i would download but the mods will not tell me which will get conflicted with another. the moment i saw the numerous out branching requirements, my head shuts down in confusion even worse is that most mods will not tell the load order, which induces even more migraine
  4. i'm not doing this purposely just to piss you off, i'm only looking for help since the directions for these downloads are very complicating & new to me. especially when i'm not so savvy with mods installation again i'm sorry to bother you, Invictusblade
  5. my load order is empty, only has the main file & dlc Wasteland Dairy Framework: i'm not sure but i did set the load according to what they said to put in so far i'm able to access the aaf seu & violate, but the main problem with violate is the "anims not found". i remember i could remove the tags in NMM + old files but with mo2 + new files is harder now... also the stages for seu doesn't auto-stage now... what am i missing...
  6. where is this settings.ini? all i find are random non-related files
  7. i'm having a lot of major problems when installing with MO2 for the 1st time, & for the longest time since i've last set-up from scratch: 1- the game keeps CTD when at loading screen, i have to disable "Wasteland Diary Framework" to enter 2- AAF doesn't show in mcm despite having to change between recent & "suggested" versions 3- i've followed both "Fallout IV for Beginners - V2.03 (ZEX / Fusion Girl / Bodytalk) By Aylis" and "[AAF] Up-To-Date Adult oriented setup guide (03/July/2020) By Saya_Scarlett" is there a way to list the whole load order in MO2?
  8. that's the thing, i don't see any changes when i've already installed it
  9. i'm unable to move the load order of 3BBB downwards
  10. ok, but how about the skin overlays & additional CC items? are they free or bound to the rules?
  11. I've read & heard that you shouldn't place the mods & packages too deep into some sub-folders... but having a bit of an OCD issue, can i just place them in a way like: \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\*named animator folder*\packages&scripts such like for clothings into 1 folder, anims in another, & game enhancements in the other, but all in "Mods" folder or do i have to just throw them all into Mods unorganized? And will the mods work if i put all the scripts & packages into 1 sub-folder or do the need their own space?
  12. so what does "WW_CherryPie_Animation_CumMesh.package" do? is it for the anims for the climax ejaculation or already added in "CherryPie_CumMesh.package"?
  13. hi, i'm confused about the 2 files. your page didn't state the differences between them so i'm lost which is latest or best
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