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  1. A child suddenly "plopped" out of nowhere while i was in the institute and it wouldnt leave the place. i've already told it to move to a new place but it's still there, not moving anywhere (since it doesnt have the tele-relay) i'm also close to doing "Banished from the Institute" and i need it out A.S.A.P
  2. there isnt much info on which or what file to download before the game update. i too was wanting to download the looks menu (but knowing my knowledge of level towards the bethesda games' mods), i'm at lost... i'm still looking through about the "load order" of the mods if i were to download Looks Menu: should i reinstall the whole mods in an appropriate load order or i can just last minute add in the LM mod? i really wish there's a "real" simplified guide for new players, rather than all these "pro knowledge" hassle...
  3. I can't tell which mods works best, between aaf or fourplay. There isn't much of list for their uses
  4. Fallout4.esm=1 DLCRobot.esm=1 DLCCoast.esm=1 four_play_resources.esm=1 AAF.esm=1 CBBE.esp=1 companion infinite ammo.esp=1 4PlaySEU.esp=1 FP_VanillaFudge.esp=0 DiverseBodies.esp=1 four_play.esp=1 Crazy_Animations_Gun.esp=1 FO4_AnimationsByLeito.esp=1 AAF_Four-Play_Animations_Crazy6987.esp=1 Atomic Lust.esp=1 Rufgt's Animations.esp=1 Mutated Lust.esp=1 AAF_CreaturePack01.esp=1 Animated_Fannies.esp=1 Crazy_Animation_Rugs.esp=0 FPEDogAddon.esp=0 SickotiksBeasts.esp=1 FPESuperMutantAddon.esp=0 Dongs_Of_Fallout.esp=1 cheatterminal.esp=1 FP_FamilyPlanning.esp=0 FPEVanillaCreatureAddon.esp=1 UnlimitedPower.esp=1 FP_FamilyPlanningEnhanced.esp=1 AAF_SEU.esp=1 AAF_Violate.esp=1 FPEAIOCreatureAddon.esp=0 FPEAIOCreatureAddon_Breed.esp=0 FPEAIOCreatureAddon_Horror.esp=0 FPEAIOCreatureAddon_NS.esp=0 CumNWealth.esp=0 as shown above, these are my load orders of the mods i currently have. Now i'm wondering which mods should i re-install 1st? and will doing so glitch out my avatar's current body?
  5. so far... no crashings though... just that i feel a bit skeptical of some mods may not be working internally. i dont even remember which mods are dependent to which, i just simply download any mods the guides said
  6. gonna need to wait for a newer f4se. i'm having the same issues when the updated the CC & all my mods went to hell many suggested to rollback the game pre-updated version for the old f4se mods to work well again
  7. so means dlc aren't affect by the updates, only the base game?
  8. does the rollback also include the dlc's or just main game is enough? also, i've just updated my mcm & f4se to the latest.... do i need to re-download the pre-updated again?
  9. neh.... i'm having too much problems on hand now, i don't wanna add more problems later on......... i just need to get some of the mods (as stated) to work then i'll be happy for the time being. btw, is there a way to edit the topic's title?
  10. no, i meant vanilla as in "forgotten i had mods on that i went playing the game like as if non-modded"
  11. ok, i hope that'll work... well, it's true i have fun playing the game vanilla (quests, building, crafting) but sometimes i would like to lay back & have a little "relieve" after running around
  12. as of this post, i did managed to get the mcm to work with newer mcm... but extra added bugs: -can't prompt who i wanna woohoo & prostitute with -can't move freely in cam mode the only working mods are enhance family planning & surrender. (I just got knocked up by test driving the mods) doesn't that means that it will still update when i "launch" the game?
  13. well, i did as intended..... .......... it's beginning to feel more like F76......
  14. do i need to re-install just the f4se or uninstall the old 1 & install anew? is there a way to prevent the updates or it's a must to? as what i've read from the readme, they said to: "Copy f4se_1_10_130.dll, f4se_loader.exe, and f4se_steam_loader.dll to your Fallout installation folder." what about the rest of the content in the file? need to copy & replace all the newer ones? will it conflict with my old save & mods? damn, i'm so lost.... hopefully, i'm getting very annoyed with all these updates...
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