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  1. The pack 1 is new version with 1 new wings in it. It is also really annoying for me to reupload pack 1. >.<"
  2. Both BBP_ArmorPack.esp and BBP_ArmorPack2.esp have english version and chinese version.
  3. v2.01 CTD fix http://www.mediafire.com/?d47av9mrvbcrg9u In the next update, please delete all the files in this fix.
  4. omg... what? dying with laughter... P.S. Oblivion mod: "Santa Baby" http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=7221&pid=141845#pid141845 We know this mod is not originally made by us. We stated we are just ported it from the mod in Oblivion. Do I wrote anything wrong that made you laugh? Is Alan not the modder of this Skyrim mod now?
  5. Alan have uploaded to MF also, and it contains english version for 1.7 also, you can download it from http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=8315
  6. Name: BBP Armor Pack 1 & 2 Author : Alan of ARROW&KNEE MOD TEAM Latest Version: 2.2 with Triss Hat Patch(2012/09/23) The original thread in 3DM: http://bbs.3dmgame.com/thread-3039865-1-1.html http://bbs.3dmgame.com/thread-3391742-1-1.html This Mod is BBP Armor Pack made by Alan. All Armor name are in English. This Mod is made by Alan himself, I just help him to translate it in english and release it here. In version 2.2, it contains 130 Armors converted into CBBE3.1 BBP by Alan. Armors are original made by other authors or ported from Oblivion, thanks for their great job. In version
  7. Name: Lady Mask Author : Alan of ARROW&KNEE MOD TEAM The original thread in 3DM: http://bbs.3dmgame.com/thread-3070505-1-1.html This Mod is ported from the Lady Mod in Oblivion. This Mod contains totally 11x3=33 masks. The masks can be crafted under the category of glass. The item name of this mod is in English, which is different from the original thread in 3DM. It is made by Alan himself also, I just help him to release it here. The file contain two .bsa files, one is for minimum height of eyes and one is for 20% height. Please choose only one bsa according to the eyes
  8. Author is cmdd of Arrow&Knee Mod Team(ANK Mod Team), ANK Castle is just one of the mod of the ANK Mod Team, not the name of the team.
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