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  1. Take care of yourself Joe, a tip from a parent, take care of yourself physically. Walks, exercise, eating properly will make it easier to balance yourself. Good to hear you have friends at hand!
  2. Thanks for the help! Very appriciated!
  3. I have activated it now, did not even know it was deactivated. Thank you very much for even trying!
  4. Hello does anyone have a copy of the Goronga Dating system around anywhere? Thanks! pbh
  5. Player some more seems to work outdoors but not in small places. Might that be by design? Still it seems to work I tried in Codman appartment (the closest by my save) at night to see if something happened since I thought it would be predicateble. Nothing happened, but as I walked through Diamond City things got rowdy. So yeah 1.06 seems to work at least in Diamond city... sorry If I gave incorrect information.
  6. There was action with 1.04... it simply was not animated.
  7. So there is no action with 1.05 & 1.06 although MCM works now. From what I can see no actors are found for some reason.
  8. Oh will skip manual test and try your file!
  9. I will try to change the Json file I think FP_AutonomyEnhanced.esp should be AAF_AutonomyEnhanced.esp in mcm config file.
  10. It seems to change back to the start values when moving into new cell. Also Start values look like they are all set to zero. Does that help?
  11. Sorry for bugging you with all this. Will give you a heads up if it works!
  12. Sorry to need to report a minor bug, the values in the MCM menu are not changeable and their default value is a very... ahh... cloister like ><.
  13. I will try it soon! You are a pretty awesome modder! I hope you know that!
  14. This does not seem to work with AAF for me.
  15. Simply want to thank CPU for this mod and also all the people who have contributed rules to it. It is by far one of the best mods on LL and something of a hidden pearl. Cheers, pbh