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  1. Necroing this, just because that's how I roll. Pretty sure there were a lot of translation/communication issues with this. I'm working on creating custom sliders for the UNP body type, versus creating a completely new body... so I've been messing around with all this and think I can elaborate a little bit: Andy was right in how to do the above task in question.... but possibly misunderstood some parts of what Ches was trying to do - If you want to batch build using these custom sliders or have them treated as normal/additional sliders: the trick is t
  2. Thank you! Honestly, I've not been overly interested in the whole sex within Skyrim thing... But came across your animations and decided to give it another go (because they're so well done & believable... down to the toe/hip movement). I'm female and a lot of the animations I've seen have been extremely degrading. So thank you for tasteful (well, somewhat) sex animations!
  3. I posted this on Nexus as well, but I figured I would ask here as well... Because I'd like to figure this out this weekend. As posted on Nexus - I've included the enbeffect.fx file here, so anyone who can help can access it easily without having to get a response from me first. (it's probably messy... I got frustrated and started throwing things in towards the end, lol) skyrim edited sol ENB enbeffect.7z
  4. *snip* You're so amazing, thank you so much! I have a question (apologies for bumping this thread, but people probably want to know the above information anyways, and this was the only thread I could find of this topic - that was replied to, anyways), if you can answer it. If not, no worries! I'm working on an ENB that is perfect for taking character screenshots, and basically makes the characters look 'next-gen', but isn't so freaking dark like a lot I find on Nexus. I'm almost there. I discovered LUTs and am able to edit screenshots in Photoshop using adjustment la
  5. Getting there. Release set for Christmas.



  6. I wish there were more conversions for Pandora. WHY NO LOVE? Not enuff boobage I suppose.
  7. Wonder if there's a way for someone to just make the Brothel venue type, Prostitute/Courtesans/Companion job type, and then incorporate "WickedWoohoo" into it. Probably wouldn't be that hard for someone experienced in this type of modding. Honestly, I'm only interested in this because I'm trying to do a "History Challenge" and "Witcher" mashup. Obviously, I'd need brothels. I'm way too much of a perfectionist to not.
  8. Use the non HDT version of the bikini armors. Unless a mod has already been ported to SSE you can try the Loose Files versions of mods to see if they work or not. Depending on the format of the meshes and textures, a lot of them will work. Also Bijin AIO, even the ported version, has issues. You can use the original esp's and its more stable. /facepalm I'm an idiot. Literally didn't even think about this. I usually refuse to use HDT heels, but may have accidently downloaded the heeled version this time-around. I'll check. Can you confirm the bikini armors working? I agree on Bijin,
  9. This is so exciting! Since using Bodyslide for FO4, I've been dying to have those muscle sliders. I think part of me only plays FO4 to stare at those glorious, sculpted abs.
  10. A Quality World Map working Better message box controls works sometimes, but then not others. It's weird. The Bijin series appears to be working, at least mostly. I mention this because I've been getting this weird issue with esp's being greyed out in the load list (Bijin AIO in particular). Bikini Armor (at least wolf bikini, as it's the only one I use) will load into the game fine, however crashes immediately when equipping.
  11. PLEASE tell me what texture/normal you used on these! I desperately need a monochrome normal/tex, and am just too busy to make my own right now. But having monolid eyes is essential. This is so old, I know. But I've looked everywhere... and simply can't download each friggin' texture mod I come across. Thanks! (These are gorgeous, by the way)
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