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  1. What is the minimum version of AAF required for the mod to work? I have all the tags but the mod does not work.
  2. Can you add comments to viewers? Like in skyrim.
  3. The problem is version incompatibility. I have an old version of AAF 50 installed.
  4. Не помогло. Вот журнал папируса.
  5. Thanks for the mod! I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. But there is a bug - the strapon is not removed after sex. Checked on ordinary synths and on Valentine. Tried on the regular version and on "NoRemove". Everything is the same.
  6. Tried on dogs and super mutants. Health is falling gradually, but there is no violence. Manual surrender also does not work. Everything is configured correctly in the menu. After updating manually, the mod starts working normally. Version 1.26 works great with the AAF 50. All functions work without problems. The update also works without problems. Violence also works fine with all races.
  7. I’ll clarify that the update is in progress (update message appears), but the mod does not work after that, there is no violence. Papyrus.0.log.7z The character is just being killed. The game reloads the save and the same thing happens.
  8. I installed all the new scripts, like everything else. Found a couple more bugs. If someone interrupted the scene, then the actors don’t put on clothes except the player. It is not always possible to switch animations manually. In previous versions, I did not notice such bugs.
  9. At 1.30, automatic updating does not work. Violence doesn't work either. Only manual updating helps. After a manual update, the mod works fine.
  10. Perhaps you need to create an appropriate dialogue with the companion after the player wakes up. Let the companion come to the player and start a dialogue about sex.
  11. No, I do not use. But companions for some reason do not sleep in beds located in houses.
  12. I understand why it does not work. The companion does not wake up in beds located in the houses. No animation of getting out of bed. He just stands next to the bed. But if you put the bed right on the street, then the companion has the animation of getting out of bed, and after that the mod works. How to fix it?
  13. The new script did not help. Nothing happens. The answer in the console is 0.00
  14. My save file before starting sleep. Companion Piper. Saves.7z
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