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  1. I've used Nexus Mod Manger for installing them, Should i use Vortex instead? Edit: I tried using Vortex to install and i got the same issuesx-x
  2. I'm having issues with the 2.4 update, The CBBE textures dont seem to work properly when installed with or without the Digi form and also are the Lykaios textures supposed to be installed in the character folder and not in its own folder?
  3. That would be this mod right here!
  4. Ohwow! Its finally happening! Thankyou for your hard work Locuturus^-^
  5. Playing with the new colors made me wonder, is it possible to make it so when they impregnate you that you give birth to another Globaura? Or is that something to be done with Sexbound? Also i think it'd be really cool if you had an option to buy them at the Terramart or something as an egg to hatch! Just as an idea is all^-^
  6. Just want to say that i absolutely LOVE my new globby friend! I was going to ask about the impregnation then noticed you added that as part of the new updated version^-^ Excellent job, I'm looking forward to any new type of monsters you might make!
  7. Is it possible i can get this mod to work properly without having Sexlab installed?
  8. I know i'm a year late to give this support and i'm not sure if you do conversions anymore... Though i have to ask! I'd love to see glasses mods for beast races! Like the ImoMegane Glasses for example
  9. I'd also love to see the multi nipples back for this revision of the race since that was the texture i've used the most with cbbe Also i want to say i really love the work that you put into the model! The expressions are just way adorablex-x
  10. Super excited to try out this mod! I always hoped to see an upgraded version of the race since the absence of Kritta
  11. I absolutely love the little pully machine the Penguins use? Great work!
  12. I dont see any files in the downloadx-x
  13. I noticed that in the updated v2.6.2 During Fellatio the mouth mask layer isnt there like in the 2.6.0 version so the actor 2 head goes over actor 1 body (Sorry to bother after you just fixed the talking bug)
  14. Awesome! All is working just fine now, thank you for fixing this so quick!
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