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  1. I am using one of Alpa’s mods Which is DxD with BDSM plus add ons all i did was take a screenshot and made it my profile picture
  2. do you have any RE2 mods that you have made post them here if you have any i will let you
  3. Cut this crap out don’t you read anything stop posting other mods on here that are not alpha’s mods this page is for him and his mods only go out post your mods somewhere else on this site then again go make your own page keep it up and someone will just report the page and get it locked so stop it final warning
  4. Hey the mod that is on your display pic, which nude mod for Claire is that? I would love to have it..

  5. This page was only meant for Alpha i let most of it slide but now it’s getting out of hand can we keep this page for his mods only either for RE2 or RE3. Ask Alpha if you can have permission from him to upload his mods here if you wanna upload mods there is another page for that this page is only for Alpha mods.
  6. i believe i have the file for it i will upload it here for u it removes the hat and sunglasses Claire Bad Cop - No Hat or Sunglasses (addon).rar
  7. it is fine to post RE3 and RE2 mods here i cant change the thread it wont let me
  8. Yes i did after I completed the story first mission it worked weird but it works
  9. I don’t know but in the past it has happened on other pages talking about paid things that was not meant to be happened 3 times and recked it for others
  10. as u can see mod did not work for me even after i pasted it into archive folder
  11. If the moders catch u asking for paid mods via pm or even talk about it this page will be lock and u may be banned
  12. Problem is the nude rar is only 1 file nothing else I’m using fluffy manager for mods
  13. i used the trainer to swap out sheva for Jill and the mod does not work at all she is in her battle suit not nude at all
  14. Guys can we keep this thread only for @alphaZomega please that's what i made this page for
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