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  1. Exclamation point NPC

    they detected you, try to run and hide, or put them to sleep using a tranquilizer gun, or just use your CQC on them
  2. how to disable gay animations in sexlab?

    nonono i don't hate gays or something i just don't like seing male getting raped by bears,wolfs,trolls etc...
  3. do you want to know where to find this mod or to get the clothes on the game? if its to get the clothes just press the console button that is ' and type "help" and the name of the item just the first on, or install the [Additem menu] mod that will help you...
  4. The Amazing World of Bikini Armour!

    yep its quite a lot of work but think how much pairs of armors you could make,and i think by putting those the mod probably gets more downloads
  5. so i was wandering around when i saw a guard being raped by a death hound and i fucking dislike that and i want do disable that male x male and male x animal male too who do i disable that?
  6. Nightwalk7: Hollie Follower

    Nice follower she is pretty cute though
  7. Luciver's Ahegao Expression Presets

    unzip the files and go to SKSE>plugins>sexlab and copy or drag them to the archive
  8. The Amazing World of Bikini Armour!

    please. make a version of Daedric,snow elf,elfic,dawnguard,vampire,orcish,dragon scales,furs,bone mold,ancient nord,imperial armor (light or heavy),glass,darkbrother hodd,thiefs,nightingale,stalhrim if could be maked... i just wanted these sets addeded on the mod ;-;
  9. Luciver's Ahegao Expression Presets

  10. Image links with "https" are not displaying

    Remove the ".Png" from the link and it should be okay
  11. Luciver's Ahegao Expression Presets

    there is any form to save the expressions on sexlab mcm menu?
  12. SexLab Aroused Creatures (2016-01-20)

    This mod should have a option to toggle Threesome with animals and toggle aroused "rape" system for males too
  13. so i use Aroused Creatures a long time so i run with a idea, why only creatures, if males can rape females too? why not? so just don't be only animals animating. another thing that should be good: threesome by aroused animals or males :)
  14. Introducing Ash

    she will be a good pokemon Trainer...
  15. Christmas gift n°1 : Love for the little ones

    the black haired girl, that fucked the rieklings