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  1. DragonChickenBorn

    Animal SOS

    finallym i've waiting that for a good time, now we need to wait for HDT animals XD
  2. DragonChickenBorn

    Animal Gen. Physics

    welp, now the HDT animals are a bunch of walking gmod ERROR lol
  3. DragonChickenBorn

    Floppy SOS for creatures?

    i bet that kinda of mod don't exist, until now, but that would be niceand buggy as fuck
  4. DragonChickenBorn

    Sexlab Approach Redux by BakaFactory

    the mod works perfectly! Thanks :D
  5. DragonChickenBorn

    Sexlab Adventures

    A Little bug: Some NPCs and Animals Will Follow you Permanently my character Right now is being followed by Hemiskr,Brenium, and two wild wolfes, they follow you everywhere, even if you fast travel they will actually Run to your location
  6. DragonChickenBorn

    Dark Ascension - Chapter 5: Secrets Under the Stairs

  7. so i love how modular armors can give too much "liberty" when you are going to make a new character which focuses on clothing/light armor them, lets get straight to it, i am making a necromancer/summoner (or trying), and i am looking for those kinda of mods for CBBE any mod of this kinda id welcome, as HDT things too thanks :D
  8. your fix here https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/9557/ never use the normal start if you using those mods
  9. DragonChickenBorn

    Hot Vampire

    uh i know this is annoying but, what dress/cloth is that?
  10. DragonChickenBorn

    Lunar-Chapter 1- The Forgotten

    the images don't load... F
  11. DragonChickenBorn

    A Special Healing Spell

    uuh, can i ask something very annoying? whats the animations and the clothes?
  12. well, i really need to be quick here,later i Update with more information about the request i was seeking a mod that allow you to put a Item ID and if a sex animation occours these items will automatically equip Like I have two types of armor one "Normal" and other "Ripped" (clothes for rape animations) and if i get into any animation, these clothes will be equipped, thats is Need to go! Y'ALL HAVE A GOOD DAY!
  13. DragonChickenBorn

    Kaisa - Very strange curse

    sorry to comment those annoying things but what is the cum textures?
  14. yes, but only with mods Immersive first perosn view https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49036/ https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/491-immersive-first-person-view/ a "Fix" for better view https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3719-immersive-first-person-view-sexlab-special/
  15. should be even possible to make a mod like sexlab defeat from skyrim to Don't starve? that gave has almost everything to "go bad" pigs that act like humans, Tentacles those type of things since the graphics is """simple""" and nothing 3d just givin ideas, don't even know if this would work