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  1. many anti-virus/malware programs view anything that changes another program's basic structure or access it an unusual way as a virus. which is what a lot of third-party content editors do. and sometimes they give a false positive if the program you're installing does something like connecting you to a particular website/online database (i've seen similar issues with the Wowhead Looter/Client in the past, and it's approved by Blizzard as "safe") as long as TSR doesn't get hacked and you're smart/careful about the content you download and install, you should be good. if
  2. There's probably a lot of folks with various versions backed up somewhere, but they don't want to share without "express, written permission" from the creator. It's also worth noting that there are different versions of T&A/A&N for different versions of Sims 2 depending on which EP/SP you have installed and what one person has might not be the one you want/need.
  3. Deer/elk/caribou, bear, wolf, aurochs (think Texas Longhorn meets Brahma cow) and even aquatic critters like seals and whales. i'd also like to point out that the Norse were widely traveled and not adverse to scavenging from the dead, which could lead to a Viking being equipped with items from as far east as India, as far west as New England/eastern Canada, and as far south as Mediterranean Africa. admittedly rare and unlikely to be all on the same person (or even in the same village) but still possible. there's also a theory that Quetzalcoatl's "winged serpent" form was actually a Dra
  4. Sims 2 also had a few rape mods. unfortunately, one was a donation item (i'm pretty sure the site is long gone by now) and another was just two sims fighting naked which probably isn't what you're interested in, since it's basically just a dust-up at a nudist camp. i think there was a rape mod or two for the original Sims, too.
  5. I tried this out and the art looks pretty good. But i wasn't able to start a game. Unfortunately, i couldn't read any of the text because the colours of the text and the background are the exact shades of red/green my eyes can't tell apart and my red/blue 3d glasses (which oddly work beautifully on my colour-blindnes) are in a box somewhere.
  6. the closest i've ever seen is a sex item that didn't have certain flags set and allowed for a few "entertaining" interactions. also, the animations for humans don't match the skeletons for animals and so the pets end up doing this weird stretched-out spider thing. they also tend to break the item so that it can't be used without forcing an error or just deleting and buying a new one. it's also possible to get a sim pregnant by a pet using one of the various "get pregnant by..." items, but it's probably going to break both the pregnant sim and the offspring, make the family unplayable, crash
  7. here's my take on the situation: anyone who was a paying patron and was up-to-date on their payments when the most recent release was made available on the Patreon site should have access to that update. since Patreon seems to be the one who screwed the pooch here it's not L666's responsibility to ensure that those people have that access. which is not to say she shouldn't, just that she did what she was supposed to and has, IMO, completed her obligation. as to the whole "EA hates pay-only content", this was not intended to be "pay-only" but effectively became such when Patreon messed things
  8. remember? i still use them. you know... when i get bored and break out the old-school stuff so i can run through a few maps on Warcraft II, level up my rogue on Diablo, and shoot a few porndemons on Doom. not that i'm old or anything... <.< >.> -.-
  9. couple of reasons. 1: if i'm playing a game wherein i'm supposed to be a real creature interacting with other real creatures and doing things that real creatures do, why would i not have genitals? how can i believe the "reality" part of "virtual reality" if there's no nudity, no sex, no murder/death, no aging, etc. as much as i love World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons Online, and other MMORPGs, they are lacking significantly when compared to Paper and Pencil RPGs. there are whole rule supplements dedicated to sex, aging, pregnancy, retiring from adventuring, etc. that make those games
  10. i recently read a thread where someone was asking for help with Kinky World and I noticed that there's a step missing from the install instructions here. with out the resource.cfg file in your mods folder, none of this will work. or at least not well. i know most of us already have the framework installed and would never try to install mods without it, but we're also more experienced modders and mod users. there are people out there who've never done this before and might not know they need that before anything will work. is there any way you can add that info to the first post for those new
  11. i just found the new version and haven't downloaded/installed/tested it yet, so not sure if this has been resolved. with 2.7 i sent a teen to the hospital to get a sex change to female, then sent them back to get a penis transplant. everything worked fine until shi stripped hir lower half to naked. at that point, all i had was a pair of shoes and a floating torso. is this an oops in the mod, or is there a mesh/mod needed to make teen shemales visible when naked?
  12. you mean at trimester 1,2,3 just go into CAS and manually change it view uniform options oO? after birth the uniform option gets removed? adjusting the belly in CAS is currently possible with a belly size slider and mods like Master Controller that allow you to access CAS in-game. but you'd have to do every stage and every pregnancy individually. i'm also not sure if the belly slider effects pregnant bellies as i don't currently have either a belly slider or a pregnant sim. what i was talking about (and hoping for) was something that would allow the user to adjust the size of each
  13. i saw a belly slider for CAS (can't remember where,sorry) that might be of some help. though someone,somewhere, would probably have to create some kind of mod/cheat/thingy that would allow you to adjust the belly size in preg morph stages as though they were a uniform for a career (and i know there are cheasts/mods that let you change uniforms) you'd probably have to do each pregnancy individually, but if you're someone who uses Sims for story-telling/movie making, you're already adjusting a ton of stuff individually so it won't make that much difference, i figure.
  14. skill books for the various woohoo skills like they have for cooking, logic, etc. at least for the first 3 levels. (for example: "kama simtra" for basic woohoo; "check me out" for exhibition; "where the wild things come" for animal-lover) and maybe a school oppurtunity for child/teen involving a sex ed class (no sex, just "read this book so you don't freak when hair starts sprouting in your no-no place") that adds the woohoo skill to the sim's skill list (teens) without needing to do any actual sex interactions or adds a trait that reduces/removes negative moodlets from a sim who walks in
  15. my reply will NOT be about popularity of games, validity of claims, or discussion of opinions. my reply IS about one very basic reality. Even if only one person in the whole of history actually buys and plays a game, someone will, eventually, make porn of/for it. 'cus humans are sick, sick, bastards.
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