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  1. Thank you guys, all good options, though I might check out that Tritons of Cyrodiil mod, and thanks for the Iguana HGEC armor
  2. Not bad but i'm looking for something more aquatic looking, and thanks Fejeena, but holy shit that's a lot of files
  3. I've started a new character who is a Siren (From Ashara's Sirens and Tritons mod) and i'd like to know if you guys can suggest any good, sexy outfits for me to check out (Links please?)
  4. Archmage94

    Alien hive home

    Also I specifically said ALIEN INSECT hive, so keep your goddamn xenomorphs away from this thread, please
  5. Archmage94

    Alien hive home

    I'm not a modder myself, i'm just wondering if such a mod exists and if not then that's alright
  6. This probably seems like an odd one but anyone happen to know where I could find a mod for a player home and extra that involves like you taking ownership of some sort of alien insect hive? Maybe even becoming a broodmother in it, it's for a concept i'm wanting to explore with a character
  7. It's the insect armor, I got the Wings of the Insect part of it down, but now I need to find the mesh for the main body part, I don't remember the exact name but it's the insect form of the Cursed Armor (The one after the black armor) I found the textures to for both parts, turns out I had the wrong mesh for the main body Edit: SUCCESS!! I found the mesh I was looking for and everything is in place, thank you for the help
  8. OH! After I did some testing I realized we weren't talking about the correct armor, I mean the actual suit, not the bug thing that latches on and impregnates you Edit: After some searching in TES4Edit I found the mesh I need but I need to know what texture goes to it and I don't have NifScope installed
  9. So how do I create the armor in CS and set it to use the existing Meshes and textures? Edit: Figured out how to create armor and how to apply an existing Mesh but how do I apply an existing texture to it?
  10. It is the Red Chitin Armor, thank you
  11. You guys know the Cursed Armor mod, i'm sure you do. Does anyone happen to know if someone's ripped the red bug armor and made it a seperate mod to download? I'd like to use that armor by itself without having to have Cursed Armor installed, and if you don't know if there is a download, i'd like to know how to do the ripping myself for personal use, I know enough of the Construction Set on how to work with existing files, I actually once used it to take all of the equipment from Cursed Armor and place it in a chest for me to collect easily, but I want to eliminate the Cursed Armor mod requirement entirely
  12. Archmage94


    If you are intending to remake this mod from scratch do you think you could take a page out of this guy's book; https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/18723 and add in a cool demon transformation power and a quest to earn that power?
  13. Archmage94

    I'm curious about a particular texture

    Thank you, I needed the Tentacle.dds textures, I feel that texture better suits the inside of a stomach so I wanted to change the textures for that to those
  14. To you guys who know this mod https://www.loverslab.com/topic/831-cursed-armour-ev-085rev1/ and have at least made it to the final chamber of the final dungeon, which texture is being used for the walls in that chamber? I'm looking through the TentacleCave folder in the textures but i'm not sure, I want to know cause I want to use the texture to replace one from another mod i'm using
  15. Archmage94

    Player home request

    Good to now that was there, I honestly didn't think anyone on the Nexus would actually make a mod like that, thank you