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  1. The Japanese have it wrong (it works at least some of the time here). Still cause the infinity stretching (but this could be a wrong setup on my part). No idea about the balloon.
  2. Multiple bodies as mentioned. Some mods are overwritten by other mods. Some of the patches like PatchedAIO do nothing because they are completely overwritten by other mods. What is the load order of your mods? They can be completely different from the priority order in MO2. Did you install Bugfixes, Crash fixes and Cobb bugfixes?
  3. myriad


    Non English speaker and was a bit too quick with googling the English version...my bad. But at least you got the idea Thanks for the free chemistry lesson. Guess a free perk for Alchemy. Thanks for posting the movie clip 2dk2c.2 Precious bodily fluids and denying one's essence: Movie is full with beautiful quotes.
  4. myriad


    There is too much fluorine in the water.
  5. Had zero money in my pockets! I stashed it all safely away. Just call me Scrooge...
  6. Got the quest deleted to get a free room in an Inn if you hadn't money in return for sex?
  7. Well I could say RTFM but a hint would be to: Start texblend. Set Set to Body and Feet (drop down menu top left). Set Type to Color. Choose what to change should be Female. Choose texture source can be left empty, it will use the default texture path. Then in the big middle pane you get a list of textures you can apply to the Set from step 2. Pick one (in this case probably something with Vagina in the name). Click on the preview pane to see what happens. If okay Ctrl-Click Blend Images. Ctrl-Click Blend Images will export the output to the Texblend directory. This is what you want since by default Texblend outputs in an uncompressed format, i.e. the dds files end up being very big. Need to adjust that afterwards or play with Texblend configuration settings somewhere. Repeat Type step (step 3) for Normal and specular. Good luck.
  8. Works on a new game and probably on an existing save when resetting the quest using the console. Thanks.
  9. Texblend is your friend. The body texture you are using doesn't have the texture for the vagina model. There is one supplied in 3BBB so you can use it as an overlay.
  10. Hey Janbui, thanks for the new update. I have an issue though. SLEN is installed but in Solutions the box is greyed out, I can not tick it.
  11. Try in your enblocal.ini to set: EnableProxyLibrary=false AddDisplaySuperSamplingResolutions=true EnableFPSLimit=true
  12. Fair enough, I have a very beefy machine here and can load any save without issue. On my old machine, always had to start in the LAL dungeon or on a small level.
  13. Not sure of you should include the Continue Game No Crash mod. It is, as is obvious from the mod's page, obsolete and recommends using Load Game CTD fix. You mention Warning: VERSION MUST BE STRICTLY 1.0. DO NOT INSTALL VERSION 1.1 OR HIGHER, IT'S INCOMPATIBLE WITH THE NEXT PLUGIN. with the Animation loading fix 1.0, it is incompatible with which next plugin? Thanks for the guide especially mentioning the critter patch.
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