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  1. Hmmm true...but then you need config files where the belly is controlled by PE and not by SMP. IIRC there was such a setup for SE.
  2. https://babofactory.blogspot.com/2019/10/uunp-3bbb-vagina-smppe-body-for-le.html First question in the FAQ at the bottom.
  3. I thought the belly bulge has disappeared unfortunately. There is some comment by Baka in one of his readme's or on his blog.
  4. So you do have the files BHUNPSMPMesh_3BBBA_01.nif etc in mesh/BHUNP, good. Does the body jiggle? You have the xml's in skse/plugins/hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs? The d3dcompiler_47.dll is in the Skyrim folder (and really the Skyrim folder and not any vfs from MO2 or NMM or whatever)? Loadorder?
  5. Open the bodyslide in Outfitstudio and change the paths?
  6. No you are not wrong. I think what Mez558 meant that if the mesh in, for example, the old Kibelius armor is the same as in the new BDOR pack, then there is no need for changing the bodyslide. If the BDOR team added different textures then you need to modify the (your) mod (the esp file). If you added some extra options to your bodyslide files then you could copy them over the ones from BDOR (assuming you use the same body type - CBBE, UUNP etc).
  7. yes. But I am not sure what is your question. Do you want to make bodyslides in the hidden contents to work with the body from the bdor pack?
  8. Seems to work on LE without problems, not extensively tested but it didn't crash my computer, Auri is still there and some animations showed instead of a black screen. Thanks Inkle!
  9. myriad

    I want to cry

    "i hope corona wipes out humans." "IF A COMMENT ISN'T OBVIOUSLY HOSTILE, ASK FOR CLARIFICATION BEFORE BLOWING UP. Simple as that. " "I have a lot of common sense, but I also seem to have a lot of naïveté" "Trust me, if I wanted to offend you, you'd know it. I don't beat around the bush, I say what's on my mind, and I lack empathy for a majority of people, so when I feel someone needs to be insulted, I don't feel bad about doing so. Because when I want someone to hurt, I WANT THEM TO HURT." Some of the things you wrote. Get help, stop reading the books you are reading
  10. Hey Yinkle, I like your mod, thanks. If I can ask for a feature, could you add a feature that ABBA only works on specific NPC's instead of all NPC in a radius, muhc like for example Bathing in Skyrim?
  11. Nifskope https://github.com/niftools/nifskope/releases
  12. In the nif files there are probably some paths set to the Ygnord race folders so you might want to check those.
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