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  1. Yeah there's a sister post for SL Lite
  2. haxmo

    SkyrimVR Sexlab Lite Temporary Patch

    I did actually get around to fixing that sslActorAlias.pex
  3. Shouldn't. all it does is fix the camera.
  4. I just removed the setVehicle call on the player. For some reason in my case I didn't have to remove any third person all and I wasn't floating in the air.
  5. A quick fix to disable the forced 3rd person mode where you float in the air during an animation. The player model is still invisible though. Data.zip
  6. haxmo

    Skyrim SE Mods that Work for Skyrim VR?

    Made a small patch to stop the spinning in Flower GIrls. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/97075-flower-girls-skyrimvr-no-spin-temporary-patch/
  7. EDIT: Original author updated the mod so this shouldn't be necessary anymore. A quick fix to stop your camera from spinning during animations involving the player. The player model is still invisible though. Data.zip Edit: New version with removed 3rd person and enable controls. Data.zip
  8. Thanks! This fixed a similar issue for me, for a different mod.
  9. Oh yeah, should probably also turn on the "3rd party only" option.
  10. haxmo

    Clochette pose ♥

    Your first image is gone ;_;
  11. Yeah, I agree we should switch to a different host. This is mainly for going back and viewing the stuff that was already posted.
  12. haxmo

    Hidielle pose #5

    If you can't see images embedded from imgur, I've describe a workaround for Chrome here.
  13. You may have noticed that some imgur embedded images do not load, but if you go directly to the imgur url, the image will be there. This is because imgur has blocked images from being embedded on LoversLab, or linked to from LoversLab. Here's the workaround: Chrome: Install this extension: Referer Control Right click the icon to the top right corner and click settings Set the settings as shown in the screenshot imgur.com | [to] | [block] edit: Do enable the [3rd] option so you can still log into Imgur. Firefox: Install this addon: RefControl Go to about:addons (type it in the address bar) Follow the instructions in the screenshot RefControl>Options>Add Site Site:imgur.com Action:Block Ok edit: Do enable the "3rd party only" option so you can still log into Imgur.
  14. During moaning, characters will quickly switch from mouth open to closed, creating some unnatural mouth stuttering effect. Any1 have any idea what's causing this?
  15. Go to the "\Data\Meshes\Characters\KKK" folder Find "x117KKK014.nif" Make a duplicate of the file and name it "KKK014.nif"