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  1. I'm keep tring starbound.log starbound.log.1 starbound.log.2 starbound.log.3 starbound.log.4 starbound.log.5
  2. Yes Mr @red3dred file is there and i tried another 3 times to paste it i even changed the name in something shorter it look like nothing changed. Maybe i have to re download the game once more? or i could upload the mod folder and the log again?
  3. Aye Aye Captain starbound.log starbound.log.1 starbound.log.2 starbound.log.3 starbound.log.4 starbound.log.5
  4. Could i ask for a race support for Spirit Tree? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2191906942
  5. i downloaded again the mod and changed on the arousal.lua and nothing changed, monster now works but NPC are still immune
  6. I'm realy sorry to make you guys lost all this time i din't get that you needed the log file even if i read all your previus message (Yes i'm a Idiot) Hope are these the log you need starbound.log starbound.log.1 starbound.log.2 starbound.log.3 starbound.log.4 starbound.log.5
  7. Sorry to bother the devs one more time but right now my game is fully modded and fully working but seems that i still have some bugs - Teratophilia made the monster listed with working sex node to dissapear ( in 4 hours i didn't find a slime) - Aphrodite's Bow not working to trigger the NPC and Monster sex nodes when hit even if the Max Aroused message spawn up I think is for the race that i'm using (Lombax) but i have the SxB Race support for them and i don't know what to do If i need to put the TeratoDefeat i alredy have it but it make the monster and the NPC's unk
  8. Ok now most of the problem are solved only the NaturallyHorny mod seems to not work properly but it could be my immagination ( cuz i don't know how much time i have to wait for the crew to get lewd) I'm using a Lombax Race with the support for SxB but climax meter don't raise even using the F****** yoursef
  9. I'm pretty sure that the script folder has to be outside the mods folder cuz it make the game shut down during the chuckle fish opening
  10. P.S i mean the script is there in the Folder is a technical problem or it didn't start the mod in the right way?
  11. I followed all you said and used only 5 mod that i'm sure didn't broke the game but there is 1 last thing i didn't understand
  12. Please don't misandertud what i did. I realy appreciate the help you guys are tryng to give me (and from the bottom of my heart Many thx again ) but the fact that i delete the game was the only way becouse i YES somehow broke the game script and YES the save file went corrupt during varius (invasive and mostry wrong ) mod try. So the game reinstallation was a thing that i had to do, i just need some advise for not doing the same error twice . The game now is brand new and totaly Vanilla i've already started a new game but irealy love to mod it again maybe without the outcome o
  13. Ok now the game start properly but is fresh new so no mod and no save, i'm shacking of terror to put a mod now
  14. I realy didn't write that down in understandable way and i'm sorry for that ( i don't write quite often in english) obviusly is all uncripted in the mod folder, problem is that game crash even if i use .pak only or the uncripted .src only, i've tried to not mixed up the mods but still game crash or error appared or else game start but mod didn't get read or is unaviable to work properly (and configuring some mods even make them corrupting the mods folder)
  15. After all it wasn't all ok Mr red. I can't tell the problem that is giving me cuz it just crash the game after the chuckle fish opening, im just going to delete all and install all again (the game alredy corrupted my damn save )
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