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  1. My game keeps locking up whenever I agree to fight in the ring with her during the introduction. This mod have any dependencies?
  2. I cant get A Daughter Solace to work. I've already completed the Dawnguard questline before installing this, and I can only get Serana and Sorine to talk, after that it says to talk to Serana after finding the Moth Priest, but I already did that and theres no new dialogue to move on. There any way to force the quest past this point? I really dont wanna have to make a whole new character.
  3. Its probably already been asking before, but are there any FFM or FFFM animations being planned? I think only the old Leito has a few multiple females/one male animations. I cant find any mods that involves a threesome where it aint 12 guys on one female....
  4. I cant seem to get any of this mods dialogue to work. Keereva and Talen has no new dialogue after I give him the gems, and Breniun does nothing after I tell him he pollutes the town, even after I tried both options. I got this loaded last on my load order so nothing should be overwriting anything. I tried PM'ing the Mod author and hes never responded, so I have no idea what to do, except uninstall it....
  5. That worked, I saved before I killed the assassin and afterwards Mavens Mana started. Thanks!
  6. I did, it said Lillith Maidengloom had her killed and everyone is still alive, I enabled/disabled/resurrected everyone and moved them to me just to be sure and still nothing.
  7. I did, all Haelga told me was Maven hired assassins to kill Girsta, and after I killed the assassin the quest Sow your Seed completes. I cant find anything else after that.
  8. I'm trying to find a mod thats based in the Solitude Public Bathhouse, I know it added a family of females and some kids to it and removed the old original npc's. I think it may have been from another mod as an addition that just used the SPB mod as a location for the npc's, but I cant remember what it may have been included in. I'm also not sure if its even still available as its been a few years since I had it. and I've lost most of my old mods after switching to a new pc. Thanks in advance if anyone can help me, its really driving me up a wall since I cant remember what it was.
  9. Would it be possible to add in a way to cuck Nazeem? Would be a reason to not kill him.
  10. I only got this problem after updating AAF, for some reason the Unique player patch doesnt work.
  11. After I updated to newest version of AAF, during animations my female characters body reverts from her TWB preset to the default female body used for every other female npc, and I use unique player and companions mod. My companions dont lose their TWB body though, its only the player character. How do I stop her body from reverting to the default cbbe body used?
  12. I should have clarified that I use TWB body presets for my Unique player character body, and starting animations always reverts my characters body to my default cbbe body used on npc's. I also already use the Unique player redux mod. I also use TWB for unique companions yet they dont have any body swap issues like my female character does.
  13. After I updated AAF my female character keeps having her Unique Player body overwritten by my cbbe body preset used for npc's. I have the Unique player patch enabled, so I dont know whats wrong. It only seems to affect the female player character as my male character has no issues.
  14. The jump scene at bannered mare wont work for me. I press space to jump and it wont do anything.
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