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  1. I only got this problem after updating AAF, for some reason the Unique player patch doesnt work.
  2. After I updated to newest version of AAF, during animations my female characters body reverts from her TWB preset to the default female body used for every other female npc, and I use unique player and companions mod. My companions dont lose their TWB body though, its only the player character. How do I stop her body from reverting to the default cbbe body used?
  3. I should have clarified that I use TWB body presets for my Unique player character body, and starting animations always reverts my characters body to my default cbbe body used on npc's. I also already use the Unique player redux mod. I also use TWB for unique companions yet they dont have any body swap issues like my female character does.
  4. After I updated AAF my female character keeps having her Unique Player body overwritten by my cbbe body preset used for npc's. I have the Unique player patch enabled, so I dont know whats wrong. It only seems to affect the female player character as my male character has no issues.
  5. The jump scene at bannered mare wont work for me. I press space to jump and it wont do anything.
  6. There anyway to adjust the time length of sex? I'd like it to last longer but it has its own timer.
  7. I found the Funny Troll in Moss mother cavern but the only dialogue he has is one about gathering ingrediants, which if you do have them all that option goes away and nothing else appears.
  8. Wheres the Moss cavern for the Troll? I've looked everywhere I can think of.
  9. I uninstalled the previous version and installed yours and updated fnis but its still playing the old animations. The animation isent even showing up in the Leito 2 pack either, only the second version is. I've also tried putting the same cowgirl 1 animation in both animation folders but that still has it play the old cowgirl 1 animation. Tried completely updating sexlab through mcm and its not playing updated animations, so I have no idea wth is going on. Its only the updated leito animations too, all the rest are fine.
  10. I stopped trying to get this to work to be honest, was having too many issues.
  11. Anyone else having the Leito cowgirl 1 animation not matching the previews? It plays a cowgirl animation but nothing like the preview is showing. I'm using the newest SLAL leito pack.
  12. I did, only dialogue he offers is buying a horse, which I bought, after that, nothing at all.
  13. I cant get this to work, I've seen people say it starts at Windhelm Stables, but theres no one there other then the travel guy on the wagon; using console to force start the Falkreath mansion causes it to glitch out after the first dog quest in Rorikstead, leaving Thaena without dialogue for anything after completing it.
  14. Since the link was removed from here, there another place to get the Natalya follower?
  15. Still getting the Mother Hamal bug where she says theres still shrines that needs corrupting even after corrupting them all. I'm running the 129c version, load order is correct. I triple checked all the shrines for missed dialogue but journal entry says all are done.-------------NVM, for some reason I had to leave the temple and re-enter for the dialogue to fix itself but everything works fine now.
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