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  1. Sorry, back again with a bug. I'm at the sunny day in april quest, right at the part were I need to escort her back to the moment, but when I get there the hornet will say something then I have to talk to bourne, wait for smallertalk to do its pseudo-dialog, hornet speaks again, someone says something along the lines of get ready for a fight, and nothing happens. I think the quest is not staging right as this entire play through bourne has been failing to auto progress her lines. I've had to talk to her after every line she's supposed to say, ditto with jade but only after leaving zeta. i can
  2. I'm sorry it seems like I only come here to complain about bugs, but in the "queen of the hive" quest and location, no matter how I approach it she is always hostile with the exception of the time used tcai. However she became hostile after talking to her regardless of my choices. In fact the entire places is buggy, the weapons and helmets have a chance to spontaneously clip into things (slight immersion loss as most can still be grabbed, those that can't are knocked free with explosives and a couple wacks with a melee weapon), the hero's last breath seems to somewhat randomize its dam/dps (se
  3. im at friends house getting shitfaced for bday ill try them when i get sobber and home
  4. so did the permapreg thing get resolved and i missed it? thats the biggish bug im having right now, except so far everything else is working. i have only just recently made it get jade after zeta, and was going to get the notes for the console to launch the missiles, but it still keeps equipping p5 or p6 suits on me. a lesser bug that i fixed, but it Elliot died before a save and i forgot what i did, is Willow got hit by an impregnator a few times and if she doesnt get stuck in infinite birthing, she just kinda either gets labeled as unconscious (disable then enable fixes her until next random
  5. didnt mean to ignore you i was typing that i had fixed it when you were asking
  6. So i figured ttw got me this mess maybe it could fix it, low and behold i figured out my big problem. steam didnt fully uninstall nv from my d drive and installed a new copy on my c drive which is where all my mods went but not nvse. so i just put nvse there and now my problems are solved. not sure why steam decided that it was putting nv in the opposite directory i told but hey a fix is a fix.
  7. Long story short after having ttw become completely unstable i decide to uninstall it and nv completely, however since getting a fresh install of nv i got just a few mods some requiring nvse. i started having pink screen when i tried loading this time around and it only happens with nvse, launching through the vanilla loader gets me into game without issue. i tried turning off and uninstalling mods to find what mods are causing the error and all thats left is nvse. All the threads i tried said it was this mod or that mod, none of which i use. sorry if confusing ive been trying for
  8. just get to the train and go to nv start, finish with docs house, and when outside hit ` then type "coc megatonplayerhouse" puts right back in dc inside the megaton (hence the cell's name)
  9. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3auW7od5HXTa0FOek5fQzJ6QUk I like to keep good mods if they have chance to be taken down only downside is that I keep them on about 8 different sites under different names
  10. I think you might want breast expansion and lactation (bel), self explanatory as what it does but you need to find an item off of a ghoul before it the mod starts the lactation process. No pregnancy required, but can take a bit to find the item if you don't know where a lot of ghouls spawn.
  11. So you can't have a bird or lizard or any terrarium/cage based pets?
  12. If you have any pets try to get them registered as a therapy animal. Could be simple as an anti-depression animal (cat in my case) or more commonly a physical helper animal. With added benefit of being able to take them anywhere. It's okay to talk to yourself, it's okay to respond back to yourself, but when the third party jumps in, that's when you need to worry.
  13. I found a work around was actually bout to edit the last post, I just coc'ed to the Nipton rest stop got Willow as a companion then coc'ed back to the capital waste. Also the bug was from before you added the silent voice files. I just bored and stop playing for a bit. If it helps I think it has something to with doc Mitchell's house or good springs bc when I coc'ed it was just to get willow, so I only hit the map markers for the rest stop and that spot where the jackals jump you on the road to nipton
  14. I think I should put this question here (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) but on previous play though w/ fb I just rushed to get Willow (strait to the train didn't even go to megaton after 101, then straight back to dc after I got her). And when I got to Jade on zeta she started the dialog for after getting to Mojave right after the she got out of cell. Is there a way to get Willow with out triggering this?
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