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  1. In fact, there are very few group (3p +) in the game. There are only standard ones, but they quickly become boring. Anyway, thank you so much for your work!
  2. Yes, I mean a thread of three consecutive animations. Third animation: the first man is lying on the bed, and the woman rides on his penis; the second man stands on the bed and fucks this woman in the mouth; Approximately as in the picture:
  3. Hi! idea for a new 3p animation thread on a double bed: 1. as the picture - blowjob + masturbation 2. joining sex in the same position (vaginal). 3. Female on top (cowgirl) on a lying male, and the second standing on the bed gives her mouth.
  4. The new animations, like your other work, are great. I am very glad that someone else is not indifferent to the development of the mod and the game itself. The variety of scenes on the kitchen set (cabinets, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, blowjob under the table) does not fit very much, by the big square mirror in the gym, shower stall ... But the game also lacks hard scenes of both 2p and 3p + In general, there are many ideas ... Thank you for your work!
  5. I am glad to help. If all these ethics can be realized, then it will be just super. Then there is still a very shortage of Kukold, lesbo and hardcore directions. If necessary, then I will come up with everything in stages, but later. A couple more additional ideas. elso.rar
  6. There are really not enough hard scenes with the appropriate voice acting. Such animations are sorely lacking. I hope you understand the pictures. I could not explain with words. for lucas.rar
  7. Many thanks. Today I’ll look. I will also outline several branches of animation in the form of gif images - this will be clearer. There are a lot of ideas!
  8. Hey. Thanks for the work. I want to inform you that there are no animation data on the window. I haven’t checked it on the door yet ...
  9. Hello! (At once I apologize for my English - I use Google translator) Fashion for style tattoos BDSM & SLUT Authors: Lila, q2werty A source: gamesource.ru In fashion, there are more than 30 different tattoos, through which everyone can give their Sim a look that matches the lifestyle. Installation. 1. Copy one of the files to the Package folder. There are two files in the archive: Tatoo_BDSM_ver1.1 and Tatoo_BDSM_ver1.2 Version 1.1 contains a previously laid out mod on tattoos. If you install this version from the Package folder, you will need to delete the old mod files. Version 1.2 contains only new tattoos. 2. Clear the game cache. Screenshots: TS3_Tatoo_BDSM.rar
  10. During animations, partners change places. It does not look good when a woman switches to a man's place or vice versa. Is this a bug or can I somehow fix it in Settings?
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